Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Iran, Portugal to revive historic fort

Iranian and Portuguese experts mull over the restoration of a fort built by Portuguese navigators on the south Iranian Persian Gulf island of Hormoz.

Portugal's Ambassador to Tehran, Jose Fernando Moreira da Cunha, at a meeting with directing manager of Iran's Fund for the Restoration and Utilization of Historical Sites, Ali Asghar Parhizkar, agreed to assemble a joint team to work on the project.

Moreira da Cunha said he was eager to expand cultural ties between Tehran and Lisbon, adding that he was prepared to cooperate in rehabilitation of the fort. The Portuguese diplomat touched upon the threats which endanger the historic sites and said Portugal would extend full swing assistance to prevent possible damage by rising sea level.

Iran and Portugal had agreed to revive the site in 2006, but the project was delayed.
Portugal's Afonso de Albuquerque landed on the south Persian Gulf littoral island of Hormoz in 1507, during the rule of the Safavids (1501-1736 CE).
Studies indicate that the region is also home to 12 Achaemenid cities.

Press TV

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