Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Israel will be wipped off if attack Iran

Digital Journal - Kourosh Ziabari: There is no doubt that the Israeli threats for a possible attack on Iranian nuclear facilities will not go further than prolixity and hyperbolize, but the mainstream media are trying their best to pretend these threats more than overstatements.

Alongside countries such as China and India, Iran is among the world few countries that never attacked a country nor occupied any land in its 7500 years history and this is a point that introduces Iran as a peacemaking and civilized empire.

On the other side, we have the Zionist Regime that is known to the world as Israel. A fake regime that occupied the holy land of Palestine for 60 years, made its people homeless and kills thousands of innocent children annually..

According to International human rights watch, Israel is one the major human rights violators during the history by killing thousands of infant babies and pregnant women, destroying civilian homes, setting blockade against Gaza stripe habitants and breaching ceasefires.

There is now exact figure showing that how many Palestinians have been killed by the military of Zionist Regime since 1948 when this miserable state has been established first but it is evident that this fabricated regime is on the way toward destruction and deletion.

Anyhow, Israel and its affiliated media such as Associated Press, CNN, FoxNews and Reuters are altercating with Iran by propagating falsified facts about nuclear weapons in the country and pretending that Iran is striving for mass destruction crafts.

But regardless to this biased black propaganda which is flawing the professional credit of international media, the main question of international community is about the Israeli threat to world peace and stability.

The main question is that why the Zionist Regime doesn't join NPT to halt its nuclear weapon armories and why it is enjoying 170 nuclear warheads? The main question is that why the Zionist Regime doesn't evacuate the occupied territories and allow its citizen to go back to their homelands in comfort?

However, any attack on Iran would be a horrible nightmare for US and Israel with its terrible consequences. The strait of Hormouz will be closed by Iran, the maritime forces of US will be bombarded in Persian Gulf and the fake regimes will be wiped off the map.

When the late Imam Khomeini was alive, he predicted that the communist party of Soviet Union would be tumbled and it came true. Now we are waiting for his next prediction about the overthrown of the Zionist fake regime.

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kevinthepainter said...

I am an american who only wishes for peace! I would hate to see any more bloodshed,enough is enough already!! I read your blog, and though you may very well be from the only nation to never invade or occupy it is quite apparent that your words are filled with hate. What would the world gain from any ones nuclear attack? I beleive in the God of Abraham and his only begotten son Jesus! Not to get into a debate but God gave the land to the Zions it is the palestines who need to look elsewhere and that Isreal should not give back any land, not the west bank nor the gaza strip, nothing. Now I will be the first to admit that our goverment has a way of sticking there nose where it doesnt belong! But to hear words of hate and words of war what is that going to acomplish? Unfortunatly all these terrible things that our going to take place were predicted very long ago, and nothing anyone can do to change it.You see I too cant wait for these predictions to come to pass as it only brings the world closer to the one true God, YES THE TEMPLE MOUNT WILL BE DESTROYED AND SOLOMANS TEMPLE WILL BE REBUILT. i AM SORRY IF THIS OFFENDS YOU OR YOUR PEOPLE. pLEASE TAKE THE HATRED OUT OF YOUR HEART AND PRAY FOR WORLD PEACE. i KNOW IT IS ONLY A DREAM BUT ISNT IT A NICE ONE TO HAVE? God Bless you