Wednesday, July 11, 2007

We are the Champions!

Nowadays, the 14th Asian Football confederation (AFC) cup is being held in 4 host countries of Association of South East Asia Nations (ASEAN) and 16 best national football teams of round the ancient continent are taking in the games part. Iran is the most honored team of all the games with 3 championship titles which were gathered during the past 30 years.
Our national team’s first game against Uzbekistan was expired a few hours ago and we won delightfully. In the first half, mistakenly we scored an own goal to ourselves but it was compensated by two second half scorings.
I think that it was a good response to shameless insults of Uzbek side coach who said that there is no difference between Iran and Maldives and they both can be scored a lot. So that impolite man learned how to speak about an international rival that makes honors, respect and cheers among all of happy and free people around the world.
Mehdi Mahdavikia was so interesting and showed an acceptable role-playing during the game as the captain in his 99th national match for Iran, after Ali Daei as the world’s top-scorer was been eliminated from the training lineup by new head coach.
Fereydoon Zandi, the previous Kaiserslautern striker as a German-Persian player was also so successful and helped us during the game.
The memorable teamwork of all players, lead to an enjoyable victory and we won the match after 90 minutes of stress and tension. Now we are in the second place of our group after China won Malaysia the host in a 5-1 fearful defeat for the 149th team of FIFA ranking table. You can follow the whole news in that updates almost every 15 minutes and I think that can be enhanced an improved if they add up the number of their editorial staff…
The photo is taken by Mehdi Zare, one of the 30 dispatched reporters of Iran to the host nations in order to accomplish the news coverage of games. It shows the moment of Sayyed Jalal Hosseini my hometown compatriot scoring first, as our head coach and brings silence and desperation to Uzbek side!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Pardon Me Please !

After about one month, I am not able to look inside your eyes, face to face and start speaking without any apologizes. I am really ashamed about the occurred delay of my blog updates. I am sure that it lost most of its readers but I have no ways but forgetting the mistakes and continuing to write, live and “Being”!
How many “I”s I used in these just few lines… however it can be excusable and maybe you can indulge it. I am now a last year college student as called “Pre-university” in Iran. In the other words, I have a less than one-year opportunity to finish my high school or college and enter the university. Otherwise, I will be sent to the military off for a 2 years dispatch and my lifestyle and goals will be changed totally…
Anyhow, it is not so polite to continue chattering now that I returned again after a long delay. I will describe the reasons of this long-term absence and make sure that it will not be repeated if there is not any special accident in my life again!

maybe you are getting used to ... Take it easy!

PS: Oooooooooops... I reviewd my blog again. lets correct it. It is exacly 2 months that I didn't update it, not 1 month. I don't know really how to make out of your embarrassment. Just let the time to be passed! okay? I am compeletly accept that all of blog owners are responsible to their readers and addressees. I was not such a responsible blogger. I know. but take ma another oppertunity. I will compensate!!!