Sunday, October 12, 2008

Why Israel would not dare attack Iran?

Freezerbox magazine - Kourosh Ziabari: Is Israel really capable of altercating with Iran? Referring to 2008 CIA factbook, Iran is placed 8th in the world ranking of total number of active troops passing Egypt, France, United Kingdom, Italy and Germany while Israel stands 31 states. According to the same source, Iran again stands 8th in the world ranking of size of armed forces. while Israel takes the 30th berth. Israeli officials also announced that they are aware about the 600 Iranian missiles pointed to Tel Aviv since 2005 to hit back any strike.

The new generation of Iranian Shahab-3 which is a domestic-produced ballistic missile equipped to cover a distance of 2000 Kilometers, approximately from Tehran to Berlin. Also the Iranian commander of air forces has pledged early that any Israeli strike on Iran would be responded with 10,000 Shahab-3 missiles shooting Tel Aviv.

But with regard to the military strength of Iran, can anyone bring an example that the Persian governments have ever occupied any country or attacked any land in the world? Iran has a civilization of 7500 years but nobody can find a example of Iranians invading other countries during the history.

It seems that Israel and US politicians and diplomats are educated enough to know that any possible attack on Iran would lead to a new world war with irretrievable consequences that just leave repentance and regret.

Iran is a sovereign and historical country that has a right for using peaceful nuclear energy as well as other modern technologies to solve its electricity shortage problem and improving its scientific abilities, but motivating and insulting the Iranian nation in media by aggressing black propaganda, calling them "terrorists" and setting the mental wars will undoubtedly lead to some unsatisfactory results for the world.

Not saying as an Iranian journalist, but as a regular observer of international developments, the global community has no way but to accept Iranians are peaceful and harmless nation that answer to the enemies decisively, having the right to employ the new technologies like all of their neighboring countries, so it would be more appropriate to deal with them without discrimination and bias.

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friend of GOD said...

i want to give you some info about this war. plz contact me.

Ivan said...

Your president threatened to wipe Israel off the map. Such threats are dangerous and foolish. This is why the whole world is against Iran developing nuclear weapons.

Ali Mostofi said...

What you misunderstand is that the Seyyed Rulers in Iran, have wasted Iran's wealth on arms, and at the same time put Iran in harms way, by arousing suspicion. Why is it that Pakistan, has not aroused the same suspicion? Fact is that the Seyyeds are using the nuclear card to keep Iran under threat, so that they can remain in power. The people of Iran have ignored the Seyyeds in recent elections. Non violent regime change can take place and will take place in Iran. The Seyyeds can do nothing against a General Strike by true secular Iranians.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir:
If Iran launched 10,000 of their woefully inaccurate Shihab missiles at Tel Aviv, Iran would be destroyed by an Israeli nuclear counter attack. Do you really think the Israelis would sit idle as thousands of missiles are falling on their civilian population? This is nothing but a scare tactic by the Iranian military. You seem to underestimate the firepower of the IDF and their response to any threat from Iran. In reality, it is Iran that would not dare attack Israel, because that would spell the end of Iran itself.

Daily Clarity said...

I think that evidence is leading to a conclusion that an Israeli attack is a very real threat and probably imminent. I lay out the evidence for this in an article "Evidence Points to an Israeli Attack On Iran" at

I do think that Iran has been effectively isolated and is in danger of an Israeli pre-emptive strike.

Ali Mostofi said...

Well, the Seyyeds might do a pre-emptive themselves.