Monday, July 26, 2010

Iranian President Honors Writer Kourosh Ziabari

A writer who consistently generates thought provoking articles about Middle East affairs, Kourosh Ziabari in Tehran, was honored by his nation's President at a special event that honors youth achievement in Iran.

We are very happy to hear of this extremely significant honor paid to our dedicated multi-linguistic journalist, whose work always brings a side of the story to American news consumers, that they miss entirely with mainstream media.

It is our consistent position at, that people in the news regions are more qualified, and simply know more about local affairs and events, than news producers and anchors in New York or print journalists strapped to desks in Washington D.C., for that matter.

Prior to his joining our team, this extremely qualified writer told me about the rejection letters he received from American news groups, even the BBC and other European agencies.
When I saw his first written piece, I was more than happy to publish it... I was very motivated about the possibilities, and things have only progressed from there.

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