Friday, April 09, 2010

Why is 5 bigger than 118?

Exclusive for The Non-Aligned Movement is an international organization of 118 countries who have declared their ideological opposition to any sort of foreign intervention, hegemony, colonialism, domination, aggression and imperialism. The member states of NAM constitute 55% of the world population and represent two-thirds of the UN members. Fundamentally, the criteria of membership in NAM is "independence" and inclination to self-determination. As a result, the members of Non-Aligned Movement come from four corners of the world with various cultural, lingual, religious and racial backgrounds and a common principle which is opposition to imperialistic inequality.

In practice, NAM works as a global coalition of nations who share common objectives and ideals. They haven't come together randomly nor have they been imposed on the other nations and countries unfairly. Despite being in majority, they never endeavored to dictate their own will to the international community since they understand that the term "international community" does not solely encompass the U.S. and Israel.

Another international body is the 15-member United Nations Security Council which is seen to be the foremost organ within the UN system that is capable of deciding the destiny of wars and conflicts, maintaining the global peace and taking care of member states not to violate the international regulations (however, it won't be that important if they violate the international regulations themselves! Which international body has the authority to survey the performance of the UNSC members and their adherence to international regulations?)

The establishment of peacekeeping missions, implementation of sanctions and authorization of military actions are the main powers UNSC holds in order to exercise whenever "necessary".

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