Monday, December 13, 2010

Russian federation of suppression

Kourosh Ziabari - Let's call a spade a spade and frankly acknowledge that Russia, despite being a political and economic superpower, is a domestically repressive regime which usually fails to tolerate its dissidents and critics. That's why Russia is one of the countries which are conventionally reprimanded for their black human rights record by the international community.

The recent "Freedom in the World" report by the US-based Freedom House organization indicates that Russia is one of the 8 countries in the Central, Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union region which are described as "not free," a record which is dramatically dishonorable for the giant political superpower. This means that Russia is one of the 47 countries in the world which have received the least scores in political rights and civil liberties. This is while impoverished African nations such as Benin and Namibia have received the highest scores among the African countries and are titled as free nations.

The same goes for Russia's press freedom record. Of the 178 countries which were surveyed by the "Reporters Without Borders" for the recognition of the degree of press freedom, Russia perplexingly stood 140th, being preceded by the likes of Egypt, Zimbabwe and Israel which we already know have a black record of suppressing the dissident media and are home to a large number of world's incarcerated journalists.

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