Friday, May 22, 2009

Tiny Literry Giant

Istanbul Literary Review - Kourosh Ziabari: Adora Svitak always narrates a delicate reminiscence of my childhood years to me. The 11-year old writer and illustrator who is considered as a distinguished child prodigy and internationally published author of storybooks for children has published two books so far with 3 others in queue.

Once ABC's Diane Sawyer called Adora a "Tiny Literary Giant" which I believe describes her realistically. I faithfully believe that these tiny giants, whom the "superiors" and "seniors" usually overlook, are the major decision-makers who can tremble and quake their world if endowed with the chance, confidence and opportunity.

I remember myself when cavorting and frolicking over my 10s, thinking of myself as the UN Secretary General of 2050 or a Nobel Peace Prize Winner and such ambitious aspirations which I'd protracted an elaborate list for.

At that time and by the end of 2000, when I had overlapped 10, I could fluently speak in 4 live languages, had published near to 1000 articles and short stories both in English and Persian, my maternal tongue, and had given several lectures and interviews in local stages.

However, I failed to climb the pinnacles which I'd sketched for my prospect, and this failure has perpetually underscored for me, the importance of expected and accepted patronage, auspices and sponsorship; that you cannot overrule the "customs which rule the law" and that you cannot uplift yourself when you are deprived of the aides and assistances conforming to your dexterities.

The mediums and outlets which had promoted me, in spite of their fervent endeavors, were not appearing on a global level and their contributions to the mainstream was slightly insignificant, although they were nationals ones; hence I could not draw the attractions in actual fact and now, should be branded a "burnt pawn".

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