Thursday, May 10, 2007

7+1 at for sale ! At the end of 2006, the count of his published articles raised to an amount of more than 1000 articles in about 6 years. He started the writing work when he was 8. Due to this early start, he was announced to be the World's youngest journalist by some of international organizations. He also acts as a guest writer for the international desk of BBC and the blogger advance team of Washington Post. The collection of his interview with seven Persian contemporary literary authors is compiled as Seven and one (7+1), points to his new book that is now available to sale for $1.8 in 120 pages. In this book, Kourosh also provided a memory of one time he interviewed by Jame Jam newspaper, so the last one that is added to his book title recalls that last interview. In this book, you will find interviews such as the 3-hours conversation with Javad Mojabi, famous well-known writer who is a hardworking author with bestseller books translated into various languages. Also one of interviewed men in this book, Shahram Rahimian who is an in-exile author is just interviewed twice in Iran. One of these two times was a pen-interview (by email) that Kourosh held. Because of new type questions and ideas that this young Persian journalist noted, the interview was been published and reviewed so many times.