Friday, August 29, 2008

Iran Khodro unveils 4 new Samand types

The giant Asian auto manufacturer Iran Khodro finally unveiled four new types of its national brand while attending the Mashhad international auto exhibition.

Samand which is being exported to 40 countries worldwide in 3 types of Sarir, Soren and Samand LX is reckoned as the national Iranian car and gained considerable popularity in France, Russia, Italy, China, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt and Persian Gulf neighboring countries.

Also Samand assembling lines are producing and dispatching the national Persian car in 7 countries including Venezuela, Senegal, Syria and Azerbaijan.

The new types of Samand introduced to consumers in Mashhad international auto exhibition are Samand Javanan (Youth Samand), Samand Sahel (Rally Samand), Samand Coupe and Samand Pardis.

According to UNIDO's International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics 2008, Iran has currently the world's 10th largest automaking industry following Japan, US, Germany, France, South Korea, Britain, Canada and Spain.

Iran is placed upper than Sweden, India, Brazil, Italy and Indonesia in this ranking which has been issued few weeks ago and it is estimated that the country will become the largest car manufacturer of Asia continent within 10 years.

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