Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The links of friendship between nations!

Today, I want to suggest a new agendum after lots of studies, observations and thoughts.
What do you think about the friendship of nations? Maybe it is very similar to the idea of dialogue between civilizations that Mr. Khatami, Iranian former President has suggested but they are absolutely different. Disregarding to the political and social directions and policies of global governments and states, why we don't establish friendship connections with together? Why the 60 years old war of Palestinians and Judaists matters to us? Why we respect to the chaotic and clamorous lectures and addresses of our presidents in our daily conversations? Why an American youth must be insulted because of the silliness of his President and the illegal law-breakings of him? Why a Judaist youth must be offended because of the wild fire-blaming of Ariel Sharon who is thought to be a war criminal? Why an English boy must be insulted because his Prime Minister does not help dispatching army forces to occupy Iraq? And why an Iraqi girl must be insulted because of the hostile terrorist who led the country for many decades?
I think that nobody has to be offended and affronted because of his color, nationality and religion. I heard that there are many groups of blacks in Florida and Houston living in absolute poverty and poor because they are not white! Of course you know that many talented athletes such as Didier Drogba of Ivory Coast or Samuel Eto'o of Cameroon has been affronted while appearing in matches and once, Eto'o used to leave the field but the colleagues has stopped him.
Why there must be sacrilege in the world? Why some governments are charging terrorist groups for suicide actions about scared places? Why there must be conflict between Judaists and Muslims? Aren't they all human beings?
Anyhow, my practical proposal is to get rid of these limitations (color, nationality and religion) and become friends because of our most important joints. We are all HUMANS! If done, so they are not the frontiers and limitations that govern and judge. Select friends of various colors, countries and religions.
I have myself friends of US, UK, Swiss, Italy and Germany from the west and India, Malaysia, Turkey, China, Japan, Iraq and Palestine from the east. I have both Muslim and Judaist friends, both Christ and Buddhist friends. I have both red and yellow friends, both with and black friends.
There are many terrible and horrific head states in the world who lead the most important countries of their region. But I have friends from there, too and I don't take care about their leaders even a bit because I can distinguish the differences and it is not important to me that what is his leaders and governor elites are doing. He/she matters to me him/herself and how much he/she is a real human.
So if each of 6 billion of the world's population uses to select a group of 10 friends, then a long link of 60 billion friendship chains will be created and the world converts to the cradle of friendship and peace, instead of war and hostility!


AstroJew said...

Well, you can tell that to Muslims. They declarte war upon any non Muslim.
And by the way, why should Palestinian youth be insulted due to their government hatred toward Jews?
Again, your hipocrisity soars upwards.

Mr. Bridge said...

I would be honored to join your friendship chain, working our way towards 60 billion interconnected links.

Your ideas are good. Don't be discouraged by narrow-minded and negative comments like 'astrojew'. There are lots of Jewish people who would love to be your friend.

The so-called 'leaders' and their empty slogans will never bring people together. We can find the answers without them. And we will find them...together.

Keep believing in a better future! You have brothers and sisters with you!