Friday, October 24, 2008

Boston hosts "Iranian films festival"

TEHRAN Times - The Boston Museum of Fine Arts plans to honor renowned Iranian filmmakers Majid Majidi and Dariush Mehrjuii during the annual festival of Iranian films.

Majidi and Mehrjuii are scheduled to be the special guests of the 15th edition of the Boston Festival of Films from Iran, which will be running from November 7 to 30, the museum reported on its website.

Majidi will attend the event to receive the ILEX Foundation Award for Excellence in Iranian Cinema as his latest film “The Song of the Sparrows” will be screened on opening night.

Mehrjuii will be present to receive the first ILEX Award for Lifetime Achievement. His “The Santur Player”, which was banned in Iran, is also on the festival’s screening schedule.

A number of documentaries, dramas, and comedies by both veteran and new directors will be screened during the gala.

“Buddha Collapsed Out of Shame,” “So Simple,” “Seven Blind Women Filmmakers,” “Before the Burial,” “Three Women,” “Head Wind,” “Lonely Tune of Tehran,” “Over There,” “Loose Rope,” “Moon Sun Flower Game,” and “It’s Always Late for Freedom” are among the festival’s highlights.

In addition, the festival has also organized a short film program to screen “Children of Shell” by Abbas Amini, “In City Lights” and “In Those Hands” by Ida Panahandeh, “Little Bit Higher” by Mehdi Jaravi, “Mirror and Water” by Bijan Zamanpira, and “Old Man and the Rail” and “The Victim” by Panahbarkhoda Rezaii.

The festival is sponsored by ILEX, a Boston-based non-governmental, academic foundation, which promotes the study of humanistic traditions, culture, art, cinema, and literature of the Mediterranean and Near East.

The organizers believe that the Boston Festival of Films from Iran has become one of the most extensive showcases of contemporary Iranian cinema in the United States.

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