Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Austria's Batik to concert in Tehran

Renowned Austrian composer and pianist Roland Batik is scheduled to hold a piano recital concert in the Iranian capital of Tehran.
Batik will perform pieces by classical composers, Mozart and Beethoven, along with a number of his own musical compositions.

The Austrian pianist, composer and teacher, Roland Batik is known for his brilliant combination of classical elements with jazz. He has also experienced various chamber music formations both as a pianist and a composer.
Batik received the 'Wiener Flotenuhr' award for his complete recordings of the piano sonata of Mozart as the best interpretation of the year in 1991.

He was also awarded the culture prize of Lower Austria Province for extraordinary achievements as a musician and composer in November 2000.
Roland Batik's piano recital concert will be held on Oct. 27 and 28, 2008 in Tehran's Vahdat Hall.

Adapted from: Press TV

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