Thursday, April 29, 2010

Who are the powers that be behind the UA of E?

Press TV - Kourosh Ziabari : Calling the United Arab Emirates a pawn of London and Washington may be indiscreet but it is certainly not unfair nor is it unjust. Since its declaration of statehood just 40 years ago, the UAE has staunchly pursued the interests of its colonial master and is now taking serious steps to appease its American overseer. In addition, the UAE is moving towards strengthening ties with the occupying regime of Israel; under the banner of an Islamic nation, no less. The White House has, yet again, succeeded in installing a new stooge to do its bidding in the Middle East.

In late February 2009, the Defense News website revealed that Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv had reached a $20m agreement over a commercial deal which would set in motion the Arab nation's access to the Israeli-built Eros B satellite and its high-resolution imagery.

Defense News, owned by the giant American media conglomerate, Gannet Company, wrote last year: "for Israel, the deal represents the latest step in forging links with a key moderate Arab state which, like Israel, worries about the threat from Iran".

And that's a bitter dose of reality, emerging behind the scenes: the "moderate" Arab state is taking slow but sure steps attempting to normalize ties with the Zionist regime. More precisely, Abu Dhabi has been trying to reinstitute ties with Israel since 2004. In contrast to the wonderful silence of British and American mainstream media outlets, the Something Jewish website reported in early 2004 that Israel plans to establish a consular office in the UAE: "Israeli officials say they are holding talks with representatives of the United Arab Emirates on opening an office in Abu Dhabi… under the proposed move, Abu Dhabi would allow Israeli diplomats to operate from the center, but it would officially operate like a corporate office, not an embassy."

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