Monday, September 08, 2008

Iranian film to be screened in Japan

A scene of Hamoun and Darya

Iranian filmmaker Ebrahim Foruzesh's Hamoun and Darya is scheduled to compete at the 21st Tokyo International Film Festival (TIFF).

The 86-minute film recounts the story of Hamoun, a teenage Dotar player, and his cousin, Darya's love for one another.

Foruzesh has received numerous international awards including the 2002 Cinema Prize of Avanca Film Festival and the 1992 Golden Leopard of the Locarno International Film Festival.

The 21st edition of the festival, to be held from Oct. 18 to 26, will include categories such as 'Competition', 'Special Screenings', 'Winds of Asia - Middle East', 'Japanese Eyes', and 'Natural TIFF.

Press TV

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