Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chris de Burgh to perform in Iran

There are those who think that love comes, with a lifetime guarantee
But we know from those around us, that this may not always be
It's the simple things, that come between, a father and a son
But when they try to talk, the knives are out, before they have begun
Well, that was me, and I have seen the light that shines for eternity
Because I learned to say, the words I love you...
--lyrics from Chris de Burgh's song "I Love You"

CJReport - Kourosh Ziabari: It was in spring 2008 that an interesting and unpredictable accident shocked the global mainstream media and the Iranian artistic community, as well; the outstanding and renowned Irish singer Chris de Burgh comes to Iran in order to hold a joint concert with Arian music band.

It is the first event of its type since the 1979 Islamic revolution of Iran and that was why it made front-page headlines in Western newspapers and TV channels in less than an hour after the announcement.

The promised day came and a large crowd of people with cameras, notebooks and laptops on their hands were gathering at the lobbies of Imam Khomeini International airport waiting for the famous man to arrive in Tehran.

A few hours passed and a luxurious Boeing 737 landed off. The huge crowds of reporters were struggling to reach the 59-year-old singer and ask him thousands of unasked questions but the security guards curbed the swarm and Chris de Burgh was escorted to a five-star hotel with an IKO Samand Souren.

The Ferryman productions which is credited as the main international sponsor of Chris de burgh works has already announced that the Argentinean-Irish man comes to Iran to hold a joint concert with Arian music band and also record some Persian-English tracks with the group.

Arian music band is a popular Iranian music ensemble, emerged in early 2000s containing of nine singers and musicians, being directed by Ali Pahlavan as the bandmaster and assisted by Payam Salehi along with three female back vocalists Sanaz and Sahar Kashmari, Sharareh Farnejad.

The group that has published three albums before 2008 gained an increasing popularity among the youth generation of Iran and also the Persian speaking residents of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkey and Azerbaijan as well.

During 7 years of their activities, Arians traveled to 40 countries worldwide to perform concerts for the Iranians living in various countries.

They held several concerts in Canada, Sweden, Germany, France, Norway, Belgium, Australia and Arabic countries of Persian Gulf region that have millions of Iranian inhabitants.

They also performed two abroad-Iran charity concerts featuring International Red Cross to help the survivors of Iran's Bam earthquake and Indonesian tsunami.

The word "Arian" is derived from the Persian word "Arya" which refers to the first Iranian tribe living in the Ancient Persia during the early 5100s BC.

Lead by the influential producer Mohsen Rajabpour, the Arians succeeded to perform in four continents of the world and it is also planned that they will leave for US to hold a concert for Iranians living there.

The latest album of Arian group which is honored by Chris de Burgh as the guest singer contains 14 tracks with the 3rd track named "The words I love you" performed in Persian and English by Ali Pahlavan and Chris de Burgh.

The Iranian ministry of culture announced that a performing license has been issued for Chris de Burgh to act in a joint concert with Arian band in next weeks.

The Arian band is also on the way to invite more foreign singers and artists to Iran for recording some other common albums with the goal of spreading the culture of Persian language throughout the world.

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