Thursday, November 20, 2008

A new-comer has come!

Kourosh Ziabari - World Cup Blog: Since there are various phases of struggling with initial difficulties, promoting yourself as a newbie is not often an easy-to-do job.

First of all, you should prove that your appearance or presence would not disturb the stable situation or dwindle the settled tranquility, then you should gain the trust of your audiences so as to make them believe your thoughts and finally you should interact with them to see whether you were successful in communicating your messages or not.

Athough I am not a newbie to writing or journalism, I feel today, I am rookie for WCB where I have been a reader for in the past 2 years, but am going to experience writing in it for the very first time which is both interesting and sensitive.

I am not known for my sport pieces or commentaries, even though I write them occasionally, but I am a regular soccer fan, and you can test my football memory by asking about the catastrophe of Mark Vivian Foe’s death to the famous freekick goal which Ronaldinho put in the box of David Seaman during a 2002 World Cup quarter-finals match with England.

However, that’s my duty to thank my dear compatriot and old-hand football writer Afshin Afshar who accepted warmly to share with me and also Daryl Grove who helped me brotherly to find my way through World Cup Blog.

Here, where I will be writing once or twice a week, you can find a new perspective toward the Iranian football and incidents around the “green rectangle” of Persia.

While I know that writing about the football of a country, which I believe is the most misrepresented country in the world, is not a simple business, but I assure you that Iran World Cup blog will become a source of learning more about the concealed culture and public lifestyle of this ancient land’s people through the means of football! If you don’t believe, follow me in the next sessions!

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Anonymous said...

Dear Kourosh,

I've enrolled in a seminar at Cornell University, in Ithaca, New York (250 miles northwest of New York City).
The purpose of the seminar is to make contact with Iranians and talk to them with the hope of learning about Iran and improving relations between our two peoples.

Specifically, I am especially interested to learn from your viewpoint about the United States in general as well as the recent election of Barack Obama. I would greatly appreciate any response.

Please send me a short message confirming that you have received mine.


Kenneth Kowren
Arts and Sciences '11