Friday, October 17, 2008

British professor: Iran was not what I thought

Kourosh Ziabari - Newcastle University: TELLISI (Teaching English Language and Literature In the Society of Iran) is the name referring to an international linguistics congress which was held at the State University of Guilan, located in the Caspian Sea bordering city of Rasht, from October 8th, for two days.

170 English language scholars and researchers from US, UK, Romania, South Africa and Egypt gathered in Iran and presented their lectures, posters and addresses in TELLISI congress up to October 10th in the auditoriums of humanities faculty of Guilan University.

The congress which is said to be the first one of its type in the northern Iran had three honorary guests from US, Russia and UK, all of them among the world-renowned linguistics scholars and professors.

Prof. Vivian J. Cook from the Newcastle University of England who is the editor of Oxford-affiliated journal of "Writing System Research"was the most distinguished guest attending the congress and that was why he attracted lots of students, academicians and reporters who came to Rasht from all over Iran to meet him.

Cook is the author of several books on various branches of linguistics, and his last book named "Second Language Learning and Language Teaching" was published on 2008 by the Hodder Educational publications.

I found a short interlude between his lectures and talked to him on various subjects, topics of his presentation, his viewpoint of Iran and his personal observations in Rasht.

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