Wednesday, December 08, 2010

PGCC: The axis of treachery

Kourosh Ziabari - Unconditionally backed, financed and armed by the United States, the Arab states of Persian Gulf are broadcasting signals of their willingness to turn into the new enemies of Iran in an orchestrated effort to jeopardize and undermine the growing political dominance of the Islamic Republic over the Middle East.

The Persian Gulf Cooperation Council wrapped up its annual meeting in Abu Dhabi on Tuesday in the wake of the latest WikiLeaks documents which said Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and UAE had implored the United States to attack Iran so as to avert the alleged threat of a "nuclear Iran."

According to the classified information that the WikiLeaks released, Saudi Arabia which is home to the world's largest terrorist gang and has long awarded all of its financial contracts to the Saudi Bin Laden Group, obsequiously has asked the Bush administration to launch a military strike on Iran's nuclear facilities and prevent Tehran from acquiring "nuclear bombs."

The coincidence of the publication of WikiLeaks documents and the issuance of (P)GCC declaration which seemed to be an anti-Iranian manifesto rather than the joint statement of the member states transpired to be an embarrassment for the Arab world which seems to have yielded to Israel, the common enemy of the Islamic Ummah and focused on attacking Iran instead.

From one hand, Iran is seeing that the neighboring Muslim state with which it has co-existed peacefully for so long is turning into a hostile enemy which tends to betray it in a perfidious manner, and this is a bitter reality which is very hard to believe. Iran annually sends the largest delegations of pilgrims to Saudi Arabia and the government of Riyadh immensely benefits from the money which the Iranian pilgrims lavishly spend there; however, the Arab state which has allusively shown its inclination for normalizing the ties with the Zionist regime deceived its Muslim ally to cajole the United States subserviently.

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