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Interview with Turkish actor, Hudalfa Tastekin

Kourosh Ziabari - Etemaad Newspaper: Hudalfa Tastekin is a young Turkish child actor who attracted a wide range of global audiences by role-playing in the spiritual TV serial "Yusuf Yuzlu" produced by the Turkey national Television in 45 chapters.
This serial told the story of a lost child who searches everywhere in the large urban areas and cities for his mother, but unfortunately his mother got a mental disease and forget everything...
Despite of the continous complexities to find his mother, the lost child donates the poor, devotes all of his money and belongings to the charities and exposes the real personality of a pure, innocent Muslim boy who faces with dramatic happenings that impress every viewer.
The painful and tragic situation of "Yusuf" who always commited his praying and seeked refuge from the almighty God in fight against difficultires is really considerable in the serial which has been broadcasted from the TV channels of 10 countries worldwide.
Hudalfa also played the role of Mevlana's childhood times in the TV series "Kucuk Semazen" which narrates the lifetime stories of Persian poet, Mevlana Jalaleddin Rumi.
This film was screened by the Iran Channel 1 TV during the nights of Holy Month Ramadan and gained a lot of popularity among the Iranian viewers.
I hold a short interview with Hudalfa and talked to him on various issues specially his interest in the ancient land, Iran.

Dear Hudalfa, at first, accept my warmest thanksgivings because of your time. For the first question, let's request you to introduce yourself completely. In which city and which year did you born?

Firstly I wish to thank to you and all lovely people of Iran, I am very glad so I have learnt that my film has been seen by Iranians. My complete name is Hudalfa Tastekin. I use just Hudalfa. I was born in Istanbul, Turkey biggest city, in 24 February 1997. I have studied in Primary School called Yesilyuva (Green Home Primary School) in Istanbul. I am in fifth class now.

Tell us about your education and artistic experience. How did you get involved in TV series of Turkey and how many films did you role-played in?

While I was out of school in my five, I acquainted with the scene. Till that time I hadn't have any artistic experience. Accidentally I was involved the set. So my elder sister Akanda, also she my best friend, one day went to Samanyolu Channel (STV) with my aunt who was presenting psychology STV's radio. By chance someone, who we realized he was the producer, had seen Akanda while she talk to others and play herself some childish games.

With her coquettish and affectionate she affected the producer and had said: "If only you should be male because we are seeking a child like you but not girl." So Akanda replied: "I have a brother, he is very beautiful more than me." Then producer called may family and invited me.

When I went to meet them they said: "Yes this is our child that we are searching for weeks." They said your face was so fitted to the role. But family warned that I don't have any experience.

They said, give us a chance and let us try for an hour. They filmed me such and I took and gave soufflé during the shot. I didn't any mistake saying soufflé. "This was so excellent talent" they said.

And from that time I was at scene. This film was TV series Yusuf Yuzlu. I was Yusuf. At fifth part of series Akanda involved in. She acted as Ayse role at Yusuf Yuzlu. She was granddaughter of poor man at film. After Yusuf Yuzlu I starred of a lot of TV series and films like Subat Sogugu (Chilly of February), Ispinozlar (Finches), Buyuk Bulusma (Judgment Day), Sirlar Dunyasý (World of Mysteries), Affet Beni (Forgive Me). Now I am acting at Kucuk Semazen (Little Semazen). This film is dedicated to Mevlana.

Do you know yourself the English language or any other languages?

I am very new at English school. So my English not enough to write a conversation. My father, he is also journalist, helps me. Actually I tell my story and he translates into English.

Your great and doubtless role-playing in the "Yusuf Yuzlu" series could impress each viewer and addressee. You act as a trustworthy, honest and veracious boy is really pure and memorable. Also your playmate Mrs. Melda Beckan is so great and impressive and when she acts as your mother, we can learn many moral lessons from you. What is your idea about that?

I have seen that influence every addressee. Especially children and mums love me. While I was at street a lot of people kissed my cheek. Of course Yusuf role is still alive. And its influence continues, I can see it. A lot of family accepted Yusuf as model for their children. This is beyond of an imaginary role; people took lessons for their life. And a lot of newspapers interested in this realty.

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