Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yahoo finally defeated by Iranians!


Yahoo governors finally acquiesced to re-include the name of Iran in their signup available countries list.

The frequent and intensive protests by angry Iranians started right after the Yahoo banned Persian users from creating new mail accounts and removed the name of Iran from its list of countries in November 2007.

The Iranian users attempted a Google Bomb named "Hello Yahoo mail" which was a responsive movement against what they called "insulting the 7500 years of Iranian civilization by the state-run portal Yahoo". provided more than 2 million visitors and users with information on Iranian culture, ancient Persian empire, Iranian literature, history of the land, its people and modern day lifestyle in Iran to prove that Yahoo, mainstream media and other American allies are misleading public opinions by crying that Iranians are terrorists and uncivilized, they want to "conceal" the facts and realities about this ancient and historical land.

It was a dark point of Yahoo mail history to altercate with a people of ancient culture, history and peacemaking backgrounds by removing the name of their country with the pretext that Iran is a terrorist country.

Meanwhile, the main question of Iranian cyber-activists was about the hoarding of 2500 nuclear warheads by US that the state officials confessed to, also about the evident violation of human rights in Guantanamo jails and US government funding the terrorist groups in Iraq, bombarding Afghanistan and killing thousands of civilians etc.

It was always totally clear that which country violates human rights, boosts the terrorism and commits genocide, but the American statesmen and their mercenaries in Yahoo mail planned to alienate the global opinions from human disasters in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan by accusing Iran and pressing its people.

Last night, following the intervention of cyber courts, internet activists and political figures Yahoo finally deferred to include the Iran's name in the lists again and this was a great failure for the state-run portal which has already announced that it is not possible to have ties with Iran and its people!

The page which you are on is a Google bomb that redirects the users searching "Yahoo mail" keyword to articles and news about Iran, its people and their scientific, cultural progresses and mainly is a response to Yahoo men and its users who assume that they are facing with uncultured and terrorist nation.

Iran's name in signup page

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