Friday, April 27, 2007

What is a web portal?

Author: Toomaj Fraidoony
Translator (From Persian into English: Kourosh Ziabari)

The non-local networks were been first used by the “Advanced Research Projects Agency” of Pentagon (the defense ministry of the state) in 1960.
By designing the network, the main goal was to connect each computer to two other stations, so the sent packet messages could be transmitted in various ways.
After a few times, this network changed gradually and shaped a new means that was the modern Internet.
At that time, there was nobody to believe that the whole network will be grew too quickly to be moderated that difficult and there is a necessary need to specialist and expert managers. The most important reason was the free space on the web!
But today, the “World Wide Web” theory is making all the users feel free to access the Internet without the requirement of technical information.
In the other word, a complicated mission with an easy usability that makes the user mixed up between “Web” and “Internet” as two separated means.The essential goal of “WWW” theory was the easy and simple access to online content and services by using a specified application with special capabilities.
So the production of these applications was a great step toward online utopia and classification of services and context on the net.
The enhancement of Internet and web-based services is occurring too quickly that it is impossible for everyone to remember even the one tenth of current active website names because he have to remember daily more than 20,000 new domain names.
The ease of use and friendly application environment are the best reasons for each user to take part in using the network services. So it is not logical to expect a user to try surfing hundreds of websites to access various and different services or register for divers providers and be concerned about saving the privacy information of each registration.
So the web, reached to an unwanted new level that is called to be “Web Portal” era.So I think that if we desire to result a new declaration of “web portal”, we have to translate it, word by word...

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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Happy New Year!

* The Persian New Year is started for just 2 weeks. Maybe you don’t know that it’s based on an ancient Persian tradition that is Norouz, the national ceremony to celebrate the New Year and maybe you guess that it is just a yearly revolution, but lets inform you that Norouz establishers in 3000 years ago were aware about Blossom equivalent starting at March 21st that is called Earth Day by the UN general assembly for many years.
Last week I explained the philosophy and history of Norouz to an Australian blogger who is searching on Iran and wants to know more about this historical and pure land. He was unable to believe this glorious and delightful tradition and custom was going on fore 3000 years.

* The forgotten Persian Empire with memorable kings such as Cyrus the great or Xerex the great is left unknown and just a counted number of Iranian historians or researchers studied about it carefully.
Most of you don’t know Iran. The acknowledgement of global opinion about Iran is just limited to seen motion pictures such as insulting, contradictory and offensive “300 the movie”.

* Anyhow, I am pretty busy writing my starting year reviews and articles for sites and magazines whose editors desired me to put my pieces in order within 2 weeks or less.
I am so sorry because my frequently searches in order to find a suitable time to update my English blog in an arranged timetable fails and I have not enough time to write my daily thoughts with calmness and without any disturbance…

* In last weeks, many bitter accidents were happened, such as the arrestment of 15 British sailors in the frontiers of Persian Gulf. Now the state of London is frustrated so much and the probability of a military trial is so high, according to Ahmadinejad the president, we are ready to release the soldiers instead of some requirements to be met by UK and US.

* I was searching the web that I found a short piece of text about myself. The anonymous writer who noted some facts and realities about me was very amusing to be so just and fair about a 16 years old boy who is almost unknown to the world:

Incredible to say the least. He's fairly honest about his goals in life and his achievements (freelance journalist/full-time blogger)...too honest:

"With the contribution and cooperation of Persian bloggers all around the world and the supporting of some non-governmental organizations of Iran, we are to accomplish a new project for introducing me as the secretary general of United Nations in next 30 years when the turn will reaches to Asia."
(NGOs run by______?)
Definitely secretary-general material.
Mmmmmm-Mmmmmm-MMmmmmmm...can't wait to see what humanity will look like then (if it looks like anything remotely approachable right now).
His letter invokes a
scene from a badly exploited film contract and an aging (hallucinatory)
Supreme Chancellor: I hope you trust me, Anakin.
Anakin Skywalker: Of course.
Supreme Chancellor: I need your help, son. I want you
to be the eyes, ears, and voice of the Republic. Anakin, I'm appointing you to
be my personal representative on the Jedi Council.
Anakin Skywalker: Me? A Master? I'm overwhelmed, sir. But the Council elects its own members. They will never accept this.
Supreme Chancellor: I think they will. They need you, more than you know.
I've read through his articles. One discusses (briefly and last) the closing down of the Shargh Newspaper, another reports on the multi-linguistic and direct writing of Ahmadinejad (which he starts by claiming that AN's blogging will "change the unjustifiable ideas and opinions around Persian blogsphere").

Who is this Kourosh, really? Is he "seeking truth" when he tries to soften the blows of the IRI? Seeking "purity in reality" when he tries to believe that AN is a people-person with an amiable blogging addiction (15 minutes/week)? "Unbiased" journalism when he scoops up the readily defined "bias against women" and couples it with "specially Arabic governments"- mentioning "Middle-Eastern countries" on the way?
I think Darth Vader has long been won-over by a nemesis (and I'm not talking about Luke Skywalker)