Monday, July 12, 2010

Exploring the land of ancient civilization

Kourosh Ziabari - If you're looking for opportunities to explore the glory and splendor of a matchless and magnificent civilization firsthand, the ancient land of Iran has much to offer you with its unparalleled beauties and wonderful antiquities.

Although it might be the case that the mainstream media have deprived you of beholding the exquisiteness of Iran by portraying a fallacious and deceptive image of the country as a part of their anti-Iranian propaganda project, you can personally search to discover in Iran what is practically impossible to find in the rest of the world.

The Western state-run corporate media are trying their best to convince you that Iran is not a safe and secure place to visit. It's the essence of their black propaganda directed against Iran discriminatorily; however, if you once made the courageous decision to visit the cradle of Mesopotamian civilization, you'll finally come to the conclusion that Iran is absolutely different from what you've been told. The first experience of visiting Iran is enough to persuade you that this ancient land is worth visiting tens of times.

From hundreds of monuments, historical buildings, ancient sites, complexes and cities which are located all around Iran, let's stop by the most popular three out of ten places which are registered in the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites.

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