Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Harsh response to any Israeli attack on iran

Kourosh Ziabari - Politics in Color : Nowadays, Iran and its people are being threatened widely for a near,possible attack by the Israeli forces if Tehran continue pursuing itsnuclear program. Additionally, the amount of media pressure against thecountry is increasing simultaneous to the rhetoric of Israeli officials,backed by US statesmen.

Some western governments acclaim that they would support Israel for apossible bombardment of Iranian nuclear facilities because of thethreatening nature of these installations.
White House people and the major EU members state frequently that they arelooking for ways to help the process of global peace, stability and promotethe international security by emptying the world from nuclear threats.

In the meantime, they refuse to pursue the lawsuit brought by the Iraniangovernment against Israel for depositing 170 nuclear warheads.This figure is approved by the former US president, Ronald Reagan too.
According to an unwritten law, none of the global mainstream media areallowed or willing to investigate about the mass destruction weapons ofIsrael and its exact figures which have been issued by the Federation ofAmerican Scientists( and republished by many otherindependent sources.

However, while the Israeli regime itself is under the international pressureabout the details of its nuclear armories and the occupation of Palestinianlands on the other hand, it is lobbying actively to make some troubles forIran.

It is not significantly clear that what are the roles and position of Israelin the nuclear case of Iran. Israel is neither the member of UNSC nor itsigned the NPT and is reckoned as the world 3 countries that didn't join thetreaty.

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