Sunday, August 31, 2008

Iranian films due in Germany, Portugal and Tunisia

Kourosh Ziabari - Dear Cinema: Three Iranian films are planned to be screened in international film festivals of Portugal, Germany and Tunisia in the next days.
Thanks to the new generation of directors, actors and actresses who has been introduced to the Persian artistic community after the 1979 Islamic revolutio, the Iranian cinema is flourishing everyday and gaining a considerable international credit.

It is said that Iran is a cradle of arts and cultural endeavors because of its historical backgrounds and 7500 years of booked civilization; this is almost right because of the outstanding personalities that the country presented to the world. Mevlana, Ferdowsi, Hafez and Rudaki are among them as the greatest Persian poets ever, but the matter of modern arts differs a bit.

The Iranian cinema is a unique one of its type because of its exclusive properties. It is empty from violence, immorality, affronts and insults and discourtesy.

Entertainment and spirituality are mixed in the Iranian cinema and it prevents the families, children or the youth to be offended by watching a 90 minutes movie while helping them to improve their ethics, mental health and happiness.

That is why the Iranian films and movies are very popular in the countries with traditional customs and noble culture like South Korea, Bulgaria, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Venezuela and Persian Gulf countries as well.

Today, Iran enjoys some renowned and notable artists in the field of cinema such as the famous female director Niki Karimi, the award winning producer Abbas Kiarostami and Majid Majidi, the international spiritual filmmaker as well.

Furthermore, Golshifte Farahani is the first Iranian actress who ever co-played with Leonardo Dicaperrio for a Hollywood film, being ranked alongside Pegah Agangarani, Tarane Alidoosti and Elnaz Shakerdoost as the most successful Iranian artist girls.

The latest reports show that the Iranian films are slated to be screened in three international film festivals worldwide.

Negar Azarbaijani's "Virtual Truth" will be displayed at 2008 Lisbon International Horror Film Festival, Asqar Farhadi's "Fireworks Wednesday" will participate in the Carthage International Film festival in Tunisia and Saman Salour's "From the Land of Silence" is planned to be screened at Germany's Around the World in 14 Films Festival.

The last festival which would be held in Berlin called "Around the world in 14 Films" is hosting films from 14 countries including Argentina, Mexico, USA, Burkina Faso, France, UK, Indonesia and Iran and it is a honor for Persian cinema to be among the world top filmmaker countries.

The last achievement for the Iranian cinema in last week was that the World-renowned Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami has received the Glory to the Filmmaker award at the 65th Venice Film Festival.

However, cinema is a means of conveying the peace messages and Iran is using it properly to broadcast its international call for unity, brotherhood and friendship.

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