Thursday, September 28, 2006

Persian Journalists and Suicide!

Unfortunately, after the 1979 revolution, Iran is being known as the Jail of journalists by announce of international institutes. Although Nepal was the greatest prisoner of journalists that has the most complicated and strangulating Media structure, but we can divide the history of Persian newspapers and journals into Three epochal intervals that the second one is serious though and very considered.
The first period was at the beginning years after the victory of Islamic revolution with the leadership of Imam Khomeini, who spent many years of his lifetime in banishment and exile. Many politicians around the world believe that the 1979 revolution of Iran was the most wonderful and abnormal revolution in all centuries because of the type of its leadership. Imam Khomeini moderated the whole process while he was in Turkey and Iraq.
In these years, we can count the Iranian papers to be almost free and liberal, even Imam Khomeini has told that the communist faction of Iran, are free to deploy and spread their ideas through publishing newspapers.
After his suddenly death, the course of Iran’s media has transformed absolutely. Many magazines have been closed but no journalist was arrested. The number of Iran’s magazines, reduced instantly and there was just only three or four wide-circulation daily newspaper such as Keyhan, and Etelaa’aat that were affiliated with the government.
The whole current was the same when Mr. Hashemi Rafsanjaani was selected as the president at national elections at 1991.
The 8-years opportunity of Hashemi’s presidency (Who his picture was published on the FrontPage of “Time” magazine many years ago) was known as the years of peace and calmness because his cabinet members were trying to compensate the 1000 Billion dollars damage of Iraq’s 8-years war imposed to Persian citizens by Saddam Husain.
On theses years, a newborn daily newspaper named “Iran” has been established to work by the sponsorship of Islamic Republic News agency, affiliated with the state. Iran’s appearance was a great leisure for the new generation of young journalists of Iran and the interested people in media fields.
After 8 years, it was not the time for Sayyed Muhammad Khatami to start his clamorous presidential era! He told us about the freedom of speech, freedom of press, freedom of women and human rights! The statements that most of Iranian people were strange with them! He expressed that he desires to spread the atmosphere of free media and journalists can feel free to make critics on government and such beautiful and brightened slogans…
But the at the time of Khatami’s presidency that took 8 years long, more than 400 daily and weekly newspapers and magazines were been closed!! And RWB (Reporters Without Borders) as a member of the International Freedom of Expression Exchange and a virtual network of non-governmental on journalistic campaigns, counts this great amount of press suspension as a historical record in the calendar of journalism!
It was a memorable and reminding night that the national council, voted to the group cessation of about 200 freelance journals such as “Asr-e-Azaadegan”, “Sobh-e-Emrouz”, “Neshat”, “Tous” and “Jaame’e”, even the newspaper of former Prime-minister of Khatami, named “Khordad” has been closed and he was in jail for more than 3 years and nobody heard anything about his situation.
After the collective suspension of authenticated and vanguard newspapers of Iran on winter 2000 that Persian politicians call it as the greatest cultural disaster of contemporary Iran, the amount of taciturnity and silence among intellectuals and writers, increased quickly and it appeared a great wave of indifference and stagnation in the general space of country, even between common citizens who got used to read those newspapers frequently…
At the time, there were more than 1200 journalists arrested and in prisons all over the country and many of them are still in the jails. For example, the newly paroled and released Akbar Ganji that beard hunger strike for more than 1 month, is one of these journalists who was been arrested about 3 years ago.
After all the struggles and disputes between various political sides of country about the topic of journalist’s arrestment, the final result was that the Persian public prosecutor, alternated into a real fearful scaremonger and alarmist for the Iranian journalists and it caused to the excessive self-censorship till RWB announced that Iran owns the 164th place among the reviewed 167 countries of the world in the global ranking of press freedom…
The story of freedom’s death in Iran is a plenteous sad and woeful story that ends with the death of thoughts, minds and brains in the 2500 years old Asian country.
Now we are experiencing the 3rd wave of Persian media that is bringing us with the calmest, quietest and the most thoughts-related inactive age beside the newspapers and journals that are not useful even for a perfunctory look because they have not anything to read, I confess it truly!
At all, lets summarize that Persian journalists, are involving in self-censor, self-punishment and self-killing! Believe me!

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Iran would be damaged !

Muhammad Ali Rajaee was the first non-clergy president of Iran after the Islamic revolution. Many politicians remember his famous act in the general annual congress of United Nations before his lecture to be started.
He put off his blouse and tucked up the trousers to show the audience and media reporters the reminders of tortures that he endured in prisons and jails of Shah’s regime.
That was calling for a new way in the 2-way connections of newly Islamic republic and United States.
After Shah’s overthrow and the destruction of Iranian 2500 years kingdom monarchy, the relations between Iran, went darker until the complete disconnection between countries has been established and all political deals of two great powers of world on that time was stopped, also US imposed very intense and great boycotts and prohibitions to Iran and damaged us very much. Iran was forced to buy old and unusual Russian Topolov planes; Iran was forced to provide its necessary agricultural products itself and Iran was forced to engage in any industrial technology without the assistance of European and American countries.
After two decades of Islamic Revolution by the leadership of Imam Khomeini, Sayyed Muhammad Khatami became the 5th president of Iran. His main standard was to reach an Islamic Utopia, so he started to accomplish social reforms… He was the first proclaimer of starting the news season of relations between Iran and US, but he did not succeed.
After Khatami, Ahmadinejad become the second non-clergy president of Iran after 1979’s revolution. His thesis was to establish peaceful and bloodless deals with US without any political struggles in diplomatic ways. So after a few months of his presidency, he wrote a long letter to George Walker Bush, the US president. Ahmadinejad talked about many subjects in his mail that was delivered by the Switzerland embassy on Iran, the US profits protector in Iran but Bush never answered that letter although he announced its reception!
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, called this as an insulting diplomatic treatment and expressed that this is not respectful and suitable for the president of a great country like America…
Now that the nuclear issue of Iran is to be more complicated than ever and Iran feels the need to America’s help for solving all the problems on its clamorous nuclear dossier especially in Security Council, it seems that US is not so interested to be reconnected with Iran like before, and it is obvious because of the repeatedly lengthened prohibitions by white house. So the serious critics of relations between Iran and US can make sure about the issue, because after the expression of America’s interest about rebuilding the former hostile relations by Bush and the official refuse of Iran that announced by media, the procedure of deals have been changed absolutely. Also the unanswered 18-pages letter of Ahmadinejad to Bush discussing some religious and moral instructions from A Muslim president to a Catholic one! Is another reason for Iran to be angrier and forget the topic at all!

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Anousheh would not become an American !

Anousheh Ansari is the first Iranian person and the first woman of the world who made a 10-days travel to spatial station, so he would be called as the first Iranian astronaut and the first spacewoman of the world who voyaged to space for touristy purposes.
Anousheh born in Mashhad, the most important religious city of Iran that is famous around the world because of Imam Reza Shrine, the 8th Imam of world shieas. After the victory of Islamic revolution in 1979, her family decided to emigrate and finally they fulfilled their decision, so Anousheh left Iran when she was 18, also her English knowledge was not so enough to solve her personal problems, but now, it is near 22 years that Anousheh and her husband (Hamid) are living in US near their family.
At first, Anousheh Ansari was a common backup for Japanese Daisuke Enomoto who was selected for a Soyuz flight to International space station, but after the suddenly failure of Japanese woman for the medial tests and examination, Ansari was elevated as the prime and chief crew of spaceship.
Ansari’s spacesuit was a combination of Iran’s flag that was been registered as the official Islamic Republic of Iran’s flag on his right arm and the US flag on his left arm. Iran as her motherland and US as his early home in last years.
After the expire of Qajar dynasty’s influence and government on Iran, the tree-color flag of Iran containing a green bar at top, the white bar at middle and the red one at bottom of flag was the formal flag. After Islamic revolution leading by Imam Khomeini, the Kufi language lines including the statement of “Allahu Akbar, Laa Ilaaha Illa Allah” (Translation: The God is too great to be described, there is not any God except Allah) was added to flag that you can find these lines on the bottom of green bar with a with font and top of red bar with the same condition, also witnessed on the flag pasted on Anousheh’s suit. Also after the Islamic revolution, the typographical model of word “Allah” was also been added to the middle of white space between two color bars of flag that it is not at Anousheh’s flag.
By the frequent pressures and negative advertisement of Russia and US governments, Anousheh was forced to remove the Iranian flag from his spacesuit, the radices of this ideational divide between Iran and US also returns to the Islamic revolution and recently nuclear struggles between Iran and European Union.
But at the other hand, Anousheh carried a Holy Quran (The holy book of Muslims) out with herself to the space, reported Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) a few days ago.
This was the first space tourism experience for an Iranian and for a woman, so whole the story had its special critics, but visiting the orbit and flying through the galaxy was a childhood and unreachable wish for Mrs. Ansari and she thinks that now that there is an appropriate opportunity for a memorable and historical travel and the conditions are entirely suitable, we must use it to show the power of women and their talents to third-world and Middle Eastern countries specially Arabic government that bias against woman is approximately traditional among them!
Anousheh is so honorable and proud about this space journey, She flight via Soyuz TMA-9 capsule from Kazakhstan’s Baiknour Cosmodrome.16 September 2006, Ansari was on a telephonic interview with Night Sky TV program in Islamic Republic of Iran 4th channel and announced that she is honorable because of her nationality and also she thanks because of cheerful congratulation behalf Iranian all around the world and she wished that her journey as an Iranian woman cosmonaut, would be inspirable to all people around the world specially her compatriot women and girls.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Injustice and Unequality in Wikipedia !!

A few days ago, I added my curriculum viate and autobiography, to Wikipedia. Here I paste you the text that I have entered:

Kourosh Ziabari born in 1991, known as the World's youngest journalist, blogger and freelance writer, who is the first Iranian member of IFJ lives in Rasht, one of Iran's northern parts. He is the only Persian teenager journalist who writes for the most authenticated Iranian journals such as E'temaad Melli daily newspaper, Jame Jam Daily newspaper, Web Monthly magazine, DailyKos and many other websites, magazines and newspapers around the world. Also his articles has been published on the early closed Shargh Newspaper
He was selected as the world's youngest journalist in the Association of Young Journalists and Writers in year 2005. He has had more than 1100 articles published in Iranian magazines and newspapers on these topics:

Children and youth society issues
Cinema and TV
Iran issues
IT, Internet and weblogs
Culture and literature

He is moderating his Personal Website since 2002 and officially writing on his Persian Blog for one year.Also he is updating his English Blog frequently. He is conversant in five world live languages containing English, German, Italian and Arabic. Kourosh is also a web and graphic designer and designs for persian web portals and magazines.

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after 4 or 5 hours, I found that they established a deletion vote for my page among themselves. Unfortunately, they used a very insulting language, and I am so sorry to express my worst feeling about their reasonalities, impoliteness and dirty languages... I reported vandalism to the moderators and admins, but there was not any solution. until I wrote this informal open letter to all managers of Wikipedia, free encyclopedia:

I cannot really understand the reasons of such angry and unfair treatments with myself. I thought that the administrators of Wikipedia would be more logical than this because after any movement done by myself, it occurs a great wave of grudge, angriness and pessimism against me, and I don’t know that for what sin, I am being punished. I am a Persian blogger like Mehdi Jami and the others who are being listed on Wikipedia. I told many times that being conversant in some world languages is not any honor, I told that publishing even 1000 articles is not any honor or prosperity… but I want to be treated like others, why you count all my quotes as vandalism, as impoliteness… Must I be punished and chastened because of my age? My nationality? My weak language knowledge? I don't know how you can claim that there is another recorder of world's youngest journalist title. I have lots of letters from IFJ president that I cannot provide them anywhere...All of your efforts about me is to accept that I am not the world's youngest journalist who started his work when he was 8... ok! Accept... I don't know... I am sure that you will remove my page at last... but why? Also I am very sorry for my compatriots who treat me like a terrorist! All people are searching and studying my works to find a mistake. Ok? But why? Why on this way?

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Why BBC owns a weblog?

All started when administrators announced that they would like to establish a communal blog to increase their 2-way communication and interchange with addressees and readers so they can reach their users and customers without any mediator and middleman.
It broke many taboos and caused the media giants and advertising cartels of the world to not shame and fear for hold straight and direct connect with addressees.
We can claim that world's great media are involving in contacting problems with common people and their general users so for example the BBC has started its blog to response the inquiries of its readers and users easier than before and interact with all of its supporters.
With such solutions, Global media will heal and repair their communicative bugs so the user will makes sure that his comment, ideas and suggestions would be received by the managers of that media team, in the other world, he will be seen by the media.
In the other hand, that media, magazine, newspaper or TV channel will collect more fame, popularity so it will be more interesting to general readers and addressees.
At all, lets express the feeling that launching a weblog for Media will show its interaction and efforts to satisfy users and consumers.
British Broadcasting Corporation was belonging to a special layer of English society the communication experts and specialists were the main and special addressees of it who the production of BBC's content was their duty.
So although the common folks of England and people of other sympathetic and companion governments with Britain, accepted BBC as a reliable news resource but the statement that BBC is a prevalent, common and public media didn't seem to be logically correct. The passage of time changed the world gradually.
Favorite news of common people, news sections for general or illiterate people in addition with new Entertainment parts in BBC was spreading through BBC radios and websites in all languages.
Readers Opinion section was also a new step to avoid BBC involving the destiny of other Mafiatic media.The previous Producer-axis method has been changed to Addressee-based method.
On the previous manner, satisfying and making programmers, producers, news editors and writers consented was the chief goal. But in early times, BBC governors discovered that they must make basic revisions about their way because of their intense communicative weakness, and if they continue producing programs and news without considering the tact and styles of their addresses, they will be defeated very soon!
Just a few phone lines, one email address and only a Post Box. how these features could be responsible against the huge amount of daily requests of people all around the world who want to reach their breaking news, articles, photos and suggestions to be published via BBC?Experts-based journalism was the basic method of BBC till this moment but they were sure that this policy would be defeated.
So BBC changed its manner to Citizen-based journalism particularly. It placed the sound files, pictures and context sent by users on the section of "Readers Opinion" and recently, established its weblog!Many people don't count weblogs as the new types of media.
They think that each post of a blog is the result of personal concerns, interests, opinions and belongings of the blogger, so a Weblog is a personal page not a type of media.But another group believe that the weblogs of great magazines, companies and organization could be called as independent media themselves!Because every post of such blogs, would be the result of thinking alike and group works that will be broadcasted by one person and there is the same process in radios or TV.
So after starting the BBC English blog's up, the other languages also released their blogs and since that time, BBC is so more popular among general addressees.
The inauguration of BBC's chain blogs was a great step toward users and costumers and BBC has now a dual residency called (Producer-User-based policy). At all, BBC governors are to respect their users, more than before and that is the result of last revolution in global blogsphere!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Shargh Has been Closed!!

1- Unfortunately these days I was not able to update my English blog, although I updated my Persian blog frequently, even twice a day and it was a real record in my blogging times. Also these days I am busy designing some logos and posters for the honor of national day of Persian literature and culture. I have to add that one of my best friends, Miss. Marzieh Jalili who is the daughter of former “Iran Daily Newspaper” editor of Philosophy and culture service, helped me on the field of cogitative and ideational design of this graphic elements.
2-I don’t know ever you heard about the “Zarjoub” (Means Golden river in Persian) and “Gohar-roud” (Brilliant River in Persian), the most contaminated and polluted river of the world. This river is being flowed all over the Rasht town (Center of Guilan Province, the place which we live in at northern Iran) with the length of 55 kilometers, but it hasn’t been registered as a global record in the “Guinness World Records Book” because of some political reasons caused by the historical conflicts between Islamic Republic and US government.
3- I forgot to tell you about my latest activities on the media circle. Two last weeks I was one the live TV interview with first national channel of Islamic Republic broadcasting, also I added my English articles to DailyKos magazine and wrote some ones for Roozna and Jame Jam newspaper. But I will remember to tell you about the bad luck and injustice suspend of Shargh Daily Newspaper and the arrestment of its personnel… Now about a group including 300 employers of this magazine are workless! I don’t know exactly what to say… Shargh was belonging to the bright-minded and intellectual layer of society… I am sorry! That’s the last statement that remains to express.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Do you geocities?!!

Many Yahoo users say that is the best place to moderate and maintain your personal website on it. Perhaps they are right and is one of the best free hosting providers. Geocities offers you many features and takes lots of advantages to youBut you have not to forget the huge mass of its administration problems...At the first step you have to only sign up for a geocities account but if you have already a yahoo account, then no need to sign up for another account, just login with your yahoo ID, and for example if your ID is smith, then your site would be accessible at Now you are entered into the great world of website administrators and can manage your site. Geocities that is one of yahoo's departments provide you with great tools like hit counter, Guidebook, mailing list and many other abilities. But managing a website with these current TOS situations and terms of services is not a simple operation. When you are signing up for yahoo geocities, you will see a big text box that contains much information. Maybe you will think that they are kidding you. But they are very serious in their work and they cannot mock their users! Because yahoo is one the biggest web portals that is working and serving people all around the world. They are right and look for their TOS seriously. But when you are using the free service of geocities not premium or any other paid services, they have not any responsibility again your website content!They get high importance to political and diplomatic based rights. Pay attention that don't write articles or don't place news about political issues on your web! they will close your yahoo account and will close and deactivate your website. But at all, we can call one of the best web servers and free space providers, although the lack of content freedom! There are many fields that you can pay them... but not politics!