Sunday, April 27, 2008

the Iranian youth dazzle the ballots

The Iranian runoff parliamentary elections in second round have been held on Friday to clear up the remaining seats of the 8th parliament of Islamic republic of Iran.

From the seaboards of Caspian Sea to the coastlines of Persian Gulf, coming from any race and ethnic group, the Iranian people participated in the second round elections to dispatch their desired nominees for the legislator organ.

Yesterday the overwhelming swarm of the Iranian youth to cast their votes to the global media and make decision for their future 4 years compelled the interior ministry to prolong the voting time for more 2 hours while many disfavored to vote because of crowding throngs queuing for the ballots.

The Iranian parliament is consisted of 290 seats while there are 3 seats contemplated for religious minorities including Zoroastrians, Jews and Christians offering the Iranian parliament a unique democracy for all tribes, groups and social layers.

Regardless to the results pointed out, the mainstream media start their black propaganda project months before any election in Iran to disappoint the people for future and show off their votes ineffective on the country’s situation.But the energetic and hopeful youth of Iran contributed in the elections like always heedless to the liar newspapers and mendacious powers who always try to discourage the Iranian people for construction and creativity.

adapted from: Yahoo mail

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Fitna the movie, Fitna the sedition


"In the name of God, the compassionate, the merciful" words that seekers of sanctuary permanently repeat…
Nowadays anti-Islamic sentiments are being aroused among the western nations in the name of democracy and freedom of speech by the so-called parliament members and intellectuals who are in fact some dangerous seditious evils wearing the masks of benevolent humans.
They don't spare any method or instrument to insult the latest divine religion and its holy prophet (Peace be upon him) and trample all the ethnic values and customs.
The peaceful and tranquil way of thinking, speaking and behaving in the Islamic culture is not so endurable for those who want to spread war, terror, horror and violation between children, women and undefended people.
Casting a short glance at the statistic of US imposed war on Iraq unveils the indigestible truth to us. More than 300,000 Iraqis have been killed during 5 years of invasion over their country.
Who is the real quarrelsome? Who is inflaming the fire of aversion and hostility in the world?
I am not judging on the radices of US imposed war to Iraq and the trustiness of Americans accusation of former dictator's genocide weapons which finally convinced UNSC to issue the charter of war against Saddam regime. I want just to ask that what is going up with the innocent Arab children in Iraq who are being slaughtered such wildly these days? Which sin or crime they are being tortured for?
You decide on who is really extending disagreement and division among people.
You decide on how much that so-called Dutch MP (
Geert Wilders, the creator of Fitna the movie) thinks every day and how much he studies before lecturing, remarking and expressing his thoughts!
I guess that he is mentally incompetent and lacks any strength for decision-making and thinking. Nobody knows, maybe he is a mentally crippled and that's evident of his statements.
His base of producing that short movie is the 60th esteemed verse of Holy Quran. Let's take a look of the translation:
"In the name of God the compassionate the merciful, Use any available force to encounter your enemies, prepare yourself with the best cavalry and spread horror inside the hearts of the enemies of God and your enemies and the other group which you don't know. Everything that you donate for the sake of God and his values will return you. You'll not be oppressed."
In the verses above, the majesty lord encourages us to resist against the enemies and ones who desire the untruth, indecency and separation between Muslims and damage their unity.
What's wrong with that? I mean, what will be your natural reaction against those who want to violate your privacy, kill your beloved, steal your morals and destroy your cities in the name of freedom and peace?
But the interesting face is here. Mr. Geert and his conspirators have never considered the numerous verses of Holy Quran which advice and sometimes seriously precept the Muslims to help the wayfarer, the poor and orphan children. Holy Quran strongly prohibits Muslims to aggress the belongings and wages of orphan children in any age they are. Also Holy Quran encourages the Muslims all around the world too food the poor and hungry and benefit them with friendly and mild behavior.
Muslims are required to dedicate one fifth of their annual income to those who involved in poverty and those in need, otherwise their Islamic duties are incomplete. This rate is called "
Khoms" or "Koms" and all the family managers (father or mother) are ordered to do this.
Islam is the religion of peace, love, modesty and cooperation. Nobody is allowed to act on his personal advantages if others are in shortage and difficulty.
Today, the flag of Islamic friendship and brotherhood is fluttered everywhere in the world and nobody dares to tamper its verity.
Of course you know all that terrorist groups such as Al-Qaeda and suicide bombers who strive in the name of Islam and threat the global security are vigorously backed militarily and supported financially by Imperialist governments to bruise and harm the kind and tender personality of Iran.
Have you forgotten the convulsive days in which the US president of time (Ronald Reagan) equipped Saddam with the best modern army facilities and weapons and ordered Saddam to bombard Iran? An unequal war which caused more than 300,000 Persian youth killed…
I am sure that you are all wise enough to decide about these types of feeble and shortsighted to Islam and its holy prophet. You are the best to decide about the main seditious…

Friday, April 04, 2008

Rural heritage of Guilan, green smile of Iran!


About 15 Kilometers far away from Rasht (the capital city of Guilan province), there is a green and calm highway, with its two sides surrounded via rush and pine trees.
Stepping or driving a little forward, you'll reach an open and wide area decorated with wooden tableaus and billboards including the text "
Musee patrimoine rural de Guilan" besides of "UNESCO" and "Aix Du Province University" logos.
That French title remembers the glorious opening ceremony of "Guilan museum of rural heritage" in March 2007 where
Prof. Christian Bromberger gave an attractive lecture about the history of Gilak tribe in front of hundreds of attending people those in love of Persian culture.
Guilan museum of rural heritage is a fantastic and unique Ecomuseum that has been constructed in order to show the hidden corners of Guilan people's culture and lifestyle to the tourists from all around the world.
After paying a very skimpy amount of tax to the incumbent of entrance gate, you will take way into a natural corridor with tall maple trees in the two sides and their foliage acting as roofs, preventing the sun and rain from damaging the traditional cobblestone floor of this narrow rural route.


The artificial wooden fence on the two sides of this corridor extends all around the museum that is designed exactly such as a small village and includes all parts of a real hamlet such as teahouse, playground, municipality, stable and lake.
Mainly, this museum is dedicated to anthropology and is taken into account of a good and reliable source for sociological studies especially to researchers who want to gather more valuable information on
Gilak's life.
Gilak people are a large ethnic group whose main homeland is Guilan province. The history of their habitation in northern parts of Iran dates back to about 300 BC and they are also said to be one of the oldest living tribe in Iran.
The Eco-museum shows the cultural and ethnic diversity of 27 Gilak subgroups in 27 cottages, in each of them there are girls wearing traditional customs, some of them cooking cuisines, foods and some others making handicrafts. It is necessary to know that the total surface area of museum is about 260 hectares.
It is a wondering fact that Guilan is one of the smallest provinces in Iran with less than 2.5 million habitants, though it is consisted of about 30 ethnic clans such as Turks, Arabs, Kurds, Gilaks, Persians, Talishyans, Galeshians and Tabarids.
The people of Gilan are very well-known because of their good manner of hospitality and reception as the types of various
foods cooked in Gilan show the serious concerns and efforts of Gilak housewives to provide their guests with the best possible situation of residence and enjoy.


Also the members of Gilak tribes are said to be the happiest communal groups in Iran and their spirited kind of clothing proves it indeed while their friendly and human behavior is another sign of their tranquil and warm social relations.
Their local wearing models are absolutely harmonious with the peaceful and wholesome Islamic rules of clothing, though they strongly show an ideological independence from the common dressing types used in the other parts of Iran.
For example, the women dressing of
Rudsar city in the eastern Guilan have been used in the opening ceremony of Athens 2004 Olympics and you can find the girls and women wearing this colorful outfit in "Guilan museum of rural heritage" as tour-guides.
We traveled to most parts of this
eco-museum in our passage but we have not to remain unaware about the live artistic shows which hold in the playground.
The playground is an almost large and wide area flatted with sand soil, encircled with planted shrubs and rounded by enclosed stockade made of mud and adobe.
Such a playground is a suitable place for local shows, games and live music while the most of Guilan villages hold it.
The most interesting of these shows all is the Gilaki traditional rope-dancing performed daily by the members of a noble and ancient family of
Lahijan (a large city near Rudsar) whose members involve in local sports and games for many years.
First of all, the father of family who is about 80 years old rides a bicycle on a 3 meters thick rope and then accomplishes some fireworks. He chafes a blaming torch on his head, body and hands without being burnt or hurt.


Thereafter, the major son of the family performs some acrobatics in the height of about 5 meters above the floor on the same thick rope. Afterwards the minor son of family gets help from his senior brother to try some swinging and twisting around the rope and their show finishes with some live local music perform.
This local music is basically played with northern
Tymbal, Sorna and Kettledrum but some other instruments have been added during the times.