Friday, October 10, 2008

Shahram Nazeri enchants Tunisia "Musiqat"

On Saturday evening, the curtain will fall on the third edition of “Mûsîqât”, the festival of traditional and neo-traditional music. The last artist who will perform on the Mûsîqât stage is the renowned Iranian singer and musician Shahram Nazeri, also known as the ‘Persian nightingale’.

A fitting closing evening for a successful festival whose eclecticism has attracted a great number of music lovers.

Shahram Nazeri who was born in 1949 in Kermanshah in the Iranian Kurdistan, is initiated very young by his father to the memorization and recitation of the poems of the great Sufi poet Jalaleddine Rumi. Soon, the young boy will become one of the great masters of Iranian classical singing.

His strong, warm and moving voice which has toured the world, will no doubt mark its stamp on his Tunisian audience, as it sings the texts of Persia’s mystic poets such as Rumi, Hafez, and Saadi, and man’s quest for the divine, as well as his inextinguishable thirst for love and light.

In the 2008 Musiqat festival of Tunisia, Shahram Nazeri of Iran who is also entitled as the "Persian Pavarotti" competed with artists from Afghanistan, Turkey, Morocco, China, Romania, Brazil, Mali, Spain, Italy, France, Agrentina and the host country Tunisia.

Master Shahram Nazeri is globally recognized for his dazzling pieces of song inspired by the poems of Mowlana Jallaludin, the

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