Sunday, August 31, 2008

Iranian films due in Germany, Portugal and Tunisia

Kourosh Ziabari - Dear Cinema: Three Iranian films are planned to be screened in international film festivals of Portugal, Germany and Tunisia in the next days.
Thanks to the new generation of directors, actors and actresses who has been introduced to the Persian artistic community after the 1979 Islamic revolutio, the Iranian cinema is flourishing everyday and gaining a considerable international credit.

It is said that Iran is a cradle of arts and cultural endeavors because of its historical backgrounds and 7500 years of booked civilization; this is almost right because of the outstanding personalities that the country presented to the world. Mevlana, Ferdowsi, Hafez and Rudaki are among them as the greatest Persian poets ever, but the matter of modern arts differs a bit.

The Iranian cinema is a unique one of its type because of its exclusive properties. It is empty from violence, immorality, affronts and insults and discourtesy.

Entertainment and spirituality are mixed in the Iranian cinema and it prevents the families, children or the youth to be offended by watching a 90 minutes movie while helping them to improve their ethics, mental health and happiness.

That is why the Iranian films and movies are very popular in the countries with traditional customs and noble culture like South Korea, Bulgaria, Russia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Venezuela and Persian Gulf countries as well.

Today, Iran enjoys some renowned and notable artists in the field of cinema such as the famous female director Niki Karimi, the award winning producer Abbas Kiarostami and Majid Majidi, the international spiritual filmmaker as well.

Furthermore, Golshifte Farahani is the first Iranian actress who ever co-played with Leonardo Dicaperrio for a Hollywood film, being ranked alongside Pegah Agangarani, Tarane Alidoosti and Elnaz Shakerdoost as the most successful Iranian artist girls.

The latest reports show that the Iranian films are slated to be screened in three international film festivals worldwide.

Negar Azarbaijani's "Virtual Truth" will be displayed at 2008 Lisbon International Horror Film Festival, Asqar Farhadi's "Fireworks Wednesday" will participate in the Carthage International Film festival in Tunisia and Saman Salour's "From the Land of Silence" is planned to be screened at Germany's Around the World in 14 Films Festival.

The last festival which would be held in Berlin called "Around the world in 14 Films" is hosting films from 14 countries including Argentina, Mexico, USA, Burkina Faso, France, UK, Indonesia and Iran and it is a honor for Persian cinema to be among the world top filmmaker countries.

The last achievement for the Iranian cinema in last week was that the World-renowned Iranian filmmaker Abbas Kiarostami has received the Glory to the Filmmaker award at the 65th Venice Film Festival.

However, cinema is a means of conveying the peace messages and Iran is using it properly to broadcast its international call for unity, brotherhood and friendship.

Chris de Burgh to perform in Iran

There are those who think that love comes, with a lifetime guarantee
But we know from those around us, that this may not always be
It's the simple things, that come between, a father and a son
But when they try to talk, the knives are out, before they have begun
Well, that was me, and I have seen the light that shines for eternity
Because I learned to say, the words I love you...
--lyrics from Chris de Burgh's song "I Love You"

CJReport - Kourosh Ziabari: It was in spring 2008 that an interesting and unpredictable accident shocked the global mainstream media and the Iranian artistic community, as well; the outstanding and renowned Irish singer Chris de Burgh comes to Iran in order to hold a joint concert with Arian music band.

It is the first event of its type since the 1979 Islamic revolution of Iran and that was why it made front-page headlines in Western newspapers and TV channels in less than an hour after the announcement.

The promised day came and a large crowd of people with cameras, notebooks and laptops on their hands were gathering at the lobbies of Imam Khomeini International airport waiting for the famous man to arrive in Tehran.

A few hours passed and a luxurious Boeing 737 landed off. The huge crowds of reporters were struggling to reach the 59-year-old singer and ask him thousands of unasked questions but the security guards curbed the swarm and Chris de Burgh was escorted to a five-star hotel with an IKO Samand Souren.

The Ferryman productions which is credited as the main international sponsor of Chris de burgh works has already announced that the Argentinean-Irish man comes to Iran to hold a joint concert with Arian music band and also record some Persian-English tracks with the group.

Arian music band is a popular Iranian music ensemble, emerged in early 2000s containing of nine singers and musicians, being directed by Ali Pahlavan as the bandmaster and assisted by Payam Salehi along with three female back vocalists Sanaz and Sahar Kashmari, Sharareh Farnejad.

The group that has published three albums before 2008 gained an increasing popularity among the youth generation of Iran and also the Persian speaking residents of Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Turkey and Azerbaijan as well.

During 7 years of their activities, Arians traveled to 40 countries worldwide to perform concerts for the Iranians living in various countries.

They held several concerts in Canada, Sweden, Germany, France, Norway, Belgium, Australia and Arabic countries of Persian Gulf region that have millions of Iranian inhabitants.

They also performed two abroad-Iran charity concerts featuring International Red Cross to help the survivors of Iran's Bam earthquake and Indonesian tsunami.

The word "Arian" is derived from the Persian word "Arya" which refers to the first Iranian tribe living in the Ancient Persia during the early 5100s BC.

Lead by the influential producer Mohsen Rajabpour, the Arians succeeded to perform in four continents of the world and it is also planned that they will leave for US to hold a concert for Iranians living there.

The latest album of Arian group which is honored by Chris de Burgh as the guest singer contains 14 tracks with the 3rd track named "The words I love you" performed in Persian and English by Ali Pahlavan and Chris de Burgh.

The Iranian ministry of culture announced that a performing license has been issued for Chris de Burgh to act in a joint concert with Arian band in next weeks.

The Arian band is also on the way to invite more foreign singers and artists to Iran for recording some other common albums with the goal of spreading the culture of Persian language throughout the world.

Iranain theater planned to perform in Belgium

The Leopard Changes Its Spots by Iran's renowned theater director Ali Nargesnejad is to be staged at the Liege Festival in Belgium.

The Iranian drama tells the story of a couple struggling with their newborn baby's blood disease. The baby has a hope of surviving the disease if it receives three blood transfusions from the mother, which in turn would endanger her life.
Scheduled to run from February 8 to 10, the play depicts the psychological relationship of the mother with the child, and the wife with her husband.

The Leopard Changes Its Spots is to compete with plays from various countries including US, Brazil, Sweden, Russia, Italy and France.
Belgium's innovative Liege Festival is to run from January 19 to February 17, 2009, and will be held jointly in the capital city of Brussels and the eastern city of Liege

adapted from:
Press TV

Friday, August 29, 2008

Iran Khodro unveils 4 new Samand types

The giant Asian auto manufacturer Iran Khodro finally unveiled four new types of its national brand while attending the Mashhad international auto exhibition.

Samand which is being exported to 40 countries worldwide in 3 types of Sarir, Soren and Samand LX is reckoned as the national Iranian car and gained considerable popularity in France, Russia, Italy, China, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Ukraine, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Belarus, Algeria, Morocco, Egypt and Persian Gulf neighboring countries.

Also Samand assembling lines are producing and dispatching the national Persian car in 7 countries including Venezuela, Senegal, Syria and Azerbaijan.

The new types of Samand introduced to consumers in Mashhad international auto exhibition are Samand Javanan (Youth Samand), Samand Sahel (Rally Samand), Samand Coupe and Samand Pardis.

According to UNIDO's International Yearbook of Industrial Statistics 2008, Iran has currently the world's 10th largest automaking industry following Japan, US, Germany, France, South Korea, Britain, Canada and Spain.

Iran is placed upper than Sweden, India, Brazil, Italy and Indonesia in this ranking which has been issued few weeks ago and it is estimated that the country will become the largest car manufacturer of Asia continent within 10 years.

NBA: Grizzlies sign Iranian center Hamed Haddadi

Memphis, August 28, 2008 — The Memphis Grizzlies signed free-agent center Hamed Haddadi pronounced (ha-MED ha-DAHD-dee), who led all 2008 Olympians in rebounding and blocks, Grizzlies General Manager and Vice President of Basketball Operations Chris Wallace announced today. Per team policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.

The Ahvaz, Iran native recently participated in the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China, where he was the only player to average a double-double (16.6 points, 11.2 rebounds, 2.6 blocks) in Olympic competition while playing five games for the Iranian National Team.

The 7-2, 254-pound center had his best performance came against eventual bronze medal winner Argentina when he had a team-high 21 points and game-high 16 rebounds on Aug. 16.

“We are pleased to sign Hamed,” said Wallace. “He is a young center who was very productive as a rebounder, shotblocker and scorer at the Rocky Mountain Revue Summer League in Salt Lake City, Utah, the 2008 Olympics and the FIBA Diamond Ball Tournament in Nanjing, China prior to the Olympics. Our coaching staff is eager to begin working with Hamed.”

Haddadi, who is slated to become the first Iranian to play in the NBA, poured in 31 points and grabbed 10 rebounds against Lebanon in the 2007 FIBA Asian Championship in Japan, helping Iran clinch its first Olympic basketball berth since 1948.

The 23-year-old, who was not selected in the 2004 NBA Draft, recently averaged 14.0 points, 11.5 rebounds and 2.5 blocks in 25.5 minutes in two games for the Iranian team against NBA competition at the 2008 Rocky Mountain Revue.

Haddadi, who spent the 2007-08 season playing for Saba Battery BC in the Iranian Super League, will join former Grizzlies Jake Tsakalidis and Cezary Trybanski as the tallest players in franchise history. He is also the second Grizzlies player to appear in the 2008 Olympics, joining center Marc Gasol, who captured a silver medal with the Spanish National Team.

Adapted from: NBA

Persepolis: the magnificence of Iranian history

OhMyNews - Kourosh Ziabari: There are currently nine world heritage sites registered to UNESCO from Iran: Persepolis is the first of them all.

Persepolis is the main symbol of Persian culture and civilization for Iranians around the globe and is reckoned a source of honor for young people in modern day Iran.

The architectural traits of this ceremonial palace make it a unique site in the country — and the world — and an attraction for thousands of tourists who travel to the country just to visit Persepolis.
The palace is known to modern Iranians as “Takht-e-Jamshid” or the throne of Jamshid. Jamshid is a mythological king of Persian Empire who has been described in great detail by Ferdowsi in “Shahnameh,” the most esteemed epic poem in Persian literature.

Many historians attribute this ceremonial capital to the Achaemenidan dynasty, which goes back to about 2,500 years ago.

According to Andre Godard, the French archaeologist who excavated Persepolis during the early 1930s, this site was constructed under Darius the Great, but Cyrus the Great chose it as the capital of his kingdom.

The Persepolis complex consists of various parts and halls, the most predominant of which are the gate of all nations, Apadana palace and the throne hall.

The Persepolis was attacked by the army forces of Alexander the Macedonian in the year 330 BC which caused irrecoverable damage to the buildings and destroyed the major sections and halls of it.

A fire at Xerex palace after the Alexander troops left Iran was yet another disaster for that former glorious site, which led to the destruction of more than 40 percent of Persepolis.

In any case, the invasion of Persia by Alexander and his awesome military was an unforgettable nightmare for the Sasanid dynasty.

Describing Persepolis in words is difficult. The remaining ruins mainly consist of a number of colossal buildings on the terrace made of dark-grey marble; there are 20 standing pillars and 40 escalated minarets.

These painful ruins — which remind us of 2,500 years of turbulent periods, monarchies and kings — are transfiguring by a sense of splendor and grief, something which you cannot really feel except by experiencing the site in person.

Persepolis, which was named a heritage site by UNESCO in 1979 — right after the Islamic revolution of Iran — hosts more than 500,000 visitors annually, most of them from Western Europe and the US.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Iran and Italy ink joint petrochemical venture

TEHRAN – The Italian WTD Company and Pars Petrochemical Company signed an MOU to establish a desalination system unit in Pars Special Economic Energy Zone of Persian Gulf borderlines.

The Italian company has made 220 million-euro worth of investments in Iran during the past decade, IRNA reported.

The managing director of the WTD Company announced that the company’s major contracts were in the forms of build-operate-transfer (BOT) and Build-Own-Operate (BOO).

In the signing ceremony of the joint venture, the Italian official said that WTD believes in Iran’s economic and political importance.

The MOU will be implemented starting next month and it is speculated to go on-stream within the next three years.

Adapted from: Tehran Times

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Iran: world #1 carpet exporter

Despite the recent decline, Iran is still the world's leading exporter of hand-woven quality rugs, says Iran's commerce minister.

Iran produces 515 million square meters of hand-woven rugs annually of which more than two thirds are exported, said Massoud Mirkazemi in the opening ceremony of the 17th exhibition of hand-woven Persian rugs on Friday.

The main target markets for the Iranian hand-woven rugs are Germany, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, Italy, Japan, Switzerland and Canada and the main competitors of the country are India, Pakistan, China and Nepal, the minister added.

He also referred to the importance of the other floor covers, saying that their production has increased from 31,000 tons valued at $72 million seven years ago to 40,000 tons worth $161,000 million in the last year.

Iran can increase its presence in the untapped markets by greater investment and more production with an eye on the regional markets' tastes in terms of designs and colors and of course, right marketing means.

Although foreign competitors are in agreement over higher quality of Iranian rugs, they offer cheaper products by using low-quality and inexpensive materials.

Holding international exhibitions and inviting foreign firms will open up greater opportunities for Iranian producers of the Persian rugs in the international markets.

At least 70 suppliers and buyers from 35 American, European and Asian countries are expected to attend this year's exhibition which will run until August 28.

Adapted from: Press TV

Friday, August 22, 2008

Hadi Saei flutters Iranian flag


The world's all-time most successful Iranian taekwondo fighter Hadi Saei has claimed Beijing Olympics men's welterweight gold medal by beating Italy's Mauro Sarmiento.

In the Friday men's -80kg final, the Iranian world and Olympic champion beat the European bronze medalist to win his second Olympic taekwondo gold medal and Iran's first gold medal in the Beijing Olympic Games.

Saei, who stepped up to welterweight after winning the -68kg Olympic gold in Athens, lost the first round 4-2 after the 6-foot-5-inches Sarmiento stunned the Iranian with a two-point axe kick to the head.

Saei battled back in the second round and managed to tie the score at 4-4 with roundhouse kicks to his opponents left side.

The 32-year-old Saei attacked first in the third round to score two points and secure a 6-4 victory in a stunning-comeback fashion.

Sarmiento, who had earlier defeated American champion Steven Lopez in the quarterfinals, raised Saei's hand to congratulate the veteran.

The four-time world champion Lopez and China's Zhu Guo, who was earlier beaten by Saei, each captured a bronze medal.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Iran hosts 22 world Karate giants


"Iran's Karate house" is planned to host the 9th Iranian presidential Karate cup at August 21st with 22 participating countries.
The number of participating countries has been increased six-fold in compare with the 8th cup which has been held in Tehran, the mega capital of Islamic Republic of Iran.
The contributing nations are Armenia, Belgium, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Netherlands, France, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Japan, Nigeria, Kuwait, Bangladesh, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Malaysia, Kazakhstan and Syria and Iran as well.
The first title winners will be prized with 3000 dollars, the second title winners will receive a 2000 dollars award and the 3rd placeholders will be granted 1000 dollars.
Iran is one of the candidates for hosting the next years' Karate world cup and the presidential cup would be a proper and considerable arena to show the hosting capabilities of Iran and attract the attention of International Karate Federation.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mohammadi snatches first Iran medal at Beijing

Morad Mohammadi wins a bronze medal in the 60kg freestyle wrestling to become the first Iranian medalist in the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Mohammadi beat Zelimkhan Huseynov of Azerbaijan 5-1 to secure the first medal for the Iranian squad in the 11th day of the Olympic Games.

Mavlet Batirov of Russia beat Ukraine's Vasyl Fedoryshyn to take the gold medal in the same category.

Japan's Kenichi Yumoto also beat Bazar Bazarguruev of Kyrgyzstan to win the shared bronze medal with Mohammadi.

In the men's 55kg freestyle, Iran's Abbas Dabbaghi lost to Besik Kudukhov of Russia in the quarterfinals.

American Henry Cejudo beat Japanese Tomohiro Matsunaga to win the gold medal. Kudukhov and Radoslav Velikov of Bulgaria took the shared bronze.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Iran launches first home-made satellite


Alalam Network - Iran successfully launched its first satellite carrier named "Safir Omid" to space on Sunday.

"Safir Omid" has completely been designed and manufactured by Iranian scientists and experts and the main mission defined for it is to put Omid satellite into orbit.

"Safir Omid" is 22 meter in length, 1.25 meter in diameter, and 26 tons in weight.

The ability to launch satellites into orbit indicates progress in the Islamic republic's missile technology.
In February Tehran successfully launched the Explorer-1 research rocket, which is reportedly capable of carrying a satellite into orbit, and unveiled the country's first domestically built satellite, named Omid, or Hope.

"President (Mahmoud) Ahmadinejad was at the launch of the carrier from Iran's space station," government spokesman Gholamhossein Elham said.

President Ahmadinejad termed the launching a great technological achievement for the Iranian nation.

Iran has said it wants to put its own satellites into orbit to monitor natural disasters in the earthquake-prone nation and improve its telecommunications.

Iran has long held a goal of developing a space program. It hopes to launch four more satellites by 2010, the government has said.

In 2005, it launched its first commercial satellite on a Russian rocket in a joint project with Moscow, which appears to be the main partner in transferring space technology to Iran.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Yahoo finally defeated by Iranians!


Yahoo governors finally acquiesced to re-include the name of Iran in their signup available countries list.

The frequent and intensive protests by angry Iranians started right after the Yahoo banned Persian users from creating new mail accounts and removed the name of Iran from its list of countries in November 2007.

The Iranian users attempted a Google Bomb named "Hello Yahoo mail" which was a responsive movement against what they called "insulting the 7500 years of Iranian civilization by the state-run portal Yahoo". provided more than 2 million visitors and users with information on Iranian culture, ancient Persian empire, Iranian literature, history of the land, its people and modern day lifestyle in Iran to prove that Yahoo, mainstream media and other American allies are misleading public opinions by crying that Iranians are terrorists and uncivilized, they want to "conceal" the facts and realities about this ancient and historical land.

It was a dark point of Yahoo mail history to altercate with a people of ancient culture, history and peacemaking backgrounds by removing the name of their country with the pretext that Iran is a terrorist country.

Meanwhile, the main question of Iranian cyber-activists was about the hoarding of 2500 nuclear warheads by US that the state officials confessed to, also about the evident violation of human rights in Guantanamo jails and US government funding the terrorist groups in Iraq, bombarding Afghanistan and killing thousands of civilians etc.

It was always totally clear that which country violates human rights, boosts the terrorism and commits genocide, but the American statesmen and their mercenaries in Yahoo mail planned to alienate the global opinions from human disasters in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan by accusing Iran and pressing its people.

Last night, following the intervention of cyber courts, internet activists and political figures Yahoo finally deferred to include the Iran's name in the lists again and this was a great failure for the state-run portal which has already announced that it is not possible to have ties with Iran and its people!

The page which you are on is a Google bomb that redirects the users searching "Yahoo mail" keyword to articles and news about Iran, its people and their scientific, cultural progresses and mainly is a response to Yahoo men and its users who assume that they are facing with uncultured and terrorist nation.

Iran's name in signup page

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Spanish guitar legend comes to Iran


World renowned flamenco guitar player Paco Peña will give concerts in Tehran and Shiraz.

Sponsored by Navay-e Sarang Music Company, the concerts will be held on August 20 and 21 in Shiraz and on August 22 at the Sadabad Historical Cultural Complex.

After the concerts performed by the Flamenco guitar virtuoso Juan Cristóbal Martín in 2004 in Shiraz, the Peña performances will be the greatest happening in Flamenco in Iran.

The Deputy of the Music Office of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance Ali Torabi announced that the performing license for Tehran performance has been issued.

The performing license for the performances in Shiraz has not been issued as yet due to a delay in submitting the application for the license to the office.

Peña will also hold master guitar playing classes in Tehran and Shiraz.

Born in the Andalucian city of Córdoba in 1942, Paco Peña began learning guitar from his brother at the age of six and made his first professional appearance at the age of 12. In the late 1960s he left Spain for London, where his flamenco recitals captured the public’s imagination.

In 1981 he founded the Centro Flamenco Paco Peña in Cordoba, and later become the Artistic Director of the Córdoba International Guitar Festival.

Paco Peña embodies both authenticity and innovation in flamenco. As guitarist, composer, dramatist, producer and artistic mentor he has eclipsed common perceptions of this archetypal Spanish art form.

adapted from:
Mehr News Agency

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Iran shatters down Hungary futsal


Tehran 4-side Futsal tournament closed tonight while the 9-time Asian champions shattered the 2009 Euro cup host unbelievably.
The Iranian national Futsal team which obtains 9 gold medals out of total 10 times held championships scrunched the 13th of FIFA rank holder during a boring, unilateral battle and stitched the Hungarian net with 8 goals, setting a dramatic farewell for Euro 2009 host.
Iran is also planned to meet Spain in two friendly matches within next weeks, ending its preparatory timetable in order to leave for Brazil's Rio De Janeiro FIFA Futsal World Cup.
Spain, Uruguay and Libya are also in the same group of Iran in the qualifications stage and that is why the 4th group is called the "group of death" by sports media.
Along with legend Ali Daei who is titled as the best FIFA all-time goal scorer, Iran's Vahid Shamsaei is also the world's Futsal top scorer, a makes his rivals always overwhelmed for facing with a "mini Ronaldinho".
According to August 2008 stats, Islamic Republic of Iran Futsal team currently ranks 7th in the world ranking, passing Argentina, Japan, Serbia, Ukraine, Thailand, France, Greece, USA and Netherlands.