Thursday, October 02, 2008

My articles in Deutsch language

The editors of German online magazine "Readers Edition" have registered me as their website's contributing author and translated two of my English articles into Duetsch.

The first article is Persepolis: Die Pracht iranischer Geschichte (Persepolis: The magnificence of Iranian history) and the last one is on the forthcoming concert of Chris de Burgh in Tehran (Chris de Burgh tritt im Iran auf).

For any author or journalist, being translated into various languages is a professional honor and that is why I hope my pieces and dispatches continue to be translated in Duetsh, Italian and French which are my beloved languages.

Here is the page which lists all of my articles in German: Kourosh Ziabari

1 comment:

chocho said...

cool to see your articles in my own language. Only one thing: we Germans call our language "DEUTSCH" not duetsh.
greetings, chocho