Monday, November 27, 2006

10 questions to be answered by Anoushe Ansari

1- You are the first Iranian astronaut and the first woman space-voyager of the world who stepped into the international spatial station, so let’s congratulate for this great honor that you made for human society and particularly Persian fellow citizens.
Please explain a little about the missions that you accomplished within your 10-days travel, and tell us whether this trip was an entertaining and junket one or did you follow any scientific purposes on it?

2- At first, Anousheh Ansari was a backup for Japanese Daisuke Enomoto who was selected for a Soyuz flight to International space station, but after the suddenly failure of Japanese woman for the medial tests and examination, you were elevated as the prime and chief crew of spaceship. What was the reflection of your Japanese friend? How did you try to condole and courage her, in the other hand, how did you solve the enormous paradox that engaged you? The indescribable happiness and cheers for this great prosperity in addition with the special mental disorders and depressions that your friend is getting involved in?

3- Dear Mrs. Ansari, I have a question in my mind and that is about your global record. The international media, call you as the first woman cosmonaut of the world. Did you any activities to register this, as a world record in the Guinness Records book or isn’t it so important for you to save it as one of your personal glories?

4- Dear Anousheh, you born in Mashhad, the most important religious city of Iran that is famous around the world because of Imam Reza Shrine, the 8th Imam of world shieas. After the victory of Islamic revolution in 1979, your family decided to emigrate and finally they fulfilled their decision, so you left Iran at 18, also I heard that English knowledge was not so enough to solve your personal problems, but now, it is near 22 years that you and Hamid are living in US near their family, kilometers far from Iran. Is enduring this distances difficult to you or are you getting used to it? Also please tell me about your exact feeling because of being a Mashhadian?

5- Mrs. Ansari, you are the first Iranian person who stepped into space. Most of your critics they are almost Iranian and living indoors, believe that 20 Million dollars was a great amount of money that you spent for that journey and it was so approvable if you used that money to help and assist the Persian orphan children, wayfarers, poor and needy people or dedicate it for charity NGOs. In the other hand, traveling to space was your oldest wish of childhood… How do you compare this ideas and what you think about that?

6- After the expire of Qajar dynasty’s influence and government on Iran, the tree-color flag of Iran containing a green bar at top, the white bar at middle and the red one at bottom of flag was the formal flag. After Islamic revolution leading by Imam Khomeini, the Kufi language lines including the statement of “Allahu Akbar, Laa Ilaaha Illa Allah” (Translation: The God is too great to be described, there is not any God except Allah) was added to flag that you can find these lines on the bottom of green bar with a with font and top of red bar with the same condition, also witnessed on the flag pasted on your suit. Also after the Islamic revolution, the typographical model of word “Allah” was also been added to the middle of white space between two color bars of flag that it is not at Anousheh’s flag.
By the frequent pressures and negative advertisement of Russia and US governments, you were forced to remove the Iranian flag from your spacesuit, the radices of this ideational divide between Iran and US also returns to the Islamic revolution and recently nuclear struggles between Iran and European Union.
You told that you are not interested to involve in such political games, but anyhow, this act was political in potent. What is your idea?

7- Dear HAMVATAN! You carried a Holy Quran (The holy book of Muslims) out with yourself to the space, reported Islamic Republic News Agency (IRNA) a few days ago. Actually, was this your personal interest and inclination or did you do it after persists that your friends made and for the sake of Islamic Republic government?
And please tell us whether you felt the moral expressions and effects of this theological companion? In the other world what was your basic stimulant for this conclusion?

8- in US, you have the best propitious and appropriate conditions for scientific, technological and economic-related enhancement, growth and progress. So it is obvious that you would never choose the Iran to live. But, what is your suggestion for Iran to join the caravan of global extension and development in specialized categories of science such as Nanotechonology, Atomic Energy, Information and communication technology and so on…? And how do you think about the future of Iran in competition with its great opponents to reach the mountains of diligence and enhancement?

9- you were at the highest and loftiest possible zeniths of entire galaxy and universe. You witnessed many truths and objects that we are even unable to apprehend them accurately. After reaching that summits, what was your first imagination about this new world that less people around the world are succeed to see it from the nearest angels, and what was your new visualization about the God? What are the differences between thinking about God from earth and in the space?

10- when we are living at the surface of our earth, we think that there would not exist any larger world than ours. Like the ant who counts his formicary as the whole world, but when he leaves his nest, perhaps he understands the truth of life at the moment… at the first moments that you entered the spatial station, what did you think about the abjectness and insignificance of humankind, people, personals and the earth in compare with the endless galaxy? And what did you think specially about the creatures, the infinite power of Lord and the eternal existence of creator?

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The underwater world...

About 5 million pieces of breed fishes will be released in local floodgates, lakes and the Manjil dam, said the managing director of Iran’s fishery cooperation in the emancipation of 20,000 pieces of small fries behind the Manjil dam’s festival: The fishery institute of Iran has decided to release more than 5 million pieces of gudgeon in behind of Manjil dam and the local lakes of Guilan state.
Stipulating these 5 million pieces were being produced in the Guilan’s pisciculture and multiplication centers of fishery stocks, Nezami added that getting aid to the fruition, occupation and income increasing system of fishermen is one of the main goals for this overcrowded amount of gudgeon’s deliverance. Mohammadi the director general of Guilan’s fishery institute also noticed about the readiness and mobilization of the pisciculture and multiplication centers of fishery stocks in the province to perform the new government’s decisions for the field of pisciculture affairs.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

My dreamland University!

A letter to the president of My dreamlands university, Oxford!
The range of Oxford university’s popularity and fame is too wide and spread so you cannot find anyone around the world that don’t heard even though the name of oxford for just one time.
Before all, lets accept my apologies because of the weak linguistic knowledge that may disturb you. Of course you realized that I am not an English native guy and even I am not an English speaker and actually you know that the language is depending on the feelings you would transform and if you aren’t able to send your feeling and believes through the words, it may cause to the cultural differences and even great misunderstandings. I tried hard to alienate you my desired concepts in a comprehendible way but pardon me if I am not successful because it is my greatest problem in contacting with abroad countries and …
I know your University for years and owning on of the red seats of humanities department was one of my greatest unreachable childhood wishes. I always thought about living in Oxford, studying on it and so other far desires.
Surfing your website and reading the latest news was one of my daily habits. Even I dreamed a lot about being in Oxford… I know that I can never prosper in this way. Although I know a little in English, Duetsch and Italiano but I think that it is not enough for an Oxford student. It seems that each of your students are a great intellectual and genius in their own place.
I am 16 years old of age and I heard that some international laws and regulations are to reduce the legitimacy of youths and under-18 people’s social activities…
Anyway, I wrote this letter to you despite in I know that maybe it would return no answers ever, but now I feel that I am writing for the inhabitants of my dreamland Utopia so I have not any bad sense.
I am Kourosh, 16 years old. Maybe my email would be filtered if I write the name of my country, or even you will stop reading it right when you discovered when I live… I live in the greatest prison of journalists… I am living in the prison of speech freedom and… an ancient Asian country that holds the oldest civilization of the world, but now is the first-degree enemy of peace and justice…
In this country that even deprives its citizens from using 128kps and higher speed Internet and tries its best to filter the website of global news agencies, I learned four live world languages. I translated a book that was published when I was 11 years of age. I wrote more than 1500 articles in national and international magazines and newspapers. I gathered the title of world’s youngest journalist after the announcement of international association of journalists and writers and “reporters without borders”…
I was been elected for dozens of literary prizes and now I am a freelance writer of Washington Post. I am in a place that all of my successes are personal and nobody helped me to reach them.
I was the first teenager Persian fellow whom his articles were been published in the most authenticated magazines…
I learned to design websites, and then I reached two silver medals in national contest of technical skills in Information Technology field…
It was so interesting and wonderful for me when I heard that you would offer the honorary doctorates and the other possibilities for gifted and talented personals around the world.
I want to be in touch with you, to hear from you and let be heard by you. I want to send you my articles, maybe you would publish some of them on your website… maybe you will let me to hold an interview with the president and publish it in “Financial Times”, “Daily Kos” or “Washington Post” that I write for them.
I want to become great and greater so maybe I would become one of your honorary doctorate candidates. Totally, I want to become one of your friends! Now I am studying on the 3rd grade of Mathematics in a governmental college in my homeland and next year, I would take an exam to go for a technical university.
It was very enjoyable and happy moments for me to write about what is going in my heart and mind. Perhaps we will meet face-to-face once a year, but maybe my hairs are white then…

Sincerely Yours
Best wishes

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Journalism learning schools...

Journalism; is it an industry or art? A combination from both of them? None of them? Nowadays there is lots of struggle for the description and proving a unit definition of journalism as a professional job.
Many tell that if we count journalism as an industry, so we have to consider the main financial and economic aspects of it. In the other word, we must study the journalism such as the other financially benefited works and industries like textiles, hardware manufacturers or blacksmith’s trade but we have not to forget that the obviating the cultural and literary needs of a society would not be measured using the financial and pecuniary units!
In the other hand, we cannot tolerant the fundamental role-playings of journalistic efforts for the obviation of journalist’s economic requirements and earn their livelihood. By the other word, journalism is helping a large group of people to get financial advantages, help many other people to get worked and produce a cultural component.
So, feel that it is justifiable if we call the “Journalism” job as an intermixture of arts and industries. Art of writing, translating, news creation and graphics in addition with the publication and printing industries besides the spread usage of Hi-techs for various purposes would change the journalism into one of the most unknown and interesting jobs that humankind ever discovered!
I tried to introduce some of most famous and best-known Journalism and communication schools throughout the world that are helping their students to gather the most important abilities in each section of journalism, from the Pagemaking to the models of literary essays writing.

Carleton University school of Journalism
This school has been preliminarily founded in 1946 and its main efforts were about teaching journalistic and communication-oriented sciences.
The first degree offered by the school was the Bachelor of Science in media and journalism and then the Master of Arts and Doctorate degrees has been added. In 1988, they changed the rules and laws so the normal and ordinary students without having any previous journalistic or media background were able to use the courses.
Master of Arts in Mass communication was offered in 1977 and now the whole courses and lessons are available online to any user from each point of the world.
The school has the capacity of annually 200 students and pupils but is receiving so much more applications and requests than this amount a year.

The specialists journalism school of William Allen White
This expertise journalism that is affiliated with state University of Kansas is one of the most authenticated and famous journalism schools through the world and started its courses since 1891. The classes are going on from that time till 1903. In 1909, Frank Strong the headmaster of university established an educational group for journalism and communication in the department of Arts and Sciences so the courses started again. In 1944 and after the sudden death of William Allen White the well-known chief editor of Emporia Gazette, the independent school of “Journalism and General information” has been launched for the honor of dead William in his name. The economy of communication and the advertisement in media are the main lessons of school that some parts of them are available online.

London School of Journalism
LSJ that presents some parts of its lessons through virtual learning methods and for free students online, followed the freelance journalism and news journalism courses through three different generation of its students and decides to continue its activities till the complete accomplishment of innovation and offering the new-branded and experimental journalism teaching method’s mission.
The former students of this school are professionally working in their special proficiency such as short fictions, poetry, caricature, children journalism and news briefing.
The most important and the most interesting activities of this school are dedicated to distance learning methods that finishes with the endowment of official diploma and the formal invitation of all accepted students (who passed the courses successfully) to London.
The whole courses of this school are including creative writing, the correct usage of English, history and literature, news writing for journals and news writing for television. There is also a one-month educational period in every August and each summer for interested students.
There are students enrolling into the annual courses from more than 100 countries that 10 percent of them are North Americans and Australian and the remaining 15 percent are from different countries through the 4 continents.
Also the registered students are able to contact their teachers and download the needed bulletins via Internet.

Missouri University school of Journalism
In 1908, Walter Williams has inaugurated one of the first journalism schools of the world under the supervision of Missouri-Columbia University. He thought that journalism teaching has to be specialized through universities and academic places.
Based on his own theory, he started the entire school with the financial aids of Missouri Media association. Nowadays not only this school is known as one of the best journalism schools in the world, but also its students are involving in national and international contests and competitions and gathering the best marks and places.
Furthermore some of the school’s students were of the Pulitzer or Silver Anvil prizes winners.
At first, Williams was to build a school that benefits all the global media. At 25, he was the youngest manager of Missouri media association that is aged for 160 years.

British Columbia University School of Journalism
British Columbia University School of journalism is one of the new-built schools in this manner that is one of the bests, too!
The school was established in 1998 and the main founder was the Chinese charity foundation of “Sing Tao”. The main building is constructed with numerous seminar saloons, newsrooms, managers’ room and academic staff special bureaus.
The essential philosophy of school is based on the founder’s believe who is faithful that journalists are in need to gather scientific and academic skills in various fields of journalism through such schools.
The basic skills of research, reporting and writing for all media are being taught in the school. Also the main focus of school is on the modern communicative styles and their impressions and effects on the media.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Quranic Carpet-Board Woven after 7 Thousand Hours

Quranic Carpet-Board Woven after 7 Thousand Hours

A Quranic Carpet-board was woven by an Iranian UNESCO medal winner after 7 thousand hours of working.

Mohammad Mohammadi, Iranian artist who weaves invaluable carpets concerning Quranic subjects, has woven a two-sided Quranic carpet after 7 thousand working hour.

Pointing to his aim in doing the work, he asserted "an internal call has motivated me to weave Quranic carpets. God has created us and named us as the best of creatures. Now, this is our turn to present us to the world and prove our capabilities. This thought was in my mind for some time and provoked me in weaving Quranic carpets. I have woven 8 Quranic carpets till now and my final work is dedicated to our holy Prophet.

Further in his remarks, he added that although I have not received financial supports from the high ranking officials, I hope to be able to continue weaving carpets.

It needs to be mentioned that Mohammadi is the first winner of Avicenna medal of UNESCO. He dedicated one of his Carpet-boards to the UNESCO general director four years ago.

Translated from my last Persian report

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Blogfa and great disaster

It is about 2 years that Blogfa is known as one of the greatest and most popular Persian blog services and seems that it owns the most of Persian users around the world. The high capabilities and features that Blogfa is providing could help it to get most of services out. But it is more than 2 months that Blogfa is encountering so unbearable problems and making the users troubled. Frequent noises, Disconnections and the repeated downing of site's services are disturbing hundreds of Blogfa users. Now as Persian bloggers and Blogfa users, we desire you to solve the problems and stop this condition to protect our weblog against security threats or the danger of probably deletion of content due to the experience and history of weblogs those are being moderated through Blogfa. Anyway, you are responsible for your services and now after a long period of usage, the Blogfa users are not comfort with the entire service.

sign the petition and help us get rid of the disaster