Friday, June 27, 2008

Iran makes Cyrus the Great documentary

Iran is making a documentary about the Persian Achaemenid king, Cyrus the Great and the events leading to his thirty-year kingship.

Directed and produced by Hormoz Emami, the 400-minute Eagle of the East relates ancient Persian history from the sixth century BCE to Cyrus's death.

An illustrated book called The Four Corners of the World will be published, presenting Achaemenid sites and artifacts housed in British, French and American museums and over 16 other countries.

The 200-page book depicts Achaemenid sites in Iran, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Armenia, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Greece and Macedon.

The two projects, sponsored by academic and cultural centers, will be based on reliable historical sources, contemporary studies and recent archeological findings.

As the founder of the Achaemenid dynasty, Cyrus the Great is remembered for his tolerance, his noble attitude toward all conquered nations and his declaration of the first Charter of Human Rights.

adapted from: Press TV

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dutch tourists to pass through Iran

A group of 42 Dutch graduates and athletes plan to pass through Iran on their way to the Beijing Olympic Games carrying a message of peace.

The group of young enthusiasts on their way to the games will be passing through the historical city of Isfahan to see the sites and attractions of one of Iran's most beautiful cities.

The group has decided to take their land route through Iran as a message to the people of Iran and the world; the message of peace and friendship.

They will no doubt be well received by the Iranian people, known for their hospitality, on their path through Iran that will take them from Isfahan to Qazvin, Tehran and then Gorgan.

adapted from: Press TV

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Iran scrunches Persian Gulf rival


The Iranian national football team smashed their Persian Gulf coastline opponent during the FIFA 2010 World Cup qualification round match against UAE.
The match which was held Saturday June 6th in a small stadium of Al-Ain city, finished with a 9 minute's goal of Fereydoon Zandi for 1-0 Iran victory, marking the 8th lose of UAE to Iran during the history of matches between two neighboring countries.
It also needed to note that UAE had never won against Iran in an official FIFA match since 1990.
Iranian team which is being managed by the best all time FIFA goal scorer Ali Daei as head coach, defeated UAE after the outlandish Emirate coach quoted his side is the winner with a probability up to 80%.
Iran is determining her chances as the group's first hope for qualifying to runner-ups, securing its 4th World Cup appearance with a communal struggle and aids from the majesty God.
Iran will meet two other Persian Gulf rivals, Syria and Kuwait within the next weeks, currently standing in the first place of its own group, being followed by the disappointed UAE.
Ali Daei and his squad collected 4 points against Bruno Metsu and his men in two matches while Metsu was recently claiming that Daei is an inexperienced coach and his team is not able to beat UAE, but received the trenchant answer soon!

Friday, June 06, 2008

Iran breaks Italy down in friendly match


First Step: Iranian basketball players thrashed Croatian squad 76-66 in Italy's quartet warm-up games ahead of the 2008 Beijing Olympics.
As the countdown to the Beijing Olympic Games starts, the Iranian all-star team went out to Italy to attend a four squad friendly competition.
Iran has previously suffered two setbacks from Italy's A & B national teams friendly matches, but the recent victory over Croatia boosted the morale of the Iranian men before the team step onto the court to face Algiers and Italy.
On Saturday Iran faces Italy.
Iran eased into the Olympic Games final in 2007, after the team had won the Asian Championship title in a hard fought game versus Lebanon 74-69.

Second Step: Iran's national basketball team has beaten Italy in the final game of a four-squad friendly competition ahead of the 2008 Olympics.
The Iranian basketball players defeated the Italian squad 86-79 on Saturday after suffering two defeats from the hosts on Monday and Tuesday.
Iran's basketball team will head for Serbia on Sunday to play four friendly games with the 2002 world champions.
Iran will play against Argentina, Lithuania, Russia and Australia in Group A of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, which will be held from August 8-24.
The group's sixth team will be decided in an Olympic qualifying tournament in Athens, Greece, in July.

adapted from:
Press TV