Sunday, October 12, 2008

Iran futsal team named the most attractive side

Iran is the most impressive team in the 2008 FIFA Futsal World Cup according to 56 percent of voters in an online poll by the world's football governing body.

Argentina trails in second place with only 16 percent of votes in the FIFA poll, while Russia is third with 12 percent. Paraguay and Ukraine have 10 and 6 percent of votes respectively.

The impressive Iranian squad held two-time world champion Spain to a 3-3 draw in its first match of the tournament, and easily swept into the second round after victories over Libya, Uruguay and the Czech Republic.

On Saturday, the Asian champions lost their first match of the world cup to Brazil, 1-0. Brazil is unbeaten in the tournament to date, and scored a stunning 49 goals in its first four matches.

“We did exactly what our coach asked us to do when they were attacking. We tried to mark nice and tight in central areas to prevent them getting shots in on goal,” said Iran's captain Vahid Shamsaee.

“Did the pressure get to us? Our plan was to focus on the game and not the crowd. We hope we get to take Brazil on again.”

Brazil's player Betao said, “I think that we came up against a good national side whose hopes for this tournament are still alive.”

“Their keeper's display had a crucial impact on the result, not to mention the way they defended well across the board. Even when they were 1-0 down they still sat back in their area! But the most important thing is the win, not putting on a show.”

Iran will face Ukraine on Sunday and Italy on Tuesday in the national squad's final two matches of the second round, which is held 'round robin' like the preliminaries.

The figures show poll results until October 12, 0630 GMT. Results may change as the poll continues.

Adapted from: Press TV

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