Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Iranians are not terrorists

Dear world-mates!
I am a Persian boy who tries to be a real Persian citizen. Do you know anything about the history of my country? When there was not any thriving city and inhabited land on the Earth, my ancestors and fathers were trying to build the modern buildings, discover the fire, reveal hidden caves, create new tools and bring the life to the dead world from the holy soil of Persia.

Dear respected people!
Do you know that my homeland, Iran in the centuries Before Christ was the largest residence place of people from different tribes and ethnic groups? All the Turks, Persians, Arabs, Indians, Reds and Blacks were taking place in Iran and selected the different parts of my country for live in.

Dear world citizens!
I am wondering that how your high knowledge and intellectually allows you to count on individuals and persons as the symbols and indication of a great and large number of people especially about Iran. No difference that Mr. Khatami is the president or Mr. Ahmadinejad and so on… all the politicians have their personal viewpoints and belong to political parties. They must act in order to meet the requests of their party and their international display is not a suitable measurement for knowing the people.

Dear Americans!
Some of you voted for Bush and now he is known as one of the greatest international terrorists. He sent thousands of your brothers, sisters, sons and daughters to the unsafe frontiers of Iraq and caused them to be killed. He gathered a great military with thousands of militants and soldiers. They are killing and being killed at last. So is it a logical conclusion that all of American citizens are terrorists because their president is so?

Dear just creations of the majesty God!
Make judge by your consciousness and acknowledgement. In which period of time can you remember that my country started war against a country and its people? Do you say me the Iraqi war? Surely you know that this 8 years unequal war was blamed by Saddam and the U.S. Sated helped him and equipped him with dangerous chemical weapons. They martyred more than 300,000 people and young men. Do you name the 40 years old Ottoman war with Persian Empire? You can find it among the historical documents that the Ottoman Empire imposed that war to Iran and Iran was compelled to resist…

Personally have you all positive views about the performance of your country leaders and its politicians? So is it digestible for you that your country be judged based on your leaders actions and their decisions? The American government, bombarded the Hiroshima and Nakazaki with chemical and atomic bombs. Are all the American people alike of their government heads and cruel such as them?

Dear friends…
Anything that I can say about the delightful history of Iran could be found in this article and this elaborated site. You can become acquainted with personalities such as Cyrus the great, Xerex the great and know more about the first Olympics in Iran, the innovations of Persian people, their peacemaking efforts and so on. But believe that we are different to Arab people and they cannot be compared with us. Persians are really aristocrat and noble people and respected by the all nations. Our country is full of peace and civilization signs and marks… notable poets such as Hafez and Ferdowsi, scared places such as Persepolis and thousands of components, places and individuals you can never imagine!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Why Bush Is A Terrorist?

It is an obvious and proven fact that dictators like Hitler, Mussolini, Saddam Hussein, Bin Laden and Bush are in the same rank and their dictatorship level is not much different with together. Hitler led the world toward inequality, poverty and opened terrible holocausts up, Mussolini caused his country to become isolated and recluse from the entire world, Saddam Hussein who was one of the cruelest and most stone-hearted people of the world's history and killed hundreds of thousands of Persian people including children, women and youths and Bin Laden who kept his country inside the dark and unlighted sides of humbleness and inferiority stockade.
But about George W. Bush who acclaims to be a religious personality and a republican intellectual could not be ranked in the same with the names I named. He is in a tougher and stronger level of dictatorship and crime.
At first when Bush was selected as the United States President, I thought that he is really thinker and intelligence with a high Intelligence Quotient but later I discovered that he is not yet different with murderers such as Saddam or Hitler.
I tried a lot to convince myself that his Iraq and Afghanistan invasion is logical because he is trying to find and destroy the main basis of terror and also to arrest Bin Laden and Saddam, but the time passed and we observed different facts to his statements in the congress and his promises for gowning the peace and security up in this countries.
Really what is the reasoning of killing civic citizens and non military members? What they are guilty for? It is very simple to find the number of killed people in Afghanistan and Iraq. Are they all terrorists and collaborators of Saddam and Bin Laden? Also it is a long time since the military occupation of Afghanistan. Are Bin Laden and his partners found? What about the daily bombarding of poor and helpless people in these countries? What about the mothers who lost their children in this unequal and unwanted war? What about the innocent children who lose their parents and find them killed by militants and soldiers? Wasn't there another way to arrest Saddam, Bin Laden and punish them personally? Was it needed to occupy the whole country and darken the life of unprotected people? Was it necessary to destroy the personal and individual homes and borrow their furniture and valuable things?
These are all questions that Bush and his cooperators would not find any explanation and answer for.
I am one of the great Ahmadinejad critics in my country and I think that his presidency period was not beneficial for Iran and the region but that doesn't mean that the offensive decisions and felonies of Bush could be covered with ignorance and propaganda. As a world's citizen, I know him as a political criminal and I think that he must be responsible for giving the order of thousands of murders in an international court and a just trial.
He is responsible for the death of hundreds of American militants and common people in Iraq and Afghanistan and the global opinion would judge on him.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Letter to Ban Ki Moon

In the name of God, the compassionate the merciful
Dear Mr. Ban Ki Moon, the United Nations Secretary General
I am Kourosh Ziabari, a 17 years old Persian boy from Iran and one of thousands people who use to write you about their concerns, desires, wishes, complains and opinions.
I am sure that you are one of the busiest men on the earth. You are the headmaster of an organization that deals with 200 countries all around the world and a population about 6 billion people. You have to respond formal letters from your workmates, write and answer to common people who refer to you, make speeches and addresses, get involved in media conferences and answer to reporters and finally to be ready and standby anywhere and anytime!
But I want to ask you to dedicate a few minutes and read my letter completely, although I have not even the experience of writing to my country leader and writing a ail to UNSG and waiting for the reply seems to be very unbelievable for me.
Maybe the labor law in Iran is completely different to the entire world! My parents are journalists and manage a local magazine in northern Iran. They tried to get me used to be a different and talented boy. They started to read me "Shahname of Ferdowsi" stories and delightful glorious Persian literary works when I was 3 or 4.
After a few years, I felt that an interest in journalism and literature is growing inside me and I started to learn Persian and English alphabet before going to school.
When I was 8, my first articles were been published in my parent's magazine and after that, I continued writing and finally I became a well-known journalist who gathered the informal title of "world's youngest journalist" by some of international media organizations and newspapers and now the most authenticated and credible newspapers and journals of Iran are publishing my stories and dispatches although I am living in northern Iran and very far from the capital, Tehran that is the media center of country too.
During these years, I published more than 1500 articles, held hundreds of interviews, published two books and learned to speak some world live languages such as English, Arabic and Italian.
I know that there is a long way toward being a global genius and intelligent person. Unfortunately, there was not any suitable situation for me to grow and improve my skills and become an international peacemaker who can use his abilities and skills in order to make global peace and help the humankind.
UNSG is my dreamland title. I always think about becoming the UNSG when the turn reaches to Asia like 2007 when you were selected as it could be guessed. I know that UNSG selection process has a continental quota and maybe it takes decades for the turn of Asia again.
I am trying hard to reach my eternal goal that is being the UNSG such as you and Mr. Annan or Mr. Ghali. I am learning more live languages, studying hard and the next years, I have to enter the university. I am very hopeful about reaching to my goal although I know that Security Council is the main decision-maker and they have not some satisfying relations with my country and its headquarters because of their political figures and directions.
But I want to ask you to help and guide me, and also I have a great wish that I think it is possible to become true just if you accept. I want to make an interview with you for a national famous newspaper of Iran and I will be very happy if you accept this and let me know how it is possible for me to ask my questions about Iran, global warming, air pollution, global peace, people's depression and their feelings about life, future of world, labor children, gifted and talented children, Iraq and Afghanistan issues and many other things.

I will wait until ever!
God bless you
Best regards
Kourosh Ziabari - Friday, January 18, 2008 – Rasht – Iran