Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Islamic Wearing models exhibition

A few days ago, the first Islamic Wearing models exhibition and display show, has been expired in Tehran, the capital of Islamic Republic of Iran. It was the first time in the Islamic countries history that such an exhibition was accomplished and many Muslim female models, showed the newest types of Islamic wearing and clothing by walking through the specified corridors and hallways of fair.
Although the exhibition was exposed with obeying all Islamic laws, norms and principles, but many extravagant conservatives of Iran, protested it and made lots of critique about the way of this festival's celebration and said that the establishment of clothing shows and displays, is not legal and rejected by religion.

What is Islamic clothing?
You many know the Quran, holy book of all Muslims around the world. For protecting women, saving their personality and value and proper use of their merely artistic and scientific potentials and preventing them to be just tools of others enjoyment, Islam has specified a typical model of clothing that is named "veil" or "Hijab".
Based on the Islamic instructions, the whole parts of Muslim woman's body, must be covered except the wrist of hands and pellet of face.
But there is not any necessity or compulsion on this orders and instructions and any Muslim person feels free to observe them or not. But Iran is the only Islamic country that Hijab is mandatory on it and Iranian government says that all of women must have Islamic wearing and complete veil, otherwise they will be arrested but they are not right because it is just a political slogan to make people scared. But even in countries like Palestine or Iraq, there is not any law about the obligation of Hijab, and Islamic integument is free. For example the main proviso of factories or organizations employment for women is complete veil. Although this compulsion is announced anywhere and for anybody, but it seems that there is not any control on its performance’s situation!
In addition with the lack of Islamic wearing and veil for Persian women, their common and normal type of wearing and covering is most likely to European countries and absolutely coordinated with the latest fashion models of non-Islamic and European countries! Many foreigner tourists, reporters or journalists from abroad countries that come to Iran, will be wondered to see the overpowering style of Persian women's clothing! For example Sean Penn, the famous Hollywood actor who came to Iran at the time of presidential election for making reports to Daily Chronicle newspaper, said that: After arriving in Tehran, I thought that I am in LA for a few moments!!
Persian government is so upset about this situation, also can not do anything by arresting Islamic cloth-less girls, in the other hand, the formal, typical and accepted clothing model that is approved by all Islamic clergies in Iran, that is called "chador" and it is like a wide range of dark black textile, is not so interesting for Persian young girls and the users of black chadors are almost the old women who belong to the past generations of "after-revolution".
So the idea of Islamic Clothing exhibition, was made by one of Iran's Islamic parliament senators and the various types and models of Islamic wearing that have the suitable and proper situations and circumstance of Holy Quran (the clothing must cover all parts of body except the wrist and face) with different and exciting colors and amusing models, have been showed in the fair for the first time of Islamic countries history!

Friday, July 28, 2006

No cease-fire !!

What the world needs right now?
and I mean right now more than ever... the Salvation !
the question remains to be answered
who can save humanity from itself?
I have a candidate in mind
a candidate in challenge all the one-way communication
I will let the music be my language...
did you ever think about the reason of all wars? for example, it is more than 60 years that Israeil is making war on Palestine and it is a few weeks that the new wave of ware on lebonan is being stablished. but really, what is the reason?
all governemtns are searching for more power. Israel, United states and even Islamic Republic of Iran. but finind power is not so easy and so cool! you must pay all the costs of a great firework! and never think about cease-fire. I don't know the exact number of killed people in the war, but in the other hand, I have not also the number of murders...
I am an Iranian, and my ancestors have the bitter exprience of ware between Saddam Husain's government with our country.
But on that historical war that returns to more than 22 years ago, Iran's governemt was not the main and cheif fan and supporter of Irans's nationality, Iran's cultural heritage and Iran's people. There were milions of teenager young boys that started to war with only a simple Klashnicov. Their hands was free of any weapon and... and you can not forget the microbic bombs, long-range missles, guided rockets and intercontinential ballestics, shooting from the Iraqi's force...
I don't know anything about these political struggles and conflicts between the great powers of our world, I can not understand the reasons of this childish strifes and I can not find the radics of these scuffs, but I can just understand the pains of a palestinian or lebanese boy who is searching for a reliable guardian... who is searching for freedom... who is searching for tranquility...

Persian Stat, The most perfect visitor stat counter in the world

Persian Stat, is the first visitor counter service provider website, that offers you with absolutely new features and abilities such as general information around visitors, the number of visitors and daily page visits, their operating systems and other common information on user's PCs, in addition with some other knowledge such as geographical position of visitors and so on...
"Stat monitoring websites" are new types of internet services that provide for website managers with the capability of static analyze and details of visitor's information, so they can make efforts and try to grow and enhance their websites, said Raaddanesh, the director and manager of, and they can make their WebPages, matched and collated with frequently and most used operating systems by users or change their website content by the prevail used monitor resolutions or internet browsers from users, neither by the religious or geographical majority.
He also pointed to the usage of SEO strategy in the called website and stipulated that: We provided the webmasters with the treasure ability of checking site refers and links, because a site visitor will reach to your WebPages by the various ways.
For example he will straightly types the address of your page, or clicks on your website link on the other sites, neither reach to your sites by searching on search engines.
In the last case about search engines, we have to reveal that webmasters are very interested to know about the redirecting and referring keywords from a search engine to their website, so Persian stat, tried to answer this necessity.
In reply to our question about a short comparative static about Persian visitor counter websites, Raaddanesh said that: we have currently two leading and chief stat websites in Iran. "Poshtibanan Shabake" and also "Webgozar". "Poshtibanan Shabake" is the first Farsi language stat website that is boycotted by users because of low speed and many pop-up advertisements in any dependent and follower weblog or website. Webgozar is in a more satisfying situation and place in compare with Poshtibanan Shabake, but is not providing more gratifying accessories in a parallel competition with Persian Stat and most of its new abilities, have been added after increasing and deployment of our website features and user friendly supports.
Also, new, various and miscellaneous feasibilities and possibilities of Persian stat, beside of PersianBlog team support is encountering to a great victory and winning against Webgozar, because in the last month, Persian stat with a distance of 10,000 users more than Webgozar, has more than 80,000 users.
With regard to the 35-40,000 daily visits from, Raaddanesh said that: consideration and taking advantage from persian stat, by Iranian users is so wonderful and I can say that I didn't receive just one contradiction or protest email from any remonstrant user. Also in web or internet conferences or chat seminars about persian stat with presence of our users, almost all of the users and consumers very satisfied completely and toke us their suggestion for development of our benefits and capabilities and will obviate our costumer's worrisome or disturbances.At the end of interview, he said us about the new features and goodies such as multi-color and shapes counters, additional information on newly arrived and new incomer users. Also he said hopefully about the establishment of English section based on their team researches on non-persian services, so persian stat can be a good rival and competitor for the great counters like nedstat basic, webstate and google analyzer.

Persian Blog RSS, makes web surfing easier than ever

From this time, all of blog attached and interested people, can access the content of Persian Blog weblogs using RSS FEED.
RSS service is a suitable technology for transformation of persian information and context on the net and it will be very effective and impressing on the development and expanding of persian blogsphere, said Engineer Reza Hashemi, the member of Persian Blog establishment team. is the greatest weblog service in Asia-Oceania zone.
He also said that: by using this method, we can access the content of Persian weblogs, such as news agencies headlines. Also using RSS will encounter to prevent spams in mailing lists, so you can separate your beloved weblogs and receive their contents as XML.
Hashemi, the Information Technology MA, called RSS as a great feature and fitness by Persian Blog team and stipulated that: RSS must be utilitized and applicable for our users, and with releasing Windows Vista by Microsoft and its new capabilities about RSS, we will face a great wave from persian text and information transformation and interchange by PersianBlog.
At the end of exclusive interview with FavaNews, Hashemi said that: with RSS inauguration by PersianBlog, adapted itself with new requires and needs of its users and addressees.

E-Magazines are more influence than traditional ones

Professor Hadi Khaaniki, master teacher of communication and the member of scientific council of Allame Tabaatabaaee university of Tehran, introduces e-zines as the new generation of journalism they are both more powerful and impressing than traditional newspapers and magazines and we can find its examples and justifications in any case or topic such as political development. But of course we have to consider that this affectivity is a function containing technical features and abilities in addition to the fluency of accessing ways to news on the cyber space and also cultural and literary sphere.
He added that: The power circle and limitation of media around our society will be enlarged and increased, if using internet and international networks, will be changed into a daily habit for our people.
Prof. Khaaniki also said that: until newspapers, magazines and news agencies are belonging to the information age and network society, then they will make a great and expanded relation and ratio with the different aspects of development such as political development and the high pressure and intensity of online magazines in developed or even under-developed countries is the best indication of such changes.
Communication teacher of Allame tabaatabaaee university in answer to the question about the level of affectivity of paper magazines against e-zines stipulated that: in any case, the range and realm of influence is about e-magazines on resource groups and traditional magazines on common people.
He also specified that: in the circulation of idea interchange and exchange, we accepted a dual-section circulation and course, so the electronic magazines are impressing intelligence and talent groups of our country.
He particularly pointed out about the importance of qualitative difference between traditional and electronic news agencies or websites, because the power of making the addressee, updated and get informed is so vital important, with the accelerate and quick growing of electronic magazines and news agencies in cyber space, they will gradually substituted with the huge number of magazines they will publish in day because they are very slower in news interchange and transformation in compare with internet media.Finally Prof Khaaniki said that in the former age, publishing of an article or some news was a good reason for proving its authenticity but today, the reflection of some news is its reliability reason and there is just a little difference between these two styles of journalism, and that’s the revolution of news insertion models.

Media cannot work in a sealing wax condition

With regard to the necessity of obeying the laws and borders, we have to say that global media can not accomplish any work and do their moral duties with a closed, dark, sealing wax and dependent situation, said Professor Yahya Kamalipour Ravari, the headmaster of communication and creative arts department of US Purdue university, in an exclusive interview with Blogherald.
Media are parts of a general structure that contains culture, literature, economy and politics. Added professor Kamaalipour, if this structure doesn't provide the suitable bases and backgrounds of compositor and respectable critique and activity and a good impression, it artificially is to restrict the global media in research and solution providing and also the development of each society.
Professor Kamalipour, the former teacher of Franciscan university of Ohio state also said: if defending the speech freedom and legal, professional rights and saving their place still is the most important challenge of Persian journalists, then how can we expect them to give importance to their responsibilities? if they are searching for red lines all times or fearing from making critics from government directors, we can not wait for them to reach and gather international identity and credibility.The chief editor of global media journal with making hint and allusion to the weakness and fainting of Persian journalists and ITC specialists in making relations to the global media network, also said that unfortunately, none of Persian journalists are famous or under consideration around the world. However some foreign media and journals abroad of Iran will make some interviews with Iranian, but I don't know any Persian competitor or rival with Mr. Jeff Jarvis. Although some of Persian university teachers are well-known, famous and interviewed by the media of European and American countries like Doctor Mo'tamedNejaad, Doctor Shokrkhaah, Doctor Haadiaan and so on.

Weblogs are the new generation of media!

Blogging, Provides the addressee with additional properties such as instantly accessibility, ease of use, reception of readers comments etc. and it causes the journalists to use this new type of media such as other members of society with their own occupation that are moderating their blogs, said AliAkbar Ghazvini, blogger and journalist of Shargh Newspaper who is writing on his personal blog at, also journalists and reporters are able to write about the subordinate and secondary events of their job (such as the troubles of making a report) and publish their unpublished articles and reports on their weblogs.
Also because of their simple access to informative resources and breaking news, journalists can cover some events and happenings that they are not broadcasted on media in a good way, on their blogs.
All of these are interesting for potential addresses of web media and can expand the 2-way communication of blogger-addressee. Also, most of journalists have illustrious fame (not visual fame) because of publishing their names on newspapers and magazines and it can redirect many potential addressees and audiences to their blogs, so they are interested to improve this illustrious fame in a cyber space. Although saving and increasing the amount of blog readers, needs us to understand the main differences of weblog with magazines and print media as old communicative networks, and in case of misunderstanding about this differences, the addressees will be made escape.
He also pointed out about the instant spreading of blogging process and its helps to widespread of speech freedom and said: but this enhancement can also cause to the broadcasting of untrustworthy and gossip news. We can also call the weblogs as virtual representatives of real personals. And for example it we talk about some fields in taxi or at family festivals, without any expertise or specialty on them, or convey some news without any resource for it, then this procedure can be widened through blogs. But of course, the basic difference between oral quotations and weblogs is about the long-term permanence and stability of weblog’s textual content. Although there is a possibility for the blog moderator to remove his post any time he desires, but if he made a great wave with numerous links to a special issue, then he can get rid of the consequences difficultly. Also many computer operators and experts, are able to recover any deleted content or website as easy as possible.This blogger reporter also added that: with regard to all these aspects, I think that Weblog as the new generation of media could help the freely process of information and news broadcasting and assists the readers to distinguish true by false.