Saturday, December 30, 2006

Saddam's execution and The eternal Persian Gulf

After a long time of absence and forgetting the whole blogsphere at all, I remembered that “Cyber Faith” belongs to me and it is so insulting if I continue leaving my blog alone and release it to set liberal! I lost it at all after an approximate 10-days period of aggressive study for the ending-session examinations.
Today’s dawn, I remembered my Persian and English blog (Both) after giving an intolerable and unbelievable Arithmetic-Mathematics exam that I am not sure that even the one half of total score could be gotten out of my answers or not!!
In these absence days, some various events happened that some of them, made us happy and also we became upset for some the others.
Saddam Husain, the former Iraqi dictator has been executed after decades of terror, aggression and violence that imposed on the people of his country, Iran, Kuwait.
Of course you know that about 300,000 of Iranian youth and other class members of Iran have been killed and martyred for about 13 years ago during the savagely and unequal war between Iraq and Iran.
Saddam fired the war just one year after the victory of Islamic revolution up, when Iran had not even an integrated and unit military force. Iran struggled with Iraq with really empty hands and any type of failure was common and expectable.
So Saddam’s execution was a really cheerful and interesting happening to us, as violated Iranians.
In the other hand, we experienced some bitter incidents, related to the eternal Persian Gulf that I will narrate them to you in next posts. Also I promise to be back in next few days, anyhow I cannot be neglectful about the upcoming New Year and glorious celebration of Christmas due to the numerous Saint Clauses cruising in our streets and giving Xmas prizes to children and young people!
By the way, lets inform you that I translated my Curriculum Viate (resume) by the order of my website’s designer for the new version of that comes soon:
Sayyed Iman (Kourosh) Ziabari, Born on April 1991

The world's youngest journalist in year 2003·
The member of IFJ (International Federation of Journalists)
The member of AYWJ (Association of Young Writers and Journalists)
The member of International Environmental Journalists Association·
The member of global journalists list
The member of International Social Journalists Club
The member of Journalists Without-Borders
Reporter, author, translator and the designer of Hatef Weekly Magazine
The head manager of "Kawsar Al Tahaa" institute bureau of technology
Editor and evaluator of Iranian Technology News Agency
Administrator of Guilan's students research center
The member of pupils' assembly of Rasht
The reporter of Iranian Quarnic News Agency (IQNA)
Technology and international affairs blogger advanced team member of Washington Post daily
Technology columnist of E'temaade Melli newspaper
Technology columnist of E'temaad newspaper
Technology columnist of Jame Jam newspaper
Technology columnist of Kargozaaran newspaper·
Technology columnist of Shargh newspaper (Recently closed)
Technology columnist of Danesh-va-computer monthly magazine
Technology and society columnist of Soroush-Haftegi magazine·
Tourism and cultural heritage columnist of Iran newspaper·
Involving in the international magazines of Italia, England, India, Pakistan and United States·
Gave more than 50 interview with interior and outside Iran magazines, radio channels and televisions
The national winner of best students magazines chief editor title
Selected researcher of Guilan state for 3 years
Winner of 2 silver medals of 5th and 6th national skills competition
2 books published (The collection of Interviews with contemporary writers and authors), (A house on the hill, translated novel from Elizabeth Laird)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Asian Games, Doha 2006 - Part 2

About 4 days ago, the 15th Asian Games in Doha has been expired gloriously with a wonderful and memorable closing ceremony done by an Australian firework supervising team where the most gifted and professional firework managers who have been holding the opening ceremony of Olympic games of 8 years ago in Australia, used to celebrate the end of games by a fitting farewell.
In compare with the last Asian Games proceed in Busan – South Korea, our expedition caravan, aimed to achieve a 4 steps enhancement and reached the 6th place of Asia after Republic of China, South Korea, Kazakhstan and Thailand.
In these games, Iran prospered to collect totally 48 medals containing 11 Gold, 15 silver and 22 Bronze that was a real progress in compare with the last period in Busan that Iran gathered 33 medals totally and stood in the 10th place.
The games were carried in the 3 sections on including the men Games, women games and the mixed games. Unfortunately the men have collected all of Persian side’s medals excluding just 2 bronze medals of Taekwando and Iran’s portion from the summation of about 850 women medals was just 2 bronze gathered by the sister of Hadi Saee, former Olympics champion and her teammate.
Also maybe you know that there are about 360 medals being shared in various and different athletics disciplines but Iran was only succeed to collect two medals from men’s 800 meters and discus throw. Accordingly, you are informed that China’s prosperity over the quota was about 100 medals from athletics.
In the other hand, you can imagine Iran’s thriving in some sports such as basketball that Fredrick Onika, lead the Iran national basketball team to the semifinal round and got the bronze medal after 55 years of continuous defeats for Persian side.
The weak results of Iranian under-23 football team but faded the delightful scores of basketball team in addition with the young hopeful handball side that aimed to take in part of the games for the first time and used to reach the bronze medal primarily in the history of Persian sports.
The Qatari hosting men defeated Iran defending champion in the semifinal (Qualifying to final) match and Rene Rodriguez Simoes, former Brazil women national football team manager that he coached to the gold medal of 2004 summer Olympic games was failed to collect the 4th consecutive football gold medal at Asian Games for Iran.
Before starting the games, Iranian sport administrators have expressed for Iran to reach an incredible result but the whole dream didn’t come true because of not presenting all the professional athletes and sending just 23 women players to the games. for example the athense 2006 olympics pioneer, who was the first table tennis athlete of Iran in the history of games was not been involved to participate in the Doha.

Monday, December 11, 2006

Interview with Adora Svitak

About one year ago, I was surfing the Iranian Cultural Heritage News Agency (CHN) that I found a report about an American child prodigy who started publishing articles, stories and books at the age of 8. It was very incredible and wonderful to me so I followed the links and resources up and learnt more about 8 years old “Adora Svitak” who is working hard to promote his works and books in the international level.
I toke a visit from her personal website, the more I got acquainted with Adora, the more I was going amazed and surprised. I used to hold an interview with her, but I forfeited her word at that time because I didn’t find any opportunity to publish the interview, despite I translated it into Persian, but there was not any time for me to act as I promised before.
of course adora and her mother herself have forgotten me after this long period that was spent, but I have to confess that I was not a professional journalist with special authorities at that time, but a common and general web surfer, interested in literature. Now I have my own abilities and powers to publish anything I wish...
After some times, I attempted to run the interview in my personal weblog, also I am thinking about sending it for Washington Post.

1- Dear Adora, please introduce yourself completely for your Iranian readers. How and why did you start writing and reading before going to school?
I consider myself a writer because I write everyday. I spend most of my time in reading various subjects during the day, practice drawing/painting, play with my sister, go for walks, and attend to two hours of class in the afternoon in the a little school my mom established in our home. I study different subjects with my classmates who come from public school after their regular school. I just turned eight a few days ago. I started reading and writing at three and a half because I wanted to read the books my dad read to me.

2- Tell me about your works. How many books, articles and stories have you published?
I have only published one book so far, “Flying Fingers”. I am planning to get my poems and some stories published in 2006. I have also written many stories that have not been published. I am also working with different book agents to get my book published in different country. My book will be published in China early next year. I’d love to have my book published in your country as well.

3- what do you feel exactly when you write? What was the main reason for you to take in literary and cultural activities place?

I feel very peaceful when I read and write. I like literary and cultural activities because they’re interesting and educational and teach me about new things.

4- how do your friends, family or classmates react or feel about Adora Svitak as a child prodigy who started writing at 8?
My family always supports me, and my teacher/editor Felisa was so excited that she screamed when my mom handed her the book. I think my friends were more interested in the idea of publishing the book and everything.

5- of course you know that the “Harry Potter” book series are the most famous and the most popular of children literature. What do you feel about Harry and his creator, Joanna Kathryn Rowling?
I’ve read all of the series up to the sixth and I love them! I’ve visited J.K. Rowling’s site and other Harry Potter sites before, and it’s so fun playing the games and reading about J.K. Rowling’s childhood and how she invented Harry Potter. The characters (especially Ron and Hagrid) are so funny! I like the Chamber of Secrets best because there are so many mysterious twists and turns.

6- what about your favorite books? How many hours do you study in a day?
I have so many favorite books that I can’t list them all, but here are some: The Chronicles of Narnia, the Harry Potter series, books by Jane Yolen and Tamora Pierce, Eldest and Eragon (both by Christopher Paolini), Royal Road to Fotheringay by Jean Plaidy, and Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson. Usually I read three and a half hours on weekdays but I read more on weekends.

7- Do you know anything about Iran and its cultural or scientific history? do you know the differences between Iran and Iraq, Saudi Arabia or other Arabic countries?
I don’t really know much about Iran, but I do know that Iran and Iraq are different countries. Regretfully I haven’t really read much about Arabic countries. I intend to learn much more.

8- what do you mind about choosing a job for the future?
I will probably remain to be a writer, but I might want to be a teacher.

9- what is your idea about publishing your own works, stories and articles in Persian language magazines or books?
I would like to publish my stories in the Persian language, but it would also be nice if I could have them out in English.

10- finally Tell us about your favorite daily jobs and interactions. How will do you spend your daily free time?
I like to play with my sister and give her piggybacks and wrestle with her (even though she nearly always pins me). Sometimes I draw or play outside.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Asian Games, Doha 2006 - Part 1

Nowadays, all of Asian and non-Asian people are hearing about the 15th Asian games being followed in Doha, the capital of Qatar.
Maybe you are informed that Qatar was not an independent country at first, but one of the numerous provinces of Ancient Iran. Also the smallest one! But, that is not the matter that whether Qatar is visible on the world’s map or not, the matter is that now Qatar is being converted into one of the world’s most enhanced countries. A country with less than 50 years of independence that is hosting the 15th Asian games in the best situation.
After the separation of Qatar from Iran in the age of Qajar Empire, they became one of the British colonies, but after diminishing the power of Britain influence during the Second World War, these Arabs became the greatest enemies of Iran, beside Kuwait, Iraq and other Arab countries because of the political directions of Persian Shah. They made great efforts to change the real name of Persian Gulf to the fictitious name of A-r-a-b-I-a-n gulf.
But about the Asian games. With the unbelievable cooperation of European and Australian experts and specialists, that causes the audiences to call the games as European games with the hospitality of Australia like the Sidney 2000 Olympics, Qatar was succeed to be a prosper and hopeful host for the games.
They dedicated more than 16 great sport complexes containing more than 100 gymnasiums to these games. The games are running in 35 fields and about 10,000 athletes are taking place there.
The Doha 2006 Torch Relay was the longest relay in the history of Games; traveling over 50,000 kilometers to 15 countries and regions in more than 50 days.
Wayne Harrison. Mark Thompson and some other Australian supervisors were the managing directors of opening ceremony creative team, and the observers and spectators confessed that the quality of opening ceremony, Media and TV coverage and the hospitality of games was as the same of Sydney 2000 Olympic games.
Arabic hosts divided their partners into 3 groups. Prestige partners, official partners and official suppliers. In the other word, they have not anything themselves to provide, just getting aid and help from the close friends! Five star lunch and dinner options, soft beverage package, full access to Asia suite lounge and international area in addition to Parking Pass per table of ten for exclusive parking in the Sponsor Hospitality Village parking are the exclusive entertained services, offered by Qatar for the games.
There are many things to say about the games. So lets to finish the first part of my declarations for the Asian games here, I will write more about the funds, official Mascot, the formal slogan and the other interesting facts and realities about the games.