Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Eternal Iranian Islands of Persian Gulf

Eternal Persian Gulf

Iran on Wednesday strongly defended opening new offices on the Iranian Islands of Persian Gulf and rejected Arab monarchies' condemnation of the move as interference and unforgivable impudence.

"All our country's measures on Abu Musa Island are completely legal and in accordance with Iran's rights governing this Iranian islands," foreign ministry spokesman Hassan Ghashghavi said in a statement.

Ghashghavi was reacting to a statement by the six-nation Persian Gulf Cooperation Council on Tuesday condemning the construction and calling for the closure of the offices on Abu Musa, one of the triple Iranian islands of Persian Gulf.

Iran seriously condemned the GCC statement as explicit interference in Iran's internal affairs and branded the nonsense UAE's claims to Abu Musa and the Greater and Lesser Tunb islands as boring, repetitive, baseless, shameful, unfounded and rejected.

Tehran's establishment of a maritime rescue office and a ship registration office on Abu Musa island drew a formal protest from the UAE earlier this month.

Iran has already warned many times that any bias, media propaganda or intervention to threat its sovereignty will be responded decisively while the case of territorial integrity is vitally sensitive for Iranian officials and they announced frequently that allow nobody to move toward this redline.

Iranians believe that taking military options to respond the meditative and devilish statements of Arab governors is a proper choice to end their impertinence, meanwhile the Iranian army commanders never dismissed this option.

The Persian Gulf and its islands have been under the absolute administration of Iran from the ancient times, about 5000 BCE and the ridiculous pretensions by Arab Sheikhdoms are just charged by the Zionist lobbies and a part of anti-Iranian project managed by White House.

Anyhow, Iran is reviewing some serious and unveiled options to end this artificial dispute and also looking to expand its constructions, buildings, airports, facilities and financial structures in the Iranian islands of Persian Gulf.

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