Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam's execution and The eternal Persian Gulf

After a long time of absence and forgetting the whole blogsphere at all, I remembered that “Cyber Faith” belongs to me and it is so insulting if I continue leaving my blog alone and release it to set liberal! I lost it at all after an approximate 10-days period of aggressive study for the ending-session examinations.
Today’s dawn, I remembered my Persian and English blog (Both) after giving an intolerable and unbelievable Arithmetic-Mathematics exam that I am not sure that even the one half of total score could be gotten out of my answers or not!!
In these absence days, some various events happened that some of them, made us happy and also we became upset for some the others.
Saddam Husain, the former Iraqi dictator has been executed after decades of terror, aggression and violence that imposed on the people of his country, Iran, Kuwait.
Of course you know that about 300,000 of Iranian youth and other class members of Iran have been killed and martyred for about 13 years ago during the savagely and unequal war between Iraq and Iran.
Saddam fired the war just one year after the victory of Islamic revolution up, when Iran had not even an integrated and unit military force. Iran struggled with Iraq with really empty hands and any type of failure was common and expectable.
So Saddam’s execution was a really cheerful and interesting happening to us, as violated Iranians.
In the other hand, we experienced some bitter incidents, related to the eternal Persian Gulf that I will narrate them to you in next posts. Also I promise to be back in next few days, anyhow I cannot be neglectful about the upcoming New Year and glorious celebration of Christmas due to the numerous Saint Clauses cruising in our streets and giving Xmas prizes to children and young people!
By the way, lets inform you that I translated my Curriculum Viate (resume) by the order of my website’s designer for the new version of that comes soon:
Sayyed Iman (Kourosh) Ziabari, Born on April 1991

The world's youngest journalist in year 2003·
The member of IFJ (International Federation of Journalists)
The member of AYWJ (Association of Young Writers and Journalists)
The member of International Environmental Journalists Association·
The member of global journalists list
The member of International Social Journalists Club
The member of Journalists Without-Borders
Reporter, author, translator and the designer of Hatef Weekly Magazine
The head manager of "Kawsar Al Tahaa" institute bureau of technology
Editor and evaluator of Iranian Technology News Agency
Administrator of Guilan's students research center
The member of pupils' assembly of Rasht
The reporter of Iranian Quarnic News Agency (IQNA)
Technology and international affairs blogger advanced team member of Washington Post daily
Technology columnist of E'temaade Melli newspaper
Technology columnist of E'temaad newspaper
Technology columnist of Jame Jam newspaper
Technology columnist of Kargozaaran newspaper·
Technology columnist of Shargh newspaper (Recently closed)
Technology columnist of Danesh-va-computer monthly magazine
Technology and society columnist of Soroush-Haftegi magazine·
Tourism and cultural heritage columnist of Iran newspaper·
Involving in the international magazines of Italia, England, India, Pakistan and United States·
Gave more than 50 interview with interior and outside Iran magazines, radio channels and televisions
The national winner of best students magazines chief editor title
Selected researcher of Guilan state for 3 years
Winner of 2 silver medals of 5th and 6th national skills competition
2 books published (The collection of Interviews with contemporary writers and authors), (A house on the hill, translated novel from Elizabeth Laird)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Asian Games, Doha 2006 - Part 2

About 4 days ago, the 15th Asian Games in Doha has been expired gloriously with a wonderful and memorable closing ceremony done by an Australian firework supervising team where the most gifted and professional firework managers who have been holding the opening ceremony of Olympic games of 8 years ago in Australia, used to celebrate the end of games by a fitting farewell.
In compare with the last Asian Games proceed in Busan – South Korea, our expedition caravan, aimed to achieve a 4 steps enhancement and reached the 6th place of Asia after Republic of China, South Korea, Kazakhstan and Thailand.
In these games, Iran prospered to collect totally 48 medals containing 11 Gold, 15 silver and 22 Bronze that was a real progress in compare with the last period in Busan that Iran gathered 33 medals totally and stood in the 10th place.
The games were carried in the 3 sections on including the men Games, women games and the mixed games. Unfortunately the men have collected all of Persian side’s medals excluding just 2 bronze medals of Taekwando and Iran’s portion from the summation of about 850 women medals was just 2 bronze gathered by the sister of Hadi Saee, former Olympics champion and her teammate.
Also maybe you know that there are about 360 medals being shared in various and different athletics disciplines but Iran was only succeed to collect two medals from men’s 800 meters and discus throw. Accordingly, you are informed that China’s prosperity over the quota was about 100 medals from athletics.
In the other hand, you can imagine Iran’s thriving in some sports such as basketball that Fredrick Onika, lead the Iran national basketball team to the semifinal round and got the bronze medal after 55 years of continuous defeats for Persian side.
The weak results of Iranian under-23 football team but faded the delightful scores of basketball team in addition with the young hopeful handball side that aimed to take in part of the games for the first time and used to reach the bronze medal primarily in the history of Persian sports.
The Qatari hosting men defeated Iran defending champion in the semifinal (Qualifying to final) match and Rene Rodriguez Simoes, former Brazil women national football team manager that he coached to the gold medal of 2004 summer Olympic games was failed to collect the 4th consecutive football gold medal at Asian Games for Iran.
Before starting the games, Iranian sport administrators have expressed for Iran to reach an incredible result but the whole dream didn’t come true because of not presenting all the professional athletes and sending just 23 women players to the games. for example the athense 2006 olympics pioneer, who was the first table tennis athlete of Iran in the history of games was not been involved to participate in the Doha.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Interview with Adora Svitak

About one year ago, I was surfing the Iranian Cultural Heritage News Agency (CHN) that I found a report about an American child prodigy who started publishing articles, stories and books at the age of 8. It was very incredible and wonderful to me so I followed the links and resources up and learnt more about 8 years old “Adora Svitak” who is working hard to promote his works and books in the international level.
I toke a visit from her personal website, the more I got acquainted with Adora, the more I was going amazed and surprised. I used to hold an interview with her, but I forfeited her word at that time because I didn’t find any opportunity to publish the interview, despite I translated it into Persian, but there was not any time for me to act as I promised before.
of course adora and her mother herself have forgotten me after this long period that was spent, but I have to confess that I was not a professional journalist with special authorities at that time, but a common and general web surfer, interested in literature. Now I have my own abilities and powers to publish anything I wish...
After some times, I attempted to run the interview in my personal weblog, also I am thinking about sending it for Washington Post.

1- Dear Adora, please introduce yourself completely for your Iranian readers. How and why did you start writing and reading before going to school?
I consider myself a writer because I write everyday. I spend most of my time in reading various subjects during the day, practice drawing/painting, play with my sister, go for walks, and attend to two hours of class in the afternoon in the a little school my mom established in our home. I study different subjects with my classmates who come from public school after their regular school. I just turned eight a few days ago. I started reading and writing at three and a half because I wanted to read the books my dad read to me.

2- Tell me about your works. How many books, articles and stories have you published?
I have only published one book so far, “Flying Fingers”. I am planning to get my poems and some stories published in 2006. I have also written many stories that have not been published. I am also working with different book agents to get my book published in different country. My book will be published in China early next year. I’d love to have my book published in your country as well.

3- what do you feel exactly when you write? What was the main reason for you to take in literary and cultural activities place?

I feel very peaceful when I read and write. I like literary and cultural activities because they’re interesting and educational and teach me about new things.

4- how do your friends, family or classmates react or feel about Adora Svitak as a child prodigy who started writing at 8?
My family always supports me, and my teacher/editor Felisa was so excited that she screamed when my mom handed her the book. I think my friends were more interested in the idea of publishing the book and everything.

5- of course you know that the “Harry Potter” book series are the most famous and the most popular of children literature. What do you feel about Harry and his creator, Joanna Kathryn Rowling?
I’ve read all of the series up to the sixth and I love them! I’ve visited J.K. Rowling’s site and other Harry Potter sites before, and it’s so fun playing the games and reading about J.K. Rowling’s childhood and how she invented Harry Potter. The characters (especially Ron and Hagrid) are so funny! I like the Chamber of Secrets best because there are so many mysterious twists and turns.

6- what about your favorite books? How many hours do you study in a day?
I have so many favorite books that I can’t list them all, but here are some: The Chronicles of Narnia, the Harry Potter series, books by Jane Yolen and Tamora Pierce, Eldest and Eragon (both by Christopher Paolini), Royal Road to Fotheringay by Jean Plaidy, and Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson. Usually I read three and a half hours on weekdays but I read more on weekends.

7- Do you know anything about Iran and its cultural or scientific history? do you know the differences between Iran and Iraq, Saudi Arabia or other Arabic countries?
I don’t really know much about Iran, but I do know that Iran and Iraq are different countries. Regretfully I haven’t really read much about Arabic countries. I intend to learn much more.

8- what do you mind about choosing a job for the future?
I will probably remain to be a writer, but I might want to be a teacher.

9- what is your idea about publishing your own works, stories and articles in Persian language magazines or books?
I would like to publish my stories in the Persian language, but it would also be nice if I could have them out in English.

10- finally Tell us about your favorite daily jobs and interactions. How will do you spend your daily free time?
I like to play with my sister and give her piggybacks and wrestle with her (even though she nearly always pins me). Sometimes I draw or play outside.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Asian Games, Doha 2006 - Part 1

Nowadays, all of Asian and non-Asian people are hearing about the 15th Asian games being followed in Doha, the capital of Qatar.
Maybe you are informed that Qatar was not an independent country at first, but one of the numerous provinces of Ancient Iran. Also the smallest one! But, that is not the matter that whether Qatar is visible on the world’s map or not, the matter is that now Qatar is being converted into one of the world’s most enhanced countries. A country with less than 50 years of independence that is hosting the 15th Asian games in the best situation.
After the separation of Qatar from Iran in the age of Qajar Empire, they became one of the British colonies, but after diminishing the power of Britain influence during the Second World War, these Arabs became the greatest enemies of Iran, beside Kuwait, Iraq and other Arab countries because of the political directions of Persian Shah. They made great efforts to change the real name of Persian Gulf to the fictitious name of A-r-a-b-I-a-n gulf.
But about the Asian games. With the unbelievable cooperation of European and Australian experts and specialists, that causes the audiences to call the games as European games with the hospitality of Australia like the Sidney 2000 Olympics, Qatar was succeed to be a prosper and hopeful host for the games.
They dedicated more than 16 great sport complexes containing more than 100 gymnasiums to these games. The games are running in 35 fields and about 10,000 athletes are taking place there.
The Doha 2006 Torch Relay was the longest relay in the history of Games; traveling over 50,000 kilometers to 15 countries and regions in more than 50 days.
Wayne Harrison. Mark Thompson and some other Australian supervisors were the managing directors of opening ceremony creative team, and the observers and spectators confessed that the quality of opening ceremony, Media and TV coverage and the hospitality of games was as the same of Sydney 2000 Olympic games.
Arabic hosts divided their partners into 3 groups. Prestige partners, official partners and official suppliers. In the other word, they have not anything themselves to provide, just getting aid and help from the close friends! Five star lunch and dinner options, soft beverage package, full access to Asia suite lounge and international area in addition to Parking Pass per table of ten for exclusive parking in the Sponsor Hospitality Village parking are the exclusive entertained services, offered by Qatar for the games.
There are many things to say about the games. So lets to finish the first part of my declarations for the Asian games here, I will write more about the funds, official Mascot, the formal slogan and the other interesting facts and realities about the games.

Monday, November 27, 2006

10 questions to be answered by Anoushe Ansari

1- You are the first Iranian astronaut and the first woman space-voyager of the world who stepped into the international spatial station, so let’s congratulate for this great honor that you made for human society and particularly Persian fellow citizens.
Please explain a little about the missions that you accomplished within your 10-days travel, and tell us whether this trip was an entertaining and junket one or did you follow any scientific purposes on it?

2- At first, Anousheh Ansari was a backup for Japanese Daisuke Enomoto who was selected for a Soyuz flight to International space station, but after the suddenly failure of Japanese woman for the medial tests and examination, you were elevated as the prime and chief crew of spaceship. What was the reflection of your Japanese friend? How did you try to condole and courage her, in the other hand, how did you solve the enormous paradox that engaged you? The indescribable happiness and cheers for this great prosperity in addition with the special mental disorders and depressions that your friend is getting involved in?

3- Dear Mrs. Ansari, I have a question in my mind and that is about your global record. The international media, call you as the first woman cosmonaut of the world. Did you any activities to register this, as a world record in the Guinness Records book or isn’t it so important for you to save it as one of your personal glories?

4- Dear Anousheh, you born in Mashhad, the most important religious city of Iran that is famous around the world because of Imam Reza Shrine, the 8th Imam of world shieas. After the victory of Islamic revolution in 1979, your family decided to emigrate and finally they fulfilled their decision, so you left Iran at 18, also I heard that English knowledge was not so enough to solve your personal problems, but now, it is near 22 years that you and Hamid are living in US near their family, kilometers far from Iran. Is enduring this distances difficult to you or are you getting used to it? Also please tell me about your exact feeling because of being a Mashhadian?

5- Mrs. Ansari, you are the first Iranian person who stepped into space. Most of your critics they are almost Iranian and living indoors, believe that 20 Million dollars was a great amount of money that you spent for that journey and it was so approvable if you used that money to help and assist the Persian orphan children, wayfarers, poor and needy people or dedicate it for charity NGOs. In the other hand, traveling to space was your oldest wish of childhood… How do you compare this ideas and what you think about that?

6- After the expire of Qajar dynasty’s influence and government on Iran, the tree-color flag of Iran containing a green bar at top, the white bar at middle and the red one at bottom of flag was the formal flag. After Islamic revolution leading by Imam Khomeini, the Kufi language lines including the statement of “Allahu Akbar, Laa Ilaaha Illa Allah” (Translation: The God is too great to be described, there is not any God except Allah) was added to flag that you can find these lines on the bottom of green bar with a with font and top of red bar with the same condition, also witnessed on the flag pasted on your suit. Also after the Islamic revolution, the typographical model of word “Allah” was also been added to the middle of white space between two color bars of flag that it is not at Anousheh’s flag.
By the frequent pressures and negative advertisement of Russia and US governments, you were forced to remove the Iranian flag from your spacesuit, the radices of this ideational divide between Iran and US also returns to the Islamic revolution and recently nuclear struggles between Iran and European Union.
You told that you are not interested to involve in such political games, but anyhow, this act was political in potent. What is your idea?

7- Dear HAMVATAN! You carried a Holy Quran (The holy book of Muslims) out with yourself to the space, reported Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) a few days ago. Actually, was this your personal interest and inclination or did you do it after persists that your friends made and for the sake of Islamic Republic government?
And please tell us whether you felt the moral expressions and effects of this theological companion? In the other world what was your basic stimulant for this conclusion?

8- in US, you have the best propitious and appropriate conditions for scientific, technological and economic-related enhancement, growth and progress. So it is obvious that you would never choose the Iran to live. But, what is your suggestion for Iran to join the caravan of global extension and development in specialized categories of science such as Nanotechonology, Atomic Energy, Information and communication technology and so on…? And how do you think about the future of Iran in competition with its great opponents to reach the mountains of diligence and enhancement?

9- you were at the highest and loftiest possible zeniths of entire galaxy and universe. You witnessed many truths and objects that we are even unable to apprehend them accurately. After reaching that summits, what was your first imagination about this new world that less people around the world are succeed to see it from the nearest angels, and what was your new visualization about the God? What are the differences between thinking about God from earth and in the space?

10- when we are living at the surface of our earth, we think that there would not exist any larger world than ours. Like the ant who counts his formicary as the whole world, but when he leaves his nest, perhaps he understands the truth of life at the moment… at the first moments that you entered the spatial station, what did you think about the abjectness and insignificance of humankind, people, personals and the earth in compare with the endless galaxy? And what did you think specially about the creatures, the infinite power of Lord and the eternal existence of creator?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The underwater world...

About 5 million pieces of breed fishes will be released in local floodgates, lakes and the Manjil dam, said the managing director of Iran’s fishery cooperation in the emancipation of 20,000 pieces of small fries behind the Manjil dam’s festival: The fishery institute of Iran has decided to release more than 5 million pieces of gudgeon in behind of Manjil dam and the local lakes of Guilan state.
Stipulating these 5 million pieces were being produced in the Guilan’s pisciculture and multiplication centers of fishery stocks, Nezami added that getting aid to the fruition, occupation and income increasing system of fishermen is one of the main goals for this overcrowded amount of gudgeon’s deliverance. Mohammadi the director general of Guilan’s fishery institute also noticed about the readiness and mobilization of the pisciculture and multiplication centers of fishery stocks in the province to perform the new government’s decisions for the field of pisciculture affairs.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My dreamland University!

A letter to the president of My dreamlands university, Oxford!
The range of Oxford university’s popularity and fame is too wide and spread so you cannot find anyone around the world that don’t heard even though the name of oxford for just one time.
Before all, lets accept my apologies because of the weak linguistic knowledge that may disturb you. Of course you realized that I am not an English native guy and even I am not an English speaker and actually you know that the language is depending on the feelings you would transform and if you aren’t able to send your feeling and believes through the words, it may cause to the cultural differences and even great misunderstandings. I tried hard to alienate you my desired concepts in a comprehendible way but pardon me if I am not successful because it is my greatest problem in contacting with abroad countries and …
I know your University for years and owning on of the red seats of humanities department was one of my greatest unreachable childhood wishes. I always thought about living in Oxford, studying on it and so other far desires.
Surfing your website and reading the latest news was one of my daily habits. Even I dreamed a lot about being in Oxford… I know that I can never prosper in this way. Although I know a little in English, Duetsch and Italiano but I think that it is not enough for an Oxford student. It seems that each of your students are a great intellectual and genius in their own place.
I am 16 years old of age and I heard that some international laws and regulations are to reduce the legitimacy of youths and under-18 people’s social activities…
Anyway, I wrote this letter to you despite in I know that maybe it would return no answers ever, but now I feel that I am writing for the inhabitants of my dreamland Utopia so I have not any bad sense.
I am Kourosh, 16 years old. Maybe my email would be filtered if I write the name of my country, or even you will stop reading it right when you discovered when I live… I live in the greatest prison of journalists… I am living in the prison of speech freedom and… an ancient Asian country that holds the oldest civilization of the world, but now is the first-degree enemy of peace and justice…
In this country that even deprives its citizens from using 128kps and higher speed Internet and tries its best to filter the website of global news agencies, I learned four live world languages. I translated a book that was published when I was 11 years of age. I wrote more than 1500 articles in national and international magazines and newspapers. I gathered the title of world’s youngest journalist after the announcement of international association of journalists and writers and “reporters without borders”…
I was been elected for dozens of literary prizes and now I am a freelance writer of Washington Post. I am in a place that all of my successes are personal and nobody helped me to reach them.
I was the first teenager Persian fellow whom his articles were been published in the most authenticated magazines…
I learned to design websites, and then I reached two silver medals in national contest of technical skills in Information Technology field…
It was so interesting and wonderful for me when I heard that you would offer the honorary doctorates and the other possibilities for gifted and talented personals around the world.
I want to be in touch with you, to hear from you and let be heard by you. I want to send you my articles, maybe you would publish some of them on your website… maybe you will let me to hold an interview with the president and publish it in “Financial Times”, “Daily Kos” or “Washington Post” that I write for them.
I want to become great and greater so maybe I would become one of your honorary doctorate candidates. Totally, I want to become one of your friends! Now I am studying on the 3rd grade of Mathematics in a governmental college in my homeland and next year, I would take an exam to go for a technical university.
It was very enjoyable and happy moments for me to write about what is going in my heart and mind. Perhaps we will meet face-to-face once a year, but maybe my hairs are white then…

Sincerely Yours
Best wishes

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Journalism learning schools...

Journalism; is it an industry or art? A combination from both of them? None of them? Nowadays there is lots of struggle for the description and proving a unit definition of journalism as a professional job.
Many tell that if we count journalism as an industry, so we have to consider the main financial and economic aspects of it. In the other word, we must study the journalism such as the other financially benefited works and industries like textiles, hardware manufacturers or blacksmith’s trade but we have not to forget that the obviating the cultural and literary needs of a society would not be measured using the financial and pecuniary units!
In the other hand, we cannot tolerant the fundamental role-playings of journalistic efforts for the obviation of journalist’s economic requirements and earn their livelihood. By the other word, journalism is helping a large group of people to get financial advantages, help many other people to get worked and produce a cultural component.
So, feel that it is justifiable if we call the “Journalism” job as an intermixture of arts and industries. Art of writing, translating, news creation and graphics in addition with the publication and printing industries besides the spread usage of Hi-techs for various purposes would change the journalism into one of the most unknown and interesting jobs that humankind ever discovered!
I tried to introduce some of most famous and best-known Journalism and communication schools throughout the world that are helping their students to gather the most important abilities in each section of journalism, from the Pagemaking to the models of literary essays writing.

Carleton University school of Journalism
This school has been preliminarily founded in 1946 and its main efforts were about teaching journalistic and communication-oriented sciences.
The first degree offered by the school was the Bachelor of Science in media and journalism and then the Master of Arts and Doctorate degrees has been added. In 1988, they changed the rules and laws so the normal and ordinary students without having any previous journalistic or media background were able to use the courses.
Master of Arts in Mass communication was offered in 1977 and now the whole courses and lessons are available online to any user from each point of the world.
The school has the capacity of annually 200 students and pupils but is receiving so much more applications and requests than this amount a year.

The specialists journalism school of William Allen White
This expertise journalism that is affiliated with state University of Kansas is one of the most authenticated and famous journalism schools through the world and started its courses since 1891. The classes are going on from that time till 1903. In 1909, Frank Strong the headmaster of university established an educational group for journalism and communication in the department of Arts and Sciences so the courses started again. In 1944 and after the sudden death of William Allen White the well-known chief editor of Emporia Gazette, the independent school of “Journalism and General information” has been launched for the honor of dead William in his name. The economy of communication and the advertisement in media are the main lessons of school that some parts of them are available online.

London School of Journalism
LSJ that presents some parts of its lessons through virtual learning methods and for free students online, followed the freelance journalism and news journalism courses through three different generation of its students and decides to continue its activities till the complete accomplishment of innovation and offering the new-branded and experimental journalism teaching method’s mission.
The former students of this school are professionally working in their special proficiency such as short fictions, poetry, caricature, children journalism and news briefing.
The most important and the most interesting activities of this school are dedicated to distance learning methods that finishes with the endowment of official diploma and the formal invitation of all accepted students (who passed the courses successfully) to London.
The whole courses of this school are including creative writing, the correct usage of English, history and literature, news writing for journals and news writing for television. There is also a one-month educational period in every August and each summer for interested students.
There are students enrolling into the annual courses from more than 100 countries that 10 percent of them are North Americans and Australian and the remaining 15 percent are from different countries through the 4 continents.
Also the registered students are able to contact their teachers and download the needed bulletins via Internet.

Missouri University school of Journalism
In 1908, Walter Williams has inaugurated one of the first journalism schools of the world under the supervision of Missouri-Columbia University. He thought that journalism teaching has to be specialized through universities and academic places.
Based on his own theory, he started the entire school with the financial aids of Missouri Media association. Nowadays not only this school is known as one of the best journalism schools in the world, but also its students are involving in national and international contests and competitions and gathering the best marks and places.
Furthermore some of the school’s students were of the Pulitzer or Silver Anvil prizes winners.
At first, Williams was to build a school that benefits all the global media. At 25, he was the youngest manager of Missouri media association that is aged for 160 years.

British Columbia University School of Journalism
British Columbia University School of journalism is one of the new-built schools in this manner that is one of the bests, too!
The school was established in 1998 and the main founder was the Chinese charity foundation of “Sing Tao”. The main building is constructed with numerous seminar saloons, newsrooms, managers’ room and academic staff special bureaus.
The essential philosophy of school is based on the founder’s believe who is faithful that journalists are in need to gather scientific and academic skills in various fields of journalism through such schools.
The basic skills of research, reporting and writing for all media are being taught in the school. Also the main focus of school is on the modern communicative styles and their impressions and effects on the media.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Quranic Carpet-Board Woven after 7 Thousand Hours

Quranic Carpet-Board Woven after 7 Thousand Hours

A Quranic Carpet-board was woven by an Iranian UNESCO medal winner after 7 thousand hours of working.

Mohammad Mohammadi, Iranian artist who weaves invaluable carpets concerning Quranic subjects, has woven a two-sided Quranic carpet after 7 thousand working hour.

Pointing to his aim in doing the work, he asserted "an internal call has motivated me to weave Quranic carpets. God has created us and named us as the best of creatures. Now, this is our turn to present us to the world and prove our capabilities. This thought was in my mind for some time and provoked me in weaving Quranic carpets. I have woven 8 Quranic carpets till now and my final work is dedicated to our holy Prophet.

Further in his remarks, he added that although I have not received financial supports from the high ranking officials, I hope to be able to continue weaving carpets.

It needs to be mentioned that Mohammadi is the first winner of Avicenna medal of UNESCO. He dedicated one of his Carpet-boards to the UNESCO general director four years ago.

Translated from my last Persian report

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Blogfa and great disaster

It is about 2 years that Blogfa is known as one of the greatest and most popular Persian blog services and seems that it owns the most of Persian users around the world. The high capabilities and features that Blogfa is providing could help it to get most of services out. But it is more than 2 months that Blogfa is encountering so unbearable problems and making the users troubled. Frequent noises, Disconnections and the repeated downing of site's services are disturbing hundreds of Blogfa users. Now as Persian bloggers and Blogfa users, we desire you to solve the problems and stop this condition to protect our weblog against security threats or the danger of probably deletion of content due to the experience and history of weblogs those are being moderated through Blogfa. Anyway, you are responsible for your services and now after a long period of usage, the Blogfa users are not comfort with the entire service.

sign the petition and help us get rid of the disaster

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Persian Mullahs and Blogging !

It is about less than a month that “Persian youth religious dialogue website” has started to work and due to the scanty experience of its developers and agents, the website has not enough users and visitors yet.
“” (Means the inhabitants of sky) is being moderated by 12 young Islamic clergies those are professional Internet users and you can find them at yahoo messenger even at the latest hours of night, online chatting with people.
Generally, most of Persian clergies who study the jurisprudence lessons in the traditional religious sciences schools named “Hawza” are strange with high techs and can’t use the international computing networks or don’t know the methods of Internet usage and most of their knowledge is limited to the Islamic laws, canons and ordinances.
Also the ideational structure of these clergies and the particular type of their clothing would made it funny to common people if they use Internet and computer for various purposes, also the sociological aspects of Persian studies show that the exceptions of Iranian people from such religious personalities are bounded to the correct accomplishment of religious and theological precepts and duties in addition with the suitable advertisement for the encouragement of people to their religion and God. And cause that almost all of Islamic clergies and Mullahs would spend their time in mosques and lecturing for the audience about religious issues, so their connection to Internet and chatting with common people seems to be a little wonderful and unnatural.
Likewise, there is a class distinction between the ordinary people and the clergies those are counted as the intellectual layer of society so it is difficult for people to feel free if they want to contact a clergy or theological seminarian and talk about anything or express their idea without any disturbance and worry. Maybe one of the reasons is that they scare to be accused about any sin or fault.
Now it is about 1 year that this old frontiers are being removed and there is a friendly connection between Persian youth society and religious tutors. For example the Persian religious blogging enhancement bureau is working hard to spread the culture of religious blogging by Mullahs and expand their usage amount of technological tools and productions such as computer and Internet.
Also the theological schools made it mandatory for their students to pass the terms of basic computer operating lessons and the ways of managing a weblog!
For example, now the former senior presidential participant, Muhammad Ali Abathi manages one of the most popular and top-visited Persian weblogs.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Do not use Internet! That is forbidden!

It was for the first time that Iranians heard the name of “Regulation of radio and communicative provisions” that presented itself by approving a new sanction that forbids the access to 128 Kbps internet connection for general, personal or household purposes.
By the ratification of newly accomplished law, only governmental organizations and first-degree citizens would be free to use this type of internet using various type connections such as ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) or satellite internet and non-governmental organizations, companies, personal or family corporations and also the newspaper offices would be restricted to use this high speed types of internet.
Officially, it is less than 2 years that this type of Internet is imported to Iran and PAPs (Private Access Providers) are to offer high speed Internets with unbelievable expenditures, cause the monthly account of ADSL connection, costs about 800 dollars for each user and this amount is truly less than monthly incoming and salary of a normal citizen.
Also the Internet Service Providers of Iran are unable to provide the users with the exact 56Kbps dial-up connections and in addition to the high users traffic of regional parts in different cities, the average speed of dial-up and telephony connection via the best types of external 56k modems is an integer between 21,600 kbps to at most 33,600 kbps.
In the other word the availability of multimedia items containing online music, films, fast data transmission or high speed downloads is impossible due to the continuous disconnects, old and worn out structure and fiber noises caused by the cupreous dual cables used in the foundation of these traditional telephone lines. So these troubles, do not allow you to experience a convenient and comfort connection so you must carry all the problems out to yourself and be deprived from the even connections being used in some neighbor countries such as Afghanistan!!
Beside all the problems, you have not to forget the distance dimensions. With regard that there are not more than one ADSL supporter in most of Iran cities and if we remember that the ADSL providers are not able to serve the users that are far from central station to more than 5 kilometers, we can get the result that the situation of high speed internet in Iran, seems to be a real disease rather than a bitter reality!
It is more than 10 years that developed countries are using ADSL and the Wireless technology is replacing very soon but in a few countries such as Iran that claims to be the polarity of technology in middle east, ADSL is like a dream for most of professional users and commercial organizations. So practically the executive process of plans such as E-government, E-Police, E-university and E-commerce is impossible in Iran.
The new registered law is also adding our pains and lets express honestly that the future of information and communication technology in Iran, is likely to be so blurred and dark than it seems…

Monday, October 16, 2006

Back to school again!

the season of schools is started now and the inception of new educational year in Iran, synchronized with the special message of Dr. Ahmadinejad, Iranian president for students and pupils of Persia.I have to add that I am studying at the 3rd year of Mathematic-Physics college and the next year, I must prepare myself to contribute in a scientific competition, named “Conquer” in Iran that yearly there are involving more than 2 million students in it, and less than 200 thousandth of them would be accepted to qualify for universities. This competition is named “National Conquer” and the failed students can test their chance again by waiting one year and contributing again. In the other word, after taking the diploma and finishing the high school, each student has two chances to continue his studies in a university, If the failure resists again, the student have to be employed in one of military services, he is free to choose between intelligence services, air force, earth force, sea force, disciplinary office or margrave special guard. Girl students are exempted from this law in Iran, lets remember that the whole period of serving in military forces will took at least 2 years long if the duty has not to be afflicted in overtime privation because of infracting the orders and directions.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Who is the righ successor?

All we know that the duration of Kufi Anan’s presidency as the United Nations Secretary General will be ended within a few weeks and its about many days that the members of security council, started their deliberations and consultations to choose between the Asian candidates for this 5-year term.
Beside the political and diplomatic situations, UNSG has a continental ration and Asians are the shareholders of this turn.
Now the former Korean republic foreign affairs minister is called as the first chance of being the first Kufi Anan’s successor, after the informal poll among 5 members of Security Council who will make the last decision about the entire post.
62 years old Korean Ban Ki Moon is taking from the Indian Shashi Tharoor lead and going ahead of him. Tharoor was the former vice-president of United Nations Secretary General in communication and public relations who is losing his last chances against the rivals. Although Ashraf Ghani as the former finance minister of Afghanistan owns the third place in the unofficial plebiscites and votes among Security Council members, but he is the most serious opponent of Korean Ban Ki Moon who is being supported by the US congress and American government, especially George W. Bush is protecting him personally and the politician theory-makers believe in his undoubted selection because of the congress pressures and it seems that the main competition would be launched between Korea Republic and recently freed Afghanistan.
But the world press has reported that Korean fellow is irresolute and uncertain about the final votes, talked waveringly about the whole story after his presence in the general symposium of UN, denying the informal prejudges and foresights and waiting for the ending results.
But in the other hand, it is so considered that the explicit supports and defenses from the Korean minister, accomplished by the US president that also results to the unpleased interferences of him, will be a real threat for the health and correctness of UNSG selection’s process because these meddling are also combined with the extra force and intimidation to the SC members in addition with alluring them, and this would take the security council members such as China, Russia, France a and United Kingdom under compelling circumstances because most of their political and economical advantages and benefits is related to the willingness of state.
Not having any retributive past record, being conversant in at least 3 world live languages and gathering the maximum number of token votes are the most important distinctions and concessions of the secretary general. The nominees will be appointed and voted by the general assembly and by the recommendations and encourages of Security Council.
The first United Nations secretary general was Sir Gladwyn Jebb from United Kingdom from 1945 to 1946, but after his suddenly death, Trygve Halvdan Lie from Norway was selected. Lie resigned after seven years of strive and effort and gave his place to Swedish Dag Hammarskjold who Died in a plane crash in Northern Rhodesia (currently Zambia).
Also U Thant was the first Asian Secretary General from 1961 to 1971. He had the opportunity to take the place for his third 5-year term, but gave up due to the personal reasons. After him, the Austrian Kurt Waldheim became in charge with the UN affairs, but Chinese vetoed him for the third 5-year period. Peruvian Javier Pérez de Cuéllar was the fifth officer of general secretariat. Finally Kufi Anan was been chosen after Egyptian Boutros Boutros Ghali since 1997 and now it is the time for the Asian men to test their chance!
About 15 countries are hardly trying to specify the Anan’s successor after conducting straw polls. So it is approximately distinguished that Korean Moon is the terminating choice, but there is the question here. Is it clear that he could be even the most appropriate and suitable selection and the right manager needed for the post?

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Persian Journalists and Suicide!

Unfortunately, after the 1979 revolution, Iran is being known as the Jail of journalists by announce of international institutes. Although Nepal was the greatest prisoner of journalists that has the most complicated and strangulating Media structure, but we can divide the history of Persian newspapers and journals into Three epochal intervals that the second one is serious though and very considered.
The first period was at the beginning years after the victory of Islamic revolution with the leadership of Imam Khomeini, who spent many years of his lifetime in banishment and exile. Many politicians around the world believe that the 1979 revolution of Iran was the most wonderful and abnormal revolution in all centuries because of the type of its leadership. Imam Khomeini moderated the whole process while he was in Turkey and Iraq.
In these years, we can count the Iranian papers to be almost free and liberal, even Imam Khomeini has told that the communist faction of Iran, are free to deploy and spread their ideas through publishing newspapers.
After his suddenly death, the course of Iran’s media has transformed absolutely. Many magazines have been closed but no journalist was arrested. The number of Iran’s magazines, reduced instantly and there was just only three or four wide-circulation daily newspaper such as Keyhan, and Etelaa’aat that were affiliated with the government.
The whole current was the same when Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjaani was selected as the president at national elections at 1991.
The 8-years opportunity of Hashemi’s presidency (Who his picture was published on the FrontPage of “Time” magazine many years ago) was known as the years of peace and calmness because his cabinet members were trying to compensate the 1000 Billion dollars damage of Iraq’s 8-years war imposed to Persian citizens by Saddam Husain.
On theses years, a newborn daily newspaper named “Iran” has been established to work by the sponsorship of Islamic Republic News agency, affiliated with the state. Iran’s appearance was a great leisure for the new generation of young journalists of Iran and the interested people in media fields.
After 8 years, it was not the time for Sayyed Muhammad Khatami to start his clamorous presidential era! He told us about the freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of women and human rights! The statements that most of Iranian people were strange with them! He expressed that he desires to spread the atmosphere of free media and journalists can feel free to make critics on government and such beautiful and brightened slogans…
But the at the time of Khatami’s presidency that took 8 years long, more than 400 daily and weekly newspapers and magazines were been closed!! And RWB (Reporters Without Borders) as a member of the International Freedom of Expression Exchange and a virtual network of non-governmental on journalistic campaigns, counts this great amount of press suspension as a historical record in the calendar of journalism!
It was a memorable and reminding night that the national council, voted to the group cessation of about 200 freelance journals such as “Asr-e-Azaadegan”, “Sobh-e-Emrouz”, “Neshat”, “Tous” and “Jaame’e”, even the newspaper of former Prime-minister of Khatami, named “Khordad” has been closed and he was in jail for more than 3 years and nobody heard anything about his situation.
After the collective suspension of authenticated and vanguard newspapers of Iran on winter 2000 that Persian politicians call it as the greatest cultural disaster of contemporary Iran, the amount of taciturnity and silence among intellectuals and writers, increased quickly and it appeared a great wave of indifference and stagnation in the general space of country, even between common citizens who got used to read those newspapers frequently…
At the time, there were more than 1200 journalists arrested and in prisons all over the country and many of them are still in the jails. For example, the newly paroled and released Akbar Ganji that beard hunger strike for more than 1 month, is one of these journalists who was been arrested about 3 years ago.
After all the struggles and disputes between various political sides of country about the topic of journalist’s arrestment, the final result was that the Persian public prosecutor, alternated into a real fearful scaremonger and alarmist for the Iranian journalists and it caused to the excessive self-censorship till RWB announced that Iran owns the 164th place among the reviewed 167 countries of the world in the global ranking of press freedom…
The story of freedom’s death in Iran is a plenteous sad and woeful story that ends with the death of thoughts, minds and brains in the 2500 years old Asian country.
Now we are experiencing the 3rd wave of Persian media that is bringing us with the calmest, quietest and the most thoughts-related inactive age beside the newspapers and journals that are not useful even for a perfunctory look because they have not anything to read, I confess it truly!
At all, lets summarize that Persian journalists, are involving in self-censor, self-punishment and self-killing! Believe me!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Iran would be damaged !

Muhammad Ali Rajaee was the first non-clergy president of Iran after the Islamic revolution. Many politicians remember his famous act in the general annual congress of United Nations before his lecture to be started.
He put off his blouse and tucked up the trousers to show the audience and media reporters the reminders of tortures that he endured in prisons and jails of Shah’s regime.
That was calling for a new way in the 2-way connections of newly Islamic republic and United States.
After Shah’s overthrow and the destruction of Iranian 2500 years kingdom monarchy, the relations between Iran, went darker until the complete disconnection between countries has been established and all political deals of two great powers of world on that time was stopped, also US imposed very intense and great boycotts and prohibitions to Iran and damaged us very much. Iran was forced to buy old and unusual Russian Topolov planes; Iran was forced to provide its necessary agricultural products itself and Iran was forced to engage in any industrial technology without the assistance of European and American countries.
After two decades of Islamic Revolution by the leadership of Imam Khomeini, Sayyed Muhammad Khatami became the 5th president of Iran. His main standard was to reach an Islamic Utopia, so he started to accomplish social reforms… He was the first proclaimer of starting the news season of relations between Iran and US, but he did not succeed.
After Khatami, Ahmadinejad become the second non-clergy president of Iran after 1979’s revolution. His thesis was to establish peaceful and bloodless deals with US without any political struggles in diplomatic ways. So after a few months of his presidency, he wrote a long letter to George Walker Bush, the US president. Ahmadinejad talked about many subjects in his mail that was delivered by the Switzerland embassy on Iran, the US profits protector in Iran but Bush never answered that letter although he announced its reception!
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, called this as an insulting diplomatic treatment and expressed that this is not respectful and suitable for the president of a great country like America…
Now that the nuclear issue of Iran is to be more complicated than ever and Iran feels the need to America’s help for solving all the problems on its clamorous nuclear dossier especially in Security Council, it seems that US is not so interested to be reconnected with Iran like before, and it is obvious because of the repeatedly lengthened prohibitions by white house. So the serious critics of relations between Iran and US can make sure about the issue, because after the expression of America’s interest about rebuilding the former hostile relations by Bush and the official refuse of Iran that announced by media, the procedure of deals have been changed absolutely. Also the unanswered 18-pages letter of Ahmadinejad to Bush discussing some religious and moral instructions from A Muslim president to a Catholic one! Is another reason for Iran to be angrier and forget the topic at all!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Anousheh would not become an American !

Anousheh Ansari is the first Iranian person and the first woman of the world who made a 10-days travel to spatial station, so he would be called as the first Iranian astronaut and the first spacewoman of the world who voyaged to space for touristy purposes.
Anousheh born in Mashhad, the most important religious city of Iran that is famous around the world because of Imam Reza Shrine, the 8th Imam of world shieas. After the victory of Islamic revolution in 1979, her family decided to emigrate and finally they fulfilled their decision, so Anousheh left Iran when she was 18, also her English knowledge was not so enough to solve her personal problems, but now, it is near 22 years that Anousheh and her husband (Hamid) are living in US near their family.
At first, Anousheh Ansari was a common backup for Japanese Daisuke Enomoto who was selected for a Soyuz flight to International space station, but after the suddenly failure of Japanese woman for the medial tests and examination, Ansari was elevated as the prime and chief crew of spaceship.
Ansari’s spacesuit was a combination of Iran’s flag that was been registered as the official Islamic Republic of Iran’s flag on his right arm and the US flag on his left arm. Iran as her motherland and US as his early home in last years.
After the expire of Qajar dynasty’s influence and government on Iran, the tree-color flag of Iran containing a green bar at top, the white bar at middle and the red one at bottom of flag was the formal flag. After Islamic revolution leading by Imam Khomeini, the Kufi language lines including the statement of “Allahu Akbar, Laa Ilaaha Illa Allah” (Translation: The God is too great to be described, there is not any God except Allah) was added to flag that you can find these lines on the bottom of green bar with a with font and top of red bar with the same condition, also witnessed on the flag pasted on Anousheh’s suit. Also after the Islamic revolution, the typographical model of word “Allah” was also been added to the middle of white space between two color bars of flag that it is not at Anousheh’s flag.
By the frequent pressures and negative advertisement of Russia and US governments, Anousheh was forced to remove the Iranian flag from his spacesuit, the radices of this ideational divide between Iran and US also returns to the Islamic revolution and recently nuclear struggles between Iran and European Union.
But at the other hand, Anousheh carried a Holy Quran (The holy book of Muslims) out with herself to the space, reported Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) a few days ago.
This was the first space tourism experience for an Iranian and for a woman, so whole the story had its special critics, but visiting the orbit and flying through the galaxy was a childhood and unreachable wish for Mrs. Ansari and she thinks that now that there is an appropriate opportunity for a memorable and historical travel and the conditions are entirely suitable, we must use it to show the power of women and their talents to third-world and Middle Eastern countries specially Arabic government that bias against woman is approximately traditional among them!
Anousheh is so honorable and proud about this space journey, She flight via Soyuz TMA-9 capsule from Kazakhstan’s Baiknour Cosmodrome.16 September 2006, Ansari was on a telephonic interview with Night Sky TV program in Islamic Republic of Iran 4th channel and announced that she is honorable because of her nationality and also she thanks because of cheerful congratulation behalf Iranian all around the world and she wished that her journey as an Iranian woman cosmonaut, would be inspirable to all people around the world specially her compatriot women and girls.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Injustice and Unequality in Wikipedia !!

A few days ago, I added my curriculum viate and autobiography, to Wikipedia. Here I paste you the text that I have entered:

Kourosh Ziabari born in 1991, known as the World's youngest journalist, blogger and freelance writer, who is the first Iranian member of IFJ lives in Rasht, one of Iran's northern parts. He is the only Persian teenager journalist who writes for the most authenticated Iranian journals such as E'temaad Melli daily newspaper, Jame Jam Daily newspaper, Web Monthly magazine, DailyKos and many other websites, magazines and newspapers around the world. Also his articles has been published on the early closed Shargh Newspaper
He was selected as the world's youngest journalist in the Association of Young Journalists and Writers in year 2005. He has had more than 1100 articles published in Iranian magazines and newspapers on these topics:

Children and youth society issues
Cinema and TV
Iran issues
IT, Internet and weblogs
Culture and literature

He is moderating his Personal Website since 2002 and officially writing on his Persian Blog for one year.Also he is updating his English Blog frequently. He is conversant in five world live languages containing English, German, Italian and Arabic. Kourosh is also a web and graphic designer and designs for persian web portals and magazines.

External Links
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Digg, views Kourosh
Kourosh's last review on BBC and the establishment of its weblog
Iranian Students News Agency, hold an interview with Kourosh Ziabari
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Petition after the closure of Kourosh Ziabari's website by Iranian government
The selection of World's Youngest Journalist

after 4 or 5 hours, I found that they established a deletion vote for my page among themselves. Unfortunately, they used a very insulting language, and I am so sorry to express my worst feeling about their reasonalities, impoliteness and dirty languages... I reported vandalism to the moderators and admins, but there was not any solution. until I wrote this informal open letter to all managers of Wikipedia, free encyclopedia:

I cannot really understand the reasons of such angry and unfair treatments with myself. I thought that the administrators of Wikipedia would be more logical than this because after any movement done by myself, it occurs a great wave of grudge, angriness and pessimism against me, and I don’t know that for what sin, I am being punished. I am a Persian blogger like Mehdi Jami and the others who are being listed on Wikipedia. I told many times that being conversant in some world languages is not any honor, I told that publishing even 1000 articles is not any honor or prosperity… but I want to be treated like others, why you count all my quotes as vandalism, as impoliteness… Must I be punished and chastened because of my age? My nationality? My weak language knowledge? I don't know how you can claim that there is another recorder of world's youngest journalist title. I have lots of letters from IFJ president that I cannot provide them anywhere...All of your efforts about me is to accept that I am not the world's youngest journalist who started his work when he was 8... ok! Accept... I don't know... I am sure that you will remove my page at last... but why? Also I am very sorry for my compatriots who treat me like a terrorist! All people are searching and studying my works to find a mistake. Ok? But why? Why on this way?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Why BBC owns a weblog?

All started when administrators announced that they would like to establish a communal blog to increase their 2-way communication and interchange with addressees and readers so they can reach their users and customers without any mediator and middleman.
It broke many taboos and caused the media giants and advertising cartels of the world to not shame and fear for hold straight and direct connect with addressees.
We can claim that world's great media are involving in contacting problems with common people and their general users so for example the BBC has started its blog to response the inquiries of its readers and users easier than before and interact with all of its supporters.
With such solutions, Global media will heal and repair their communicative bugs so the user will makes sure that his comment, ideas and suggestions would be received by the managers of that media team, in the other world, he will be seen by the media.
In the other hand, that media, magazine, newspaper or TV channel will collect more fame, popularity so it will be more interesting to general readers and addressees.
At all, lets express the feeling that launching a weblog for Media will show its interaction and efforts to satisfy users and consumers.
British Broadcasting Corporation was belonging to a special layer of English society the communication experts and specialists were the main and special addressees of it who the production of BBC's content was their duty.
So although the common folks of England and people of other sympathetic and companion governments with Britain, accepted BBC as a reliable news resource but the statement that BBC is a prevalent, common and public media didn't seem to be logically correct. The passage of time changed the world gradually.
Favorite news of common people, news sections for general or illiterate people in addition with new Entertainment parts in BBC was spreading through BBC radios and websites in all languages.
Readers Opinion section was also a new step to avoid BBC involving the destiny of other Mafiatic media.The previous Producer-axis method has been changed to Addressee-based method.
On the previous manner, satisfying and making programmers, producers, news editors and writers consented was the chief goal. But in early times, BBC governors discovered that they must make basic revisions about their way because of their intense communicative weakness, and if they continue producing programs and news without considering the tact and styles of their addresses, they will be defeated very soon!
Just a few phone lines, one email address and only a Post Box. how these features could be responsible against the huge amount of daily requests of people all around the world who want to reach their breaking news, articles, photos and suggestions to be published via BBC?Experts-based journalism was the basic method of BBC till this moment but they were sure that this policy would be defeated.
So BBC changed its manner to Citizen-based journalism particularly. It placed the sound files, pictures and context sent by users on the section of "Readers Opinion" and recently, established its weblog!Many people don't count weblogs as the new types of media.
They think that each post of a blog is the result of personal concerns, interests, opinions and belongings of the blogger, so a Weblog is a personal page not a type of media.But another group believe that the weblogs of great magazines, companies and organization could be called as independent media themselves!Because every post of such blogs, would be the result of thinking alike and group works that will be broadcasted by one person and there is the same process in radios or TV.
So after starting the BBC English blog's up, the other languages also released their blogs and since that time, BBC is so more popular among general addressees.
The inauguration of BBC's chain blogs was a great step toward users and costumers and BBC has now a dual residency called (Producer-User-based policy). At all, BBC governors are to respect their users, more than before and that is the result of last revolution in global blogsphere!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Shargh Has been Closed!!

1- Unfortunately these days I was not able to update my English blog, although I updated my Persian blog frequently, even twice a day and it was a real record in my blogging times. Also these days I am busy designing some logos and posters for the honor of national day of Persian literature and culture. I have to add that one of my best friends, Miss. Marzieh Jalili who is the daughter of former “Iran Daily Newspaper” editor of Philosophy and culture service, helped me on the field of cogitative and ideational design of this graphic elements.
2-I don’t know ever you heard about the “Zarjoub” (Means Golden river in Persian) and “Gohar-roud” (Brilliant River in Persian), the most contaminated and polluted river of the world. This river is being flowed all over the Rasht town (Center of Guilan Province, the place which we live in at northern Iran) with the length of 55 kilometers, but it hasn’t been registered as a global record in the “Guinness World Records Book” because of some political reasons caused by the historical conflicts between Islamic Republic and US government.
3- I forgot to tell you about my latest activities on the media circle. Two last weeks I was one the live TV interview with first national channel of Islamic Republic broadcasting, also I added my English articles to DailyKos magazine and wrote some ones for Roozna and Jame Jam newspaper. But I will remember to tell you about the bad luck and injustice suspend of Shargh Daily Newspaper and the arrestment of its personnel… Now about a group including 300 employers of this magazine are workless! I don’t know exactly what to say… Shargh was belonging to the bright-minded and intellectual layer of society… I am sorry! That’s the last statement that remains to express.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Do you geocities?!!

Many Yahoo users say that is the best place to moderate and maintain your personal website on it. Perhaps they are right and is one of the best free hosting providers. Geocities offers you many features and takes lots of advantages to youBut you have not to forget the huge mass of its administration problems...At the first step you have to only sign up for a geocities account but if you have already a yahoo account, then no need to sign up for another account, just login with your yahoo ID, and for example if your ID is smith, then your site would be accessible at Now you are entered into the great world of website administrators and can manage your site. Geocities that is one of yahoo's departments provide you with great tools like hit counter, Guidebook, mailing list and many other abilities. But managing a website with these current TOS situations and terms of services is not a simple operation. When you are signing up for yahoo geocities, you will see a big text box that contains much information. Maybe you will think that they are kidding you. But they are very serious in their work and they cannot mock their users! Because yahoo is one the biggest web portals that is working and serving people all around the world. They are right and look for their TOS seriously. But when you are using the free service of geocities not premium or any other paid services, they have not any responsibility again your website content!They get high importance to political and diplomatic based rights. Pay attention that don't write articles or don't place news about political issues on your web! they will close your yahoo account and will close and deactivate your website. But at all, we can call one of the best web servers and free space providers, although the lack of content freedom! There are many fields that you can pay them... but not politics!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Ahmadinejad writes himself!

Ahmadinejad’s blogging will change the unjustifiable ideas and opinions around Persian blogsphere.
It is more than 10 days that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the president of Islamic Republic Of Iran has started to write on his personal weblog in four live languages. Persian, Arabic, English and Françias.
We can say that he is the first president of countries around the world who owns a personal weblog and writes on it directly. His blog’s commenting section is also open-to-write and all of the visitors can share what they think about his writings without any registration or user submitting. Only the straight publish of comments and opinions is restricted by the technical managers and the ideas would be published after approval of site’s moderator, and this feature is being enabled to resist the spreading the insulting and offensive not critique content by users.
Also there is an interactive message forum manipulated and charged on his weblog. The contents of this message forum are also under full time and 24-hours moderation.
Ahmadinejad said that he would dedicate almost 15 minutes to his blog each week! And checks his emails, comments and user messages. He also promised to write one post on his blog each week but he already asked for pardon because of probably delays on his weekly updates.
Analytic statistics shows that the president’s blog has a range of near to 10,000 page visits the way, most of them from Iran and US.
Many users around the world are distrust to the entire blog and say that the blog posts are being wrote and published by the participants of presidents, not of course himself.
But the presidential spokesman announced that the blog is a result of cooperation work between Mr. Ahmadinejad and his technical team on designing and solution providing affairs.
Ahmadinejad also encourages his ministry team of cabinet to establish weblogs and start writing on them. There is not a really pure and true knowledge and consciousness about weblogs and usages of Internet among Persian families and they think that weblog or Internet are illegal and underground or unhallowed activities so they restrict their children to access internet easily. Of course the establishment of Ahmadinejad’s blog as a regularly religious and Islamic personage would changes this unjustifiable and unwarrantable views and to ease the access of Persian youth society to their desired network!

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Prophet of peace

We once had a Teacher
The Teacher of teachers,
He changed the world for the better
And made us better creatures,
Oh Allah we’ve shamed ourselves
We’ve strayed from Al-Mu'allim,
Surely we’ve wronged ourselves
What will we say in front him?
Oh Mu'allim...

He was Muhammad salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam,
Muhammad, mercy upon Mankind,
He was Muhammad salla Allahu 'alayhi wa sallam,
Muhammad, mercy upon Mankind,
Teacher of all Mankind.
Abal Qasim [one of the names of the Prophet]
Ya Habibi ya Muhammad
(My beloved O Muhammad)
Ya Shafi'i ya Muhammad
(My intercessor O Muhammad)
Khayru khalqillahi Muhammad
(The best of Allah’s creation is Muhammad)
Ya Mustafa ya Imamal Mursalina
(O Chosen One, O Imam of the Messengers)
Ya Mustafa ya Shafi'al 'Alamina
(O Chosen One, O intercessor of the worlds)
He prayed while others slept
While others ate he’d fast,
While they would laugh he wept
Until he breathed his last,
His only wish was for us to be
Among the ones who prosper,
Ya Mu'allim peace be upon you,
Truly you are our Teacher,
Oh Mu'allim..

Ya Habibi ya Muhammad
(My beloved O Muhammad)
Ya Shafi'i ya Muhammad
(My intercessor O Muhammad)
Ya Rasuli ya Muhammad
(O My Messenger O Muhammad)
Ya Bashiri ya Muhammad
(O bearer of good news O Muhammad)
Ya Nadhiri ya Muhammad
(O warner O Muhammad)
'Ishqu Qalbi ya Muhammad
(The love of my heart O Muhammad)
Nuru 'Ayni ya Muhammad
(Light of my eye O Muhammad)
He taught us to be just and kind
And to feed the poor and hungry,
Help the wayfarer and the orphan child
And to not be cruel and miserly,
His speech was soft and gentle,
Like a mother stroking her child,
His mercy and compassion,
Were most radiant when he smiled

Abal Qasim [one of the names of the Prophet]
Ya Habibi ya Muhammad
(My beloved O Muhammad)
Ya Shafi'i ya Muhammad
(My intercessor O Muhammad)
Khayru khalqillahi Muhammad
(The best of Allah’s creation is Muhammad)
Ya Mustafa Ya Imamal Mursalina
(O Chosen One O Imam of the Messengers)
Ya Mustafa ya Shafi'al 'Alamina
(O Chosen One O intercessor of the worlds)

Monday, August 14, 2006

Lebonan is the winner!

Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Iranian president has established his personal weblog and started to write on it with 2 posts at first day of launching his blog. At all, I forgot to say that a few hours a ago the main database of Iranian president's blog has been hacked and there is no access to the last contents...
After Angela Merkel who opened a personal PodCast for herself, Ahmadinejad is the first president of the world who moderates a personal weblog. Although the personal blog of George Walker Bush after the experiment of his first round of presidency was active for a few months, but he didn't continue managing the weblog and now that's inactive. Ahmadinejad is the second political personage of Persia who inaugurated a personal blog for himself, after Dr. Mustafa Moeen, former minister of Science, research and technology of Iran at Mr. Khatami's cabinet.
By the way I have a TV interview with the Channel 1 TV of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting tomorrow, Tuesday, August 15th.
+ Also I congratulate all Muslims around the world for the honorable and delightful winning and victory of Israel occupier regime on that unequal 30-days war.I hope that all holocaust and slaughter weapons of all governments will be eliminated and demolished, also no innocent child has to be killed on such rough struggles.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Google signs a new contract!

Google has announced that it will expand its cooperation with Real Networks, thus to the last decision, they want to make a near partnership with Real Networks, using Mozilla's technology.
So Google, places the Real Players' button in all of Google Toolbars that will make for FireFox.
Google toolbar is utility software that can be installed on any Internet browser and lets the user to accomplish Internet searches with high speed and instantly without referring to
This contract is being signed after continuous contract of Google with other industrial companies to keep itself as the first placeholder of most powerful virtual giants ranking!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Access is Denied!

The amount of filtered weblogs of Iran is rising up very instantly and quickly. By the announce of official IT organizations of Iran and based on the quote of Mehdi Boutorabi, the head manager of AriaGostar group team websites and the administrator of PersianBlog, we have almost more than 250,000 Persian blogs that are being moderated all around the world and almost 80 percent of them are working actively.
Journalists are the greatest blogger society of Persian blogsphere and near to more than 20,000 Iranian journalists are managing their blogs on the cyber network.
The Iranian Telecom cooperation has signed a new contract with an American company that is the new filtering project supplier in Iran.
The Persian administrators of filtering project claimed that they will renew their contract if they are satisfied with the performance type of American contractor, also they will provide that company each week with the new lists of websites and weblogs that must be filtered.
But also they say that the Persian-Telecom center of Iran will review the anti-filtering requests for each blog. From the filtered blogs, journalistic and media blogs have the most portions. Although Iranian web browsers are using various types of anti-filtering softwares to break-down the walls of filtered web pages, but the anti-filtering websites are being filtered in the new phase of program.

What is Adobe PageMaker?

If you manage the Information Technology and pagemaking section of a newspaper or any other magazine, and you don’t use Adobe PageMaker software, you are really wasting your time on that newspaper or magazine and I advice you give up working there because If your administrator is notified about any software such as PageMaker! Then he will not be kind to you!! And of course he will expel you from your office! But if you want to stay at that newspaper and do the pagination of that newspaper, just buy the adobe collection CD and only install the software named ADOBE PAGEMAKER 7.00!
This software can change your designing world and enhance your newspaper pagination unbelievably!
This software has many abilities and Advantages. Its column Guide and rulers help you more than any other software to manage the sizes, even better than QuarkXpress.
When you place a text on the page, you can easily move it from one place to other place. it is so great that is possible in less than seconds. You can change column sizes and numbers easily from 2 to 20! The ability of work with pictures is so great and unexpected. And the advantages of text editing are unbelievable, too! You can make texts negative, elastic! Big, small, change the fonts, italic, bold, bold very much and many other features. Also text shadowing and embossing is allowed. The filling effects of shapes also are so delightful. You can fill each rectangle with various effects and get them dotted, dashed or solid strokes. You can reverse and rotate the pictures anyway. Right, left, up and down. in the other hand it has a great connection with adobe Photoshop in each version, for example if you place a picture on the page, you can affect Photoshop effects on it directly without opening Photoshop and redoing the filter and effect.
In fact, this is one of the greatest softwares of the adobe cooperation that could help designers and pagemakers to improve their work easily!

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

New design

Past days, I had some free times to investigate, order and review my backwarded and arrear works again, write some articles for Roozna, Jame Jam daily newspaper and also SharghOnline. Also I finished reading the book "A week with Shamloo". Maybe you know Ahmad Shamloo. He is one of the greatest modern poets of contemporary age in Iran. "Aida in Mirror" is one of his most famous and best-sold books.
Also I wrote an English article for Mouthshut magazine to introduce Rasht, as my city and center of Guilan's province.
In addition with all recently journalistic works, I released the new version of
ImaneEmrooz dot com's designing, that is a new informal combination of Persian's traditional illustration, named illumination (Tazhib) that is shown on the top left corner of main index, and also the modern sketch of finger pointer that you will see it frequently on your web surfings, for example when you point on a link, this mouse pointer will appear and it will memorize a good charismatic situation of internet browsing for each user!Also I placed an anti-war logo on my website and the logo for supporting of Persian Gulf’s eternal and infinitely name that will remains Persian forever.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Islamic Wearing models exhibition

A few days ago, the first Islamic Wearing models exhibition and display show, has been expired in Tehran, the capital of Islamic Republic of Iran. It was the first time in the Islamic countries history that such an exhibition was accomplished and many Muslim female models, showed the newest types of Islamic wearing and clothing by walking through the specified corridors and hallways of fair.
Although the exhibition was exposed with obeying all Islamic laws, norms and principles, but many extravagant conservatives of Iran, protested it and made lots of critique about the way of this festival's celebration and said that the establishment of clothing shows and displays, is not legal and rejected by religion.

What is Islamic clothing?
You many know the Quran, holy book of all Muslims around the world. For protecting women, saving their personality and value and proper use of their merely artistic and scientific potentials and preventing them to be just tools of others enjoyment, Islam has specified a typical model of clothing that is named "veil" or "Hijab".
Based on the Islamic instructions, the whole parts of Muslim woman's body, must be covered except the wrist of hands and pellet of face.
But there is not any necessity or compulsion on this orders and instructions and any Muslim person feels free to observe them or not. But Iran is the only Islamic country that Hijab is mandatory on it and Iranian government says that all of women must have Islamic wearing and complete veil, otherwise they will be arrested but they are not right because it is just a political slogan to make people scared. But even in countries like Palestine or Iraq, there is not any law about the obligation of Hijab, and Islamic integument is free. For example the main proviso of factories or organizations employment for women is complete veil. Although this compulsion is announced anywhere and for anybody, but it seems that there is not any control on its performance’s situation!
In addition with the lack of Islamic wearing and veil for Persian women, their common and normal type of wearing and covering is most likely to European countries and absolutely coordinated with the latest fashion models of non-Islamic and European countries! Many foreigner tourists, reporters or journalists from abroad countries that come to Iran, will be wondered to see the overpowering style of Persian women's clothing! For example Sean Penn, the famous Hollywood actor who came to Iran at the time of presidential election for making reports to Daily Chronicle newspaper, said that: After arriving in Tehran, I thought that I am in LA for a few moments!!
Persian government is so upset about this situation, also can not do anything by arresting Islamic cloth-less girls, in the other hand, the formal, typical and accepted clothing model that is approved by all Islamic clergies in Iran, that is called "chador" and it is like a wide range of dark black textile, is not so interesting for Persian young girls and the users of black chadors are almost the old women who belong to the past generations of "after-revolution".
So the idea of Islamic Clothing exhibition, was made by one of Iran's Islamic parliament senators and the various types and models of Islamic wearing that have the suitable and proper situations and circumstance of Holy Quran (the clothing must cover all parts of body except the wrist and face) with different and exciting colors and amusing models, have been showed in the fair for the first time of Islamic countries history!

Friday, July 28, 2006

No cease-fire !!

What the world needs right now?
and I mean right now more than ever... the Salvation !
the question remains to be answered
who can save humanity from itself?
I have a candidate in mind
a candidate in challenge all the one-way communication
I will let the music be my language...
did you ever think about the reason of all wars? for example, it is more than 60 years that Israeil is making war on Palestine and it is a few weeks that the new wave of ware on lebonan is being stablished. but really, what is the reason?
all governemtns are searching for more power. Israel, United states and even Islamic Republic of Iran. but finind power is not so easy and so cool! you must pay all the costs of a great firework! and never think about cease-fire. I don't know the exact number of killed people in the war, but in the other hand, I have not also the number of murders...
I am an Iranian, and my ancestors have the bitter exprience of ware between Saddam Husain's government with our country.
But on that historical war that returns to more than 22 years ago, Iran's governemt was not the main and cheif fan and supporter of Irans's nationality, Iran's cultural heritage and Iran's people. There were milions of teenager young boys that started to war with only a simple Klashnicov. Their hands was free of any weapon and... and you can not forget the microbic bombs, long-range missles, guided rockets and intercontinential ballestics, shooting from the Iraqi's force...
I don't know anything about these political struggles and conflicts between the great powers of our world, I can not understand the reasons of this childish strifes and I can not find the radics of these scuffs, but I can just understand the pains of a palestinian or lebanese boy who is searching for a reliable guardian... who is searching for freedom... who is searching for tranquility...