Saturday, June 19, 2010

Crimes by Israel, Sanctions for Iran

Kourosh Ziabari - Tehran Times: The Iranian nation is not unfamiliar with the double standards of the so-called superpowers. The history of Iran’s relations with the western and eastern powers is full of examples of deceitfulness, dishonesty and fraudulence. The recent U.S.-proposed Russia-backed United Nations Security Council resolution against Iran over its nuclear program is simply one example out of hundreds which demonstrate that the big powers have not been honest with Iran.

While the international community is witness to the blatant felonies of the Israel regime in the occupied territories of Gaza and West Bank, the United Nations Security Council blindly voted in favor of an unfair and unjustifiable round of sanctions against Iran for the Islamic republic is developing its civilian nuclear program without foreign help.

The new round of sanctions against Iran comes in the wake of Israel’s continued blockade of the Gaza Strip in violation of the UNSC resolution 1860 which demanded Tel Aviv last year to end the illegal siege and allow the humanitarian aid to be transferred to the besieged enclave. Furthermore the UNSC resolution against Iran was adopted when the international community was expecting a decisive international reaction against Israel’s brutal assault on the flotilla of aid ships in the Mediterranean Sea.

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