Sunday, May 30, 2010

Morality still alive in the wold

Kourosh Ziabari - Press TV: Israel's continued repression of the Palestinian populace for the past 60 years has not been limited to land invasions, military operations, collective punishments, extrajudicial imprisonment, blockades and financial sanctions.

Tel Aviv's propaganda machine has enabled the regime to wage a long-term, multi-faceted war on the Palestinians; a war, which includes air and ground assaults on one side and psychological warfare on the other.

It's widely believed that the majority of mainstream media in the United Kingdom and the United States are being controlled by wealthy Zionists who specify the trajectory and stance of these outlets in lieu of feeding them financially.

There are several examples and instances which demonstrate that a large portion of the world's mainstream media is being controlled and directed by individuals of this political persuasion. Some analysts and investigative journalists have even gone so far as to claim that 97 percent of the world media conglomerates are owned by Zionist executives. Although such allegations might be hard to believe initially, a brief review of the history and background of these media outlets indicates that the claim does have some basis.

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