Tuesday, May 04, 2010

In Praise of Salem News

Kourosh Ziabari - Eurasia Review: It was quite an unanticipated incidence for me to make an acquaintance with Salem News. Once, I simply figured out that one of my articles has been published in a website whose name sounds strangely unfamiliar yet significantly meaningful to me. Consequently, I received an email from the website's editor who cordially called me "brother" and lauded my piece enthusiastically. It was such a delightful experience that I can't erase from memory. He called me brother and told me that we may further expand our cooperation in the future.

Primarily, what struck my mind was the conception that Salem News should be an American news outlet, associated with one of the Islamic organizations in the United States. The world "salem" means purified, healthy and uncontaminated in Persian and Arabic (two major languages of the Islamic world) who use the same script and that was why I principally thought of Salem News as a website belonging to an Islamic organization which endeavors to promote mutual understanding between the American nation and the country's Muslim minority.

What highlighted my assumption was the fact that recognizing my nationality, Tim had called me "brother", a verbal tradition among the Muslims, and I nearly came to the conclusion that Salem News is an Islamic cultural news outlet; however, Tim's name puzzled me modestly. Having been an Islamic news outlet, why doesn't the editor have an Islamic (Persian or Arabic) name? Then I justified for myself that the website's editor is an American Muslim who hasn't changed his name and preferred to keep his American name at the same time as being a Muslim.

It was quite remarkable for me to cooperate with Tim and his website. A few days went on and we kept on working closely until one day, while surfing the web, I came across to a political news website whose address contained the name of Oregon. It grabbed my attention and I entered the website. Entering the website, I found out, to my utmost surprise, that Salem is the capital of U.S. state of Oregon and the county seat of Marion County.

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